Top 10 Reasons to Hate Naruto

Okay, I admit I used to like this anime. Now I think it sucks. It's my opinion so deal with it.

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1 Stupid characters

Just a few of them. - Goku02

Literally, every girl in Naruto have the same personality. They're always the 'Tsundere' type and get way to mad easily! The only female character in the series that doesn't have Tsundere personality is Hinata! But, she does have a crush on one of the boys like every single female Naruto character! They just need better personalitys, and I would've loved the show.

2 Filler episodes

Although I like Naruto, this I can agree with. Naruto has like 100 episodes of pure fillers. - Goku02

Why does your bio say you love naruto - speed

3 It has a terrible fanbase

Yes! I'm not the only one who hates Naruto here. My boy classmates always talk about it all the time. Luckily, my mom forbade me to watch this crap anime even I don't interesred with it. - ChatNoirFan18

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4 It is repetitive
5 Sakura is a horrible person

Yep, I hate Sakura, all she cares about is Sasuke. I bet she is Serena's role model, because Serena acts almost like Sakura. "Sasuke! Sasuke! " is basically what she mostly says. - AnimeDrawer


And it's worse since she's the tritagonist! She ruins the series every time her face comes on screen. There are much better female characters, so why did the author choose Sakura to be the main female? -_- - Goku02

6 Sasuke is a jerk
7 Naruto is perverted

Perverted characters are almost unavoidable in animes, really. - Goku02

8 It is boring

Not always. - Goku02

9 It is full of cliches
10 The strength levels of characters are all over the place. Sometimes it's unclear who's stronger than who

Okay, so at one point Kakashi is clearly weaker than Orochimaru. Later on he's able to hold his own against Tobi. Then he becomes the Sixth Hokage. Does that make him stronger than Orochimaru now, one of the legendary Sannin? The strength levels of characters are all over the place throughout the anime. It's unclear who's stronger than who.

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11 Bad soundtrack

Prove it, please.

12 It's an anime

What...? - Goku02

13 Sexism

Yeah, I totally agree...

14 Plotholes

There are actually no plot holes that I am aware of, and I have watched and read all of the Naruto series from the original to Boruto. I can literally answer every question you ask.

15 Sasuke & Sakura ending up together made no sense

I heard sasuke left Sakura with a child and never returned. That would make sense, at least...

There was little hinting for naruhina at least (only girl Naruto opened up to about his insecurities is Hinata, '...but people like you, I really like! ' 'Where is Hinata? Is she watching? ' (Not Sakura, even though he had a crush on her...?) but sasuke showed absolutely no interest in her besides tolerating her more as a teammate. But of course the idiot had to achieve her goal too, as sasuke & Naruto did. It would b unfair otherwise. But the development of this pair is absolute c**p!

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