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101 Robot and Monster Robot and Monster

There was profanity in one episode.

I Love That When I Has Little And Now Is Cancelled And Got Replaced By Their Rivals Sanjay And Craig Get Rid Of Of Sanjay And Craig Now And Get My Favorite Childhood Show Back


At least it's the best ripoff ever

102 Rabbids Invasion Rabbids Invasion Rabbids Invasion is a cartoon about rabbit like creatures which make incoherent noises while having adventures .

Agree 100% I'd rather watch breadwinners

This show just has rabbids saying BAAH! There's nothing funny except the strangers' reactions. - nelsonerico2

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103 Their Haters

Here, we see the mindless fanboys in their natural habitat. Now, they're upset because not everyone agrees with them when they say Nick is a decent channel. Thus, be careful and don't feed them, shout or use flash photography, it will make them even more angry. Let me tell you from experience that having an angry fanboy on your back is a very bad, very messy experience. - GraphiteTail

And here we see the mindless fanboys in their natural habitat. Be careful, don't use flash photography or shout or you'll make them angry.

If I could give this item a dislike, I would.

Let me help y'all with the haters because there was a lot of T.V. shows back in the 1990's-2005 where the cartoons were paradise but ever since invader zim was canelled a lot of the haters came (I was a hater too but I couldn't help it) Yea so a lot of teens are over here hating so yea and avatar and Danny phantom too those also brought haters.

The haters SUCK

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104 They Picked Up Korra for a Show Then Let It Run.

Korra was a great show, but taking it away was stupid.

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105 They Picked Up Pig Goat Banana Mantis

This show sounds horrible - FrozenisOverrated

It was changed to Pig Goat Banana Cricket, and while the animation is good, the rest of the show isn't.

This show is better than Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig.

I love it, so shut up

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106 They Cancelled Fanboy and Chum Chum

That was actually a good choice to cancel, who ever put cancelling Fanboy & Chum Chum on the list is a big retarded moron.

I'm glad they cancelled Fanboy and Chum Chum

This should be on reasons to like Nickelodeon

-insert bison yes! Yes! Here-

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107 They Canceled How to Rock

This doesn't deserve to be on the list, it was horrible and it had an unoriginal plot, you must be sick.

The show sucked, you need mental help, whoever put this on here.

Hey how to rock was a great show people with no life. And this is coming from a kid. It was funny classic, and had catchy songs

108 They Updated to Metro
109 Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch

This is a Hub Network show, but it's still one of the WORST spinoffs of a very popular show. - nelsonerico2

110 They Picked Up React to That

Nick has picked up another YouTube imported show React to That, it is very unoriginal and boring, yet it has toilet humor on it and it's not funny.

A desperate attempt to be relevant. - GraphiteTail

111 They Gave Fred his own Show

Fred is stupid and his show even ruined his reputation, he will always be better on YouTube than Nick or anywhere else.

Fred was funny to me until I found out it was just a teenager with a high pitched voice I thought he was a kid who was tall and being odd but he was acting

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112 They cannot rerun Every Witch Way

People loves this show and need more respect, yet they want to have reruns of it, but too bad, it never has reruns at all.

113 Dan Schneider

Dan Schneider was good in the past, but after Victorious, he couldn't make good shows anymore, now he's a big fat meanie.

114 They cancelled Legends of The Hidden Temple
115 SpongeBob

This is only for Season 5 and above.

What did she ever do to you? Don't you people have something better to do than to be giving her hate?

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116 No Double Dare
117 They're Greedy V 1 Comment
118 Discontinuation of the everyGirl Website V 1 Comment
119 Canceling Rocko's Modern Life

Honestly, they shouldn't have done that. - xandermartin98

Actually it was ok to cancel it because it was for teens and adults, not kids, but seriously, it was awesome.

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120 Nickelodeon Abuses Everyone On Its Shows
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