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21 She hates skinny girls

Apparently she considers herself as a skinny girl... So why would you make a song like anaconda? Fail.

I don't know because I'm skinny and I don't give a DAMN if she dies from too much sex and stuff that's her probably

Makes me feel bad about being skinny and having high metabolism

Nothing wrong with skinny gal you fake

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22 She's Illuminati

I completely agree. that arse must be a triangular clue to the foreign cosmos of Illuminati and she probably conspire with all the evil world leaders to make the next generation a disgrace to humanity.

Yes, she loves to have sex with demon's 12 inches cock.

If that is true send a proof don't let it go that far

She likes the devil

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23 She's ugly

She wouldn't be so ugly if it weren't for all that plastic surgery, but it's too late now. I don't understand how people find her pretty, her face is revolting! If her giant lips and eyelashes weren't enough, they're always covered in layers and layers of hideous, bright makeup in colors that look bad together. She also makes nasty facial expressions a lot, which doesn't help. She wears barely any clothes and dresses like a stripper in all her music videos. Her hair is probably the worst part, it's always bright colors that don't even go with her outfits. - Popsicles

I couldn't stand 10 minutes of looking at her ugly rat like face!

The only way she got famous is for that plastic filled a**, and we all know it.

Look at her before plastic surgurey! she was still butt-ugly! - StayAlive

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24 She has an ugly laugh

She laughs like a stupid person n Anaconda - Orlandolaked

It sounds like a witch!

Because she is a witch

Too much weirdness evil.

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25 Her lyrics

Yeah her lyrics don"t have any sense

26 She copies many artists

She copied Lil kim and and Lady Gags

27 She's a disgrace to music


28 She said "Don't put someone down to make yourself better" but sang Anaconda

Don't put some one down? Nicki, You've dissed us skinny people! You hypocrite. - MeaganSaysHI

Actuly this is smart quote

29 She's fake

i agree

30 She changed her name

And? Most singers change their names

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31 She objectifies women with Anaconda

And yet she is a woman herself - StayAlive

32 Her voice

Thousands of people committed suicide because of her voice!

33 She destroyed Madonna's and Eminem's careers by doing songs with them

Eminem continued to keep a steady career. But Madonna seems to have died, using this as a method for instance - Hotheart123

This anti-talented bitch is not worthy of collaborating with good singers like Ariana Grande. I mean I LOVE side to side and I like that Ariana is embracing her sexuality, but this thing RUINES THE SONG with her atrociously irritating voice and nonsense lyrics. Then I found out bitchy Minaj collaborated with these 2 legends (who I personally don't like) and I was like...she's not good enough to do that. She ruined Nick Jonas's Bom Bidi Bom, and I heard she might collaborate with Fifth Harmony. STAY AWAY FROM 5H YOU UNTALENTED RAT, THEY ARE WAY BETTER THAN YOU. I HATE YOU NICKI MINAJ

34 She's overrated

Why aren't there other successful female rappers out who are MORE talented than her? It's almost as if Nicki has a monopoly on female rap. Makes me sick.

She's not a rapper/singer just a softcore porn star

35 She's a bad role model

The message she shares too other girls around the world in her songs is that " YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BIG BUTT TOO BE BEAUTIFUL".

Sadly, Nicki Minaj destroyed society.

I dispise this subhuman. She is why some white people become racist. Just too easy to hate. You hear that Nikki? You are why black folks get lynched.
The definition of unacceptable is YOU! CLASSLESS BLACK TRASH.

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36 Her last name

It's a dumb pun to ménage meaning threesome in French. Well as lil kim says "we all know your last names what got you your job"

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37 Her wigs

They look like krusty the clown

She looks like side show Bob.

I don't think they're wigs, otherwise she'd be bald...

Why yall like talking about Nicki. Share good comments. People who love her will feel bad that yall talking about someone they ❤! Yall need to appreciate that yall have Nicki because she share great songs! Plus yall will die later on in life. So you should appreciate that yall have other great artists too! Listen to "The Night Is Still Young". Are you going to talk about that song. She has great wigs by the way!

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38 She bailed out a child rapist

This is a serious reason to hate her. She bailed out her brother who raped several girls under the age of 13. She is disgusting.

She did not, it was her mother, even says on legal papers, so what if she loves her family anyways

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39 She is famous for the wrong reasons

Well like Justin Bieber

40 Went to the Lil Wayne school of rhyming lyrics

Seriously there are other words to use besides N***** and Hoe.

Welkum To the Skool of Lil Wayne, Sit yo ass in a chair and lets getting it poppin, kerpoppin nyugugga? - MeaganSaysHI

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