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41 At VMA's, all she does is twerk her bootylicious bum

"Bootylicious"? No. Just no. Her butt is literally plastic. - RiverClanRocks

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42 She is racist

Well Nicki Minaj (Onika Maraj) is a great person. Listen to her! She wins the most from what I hear. Stop talking bad about Nicki because if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all! I've been in love with Nicki since 2010. It's 2016 and ill love Nicki Minaj forever!

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43 She dissed Mariah Carey

I know that Mariah is a bit full of herself, but Nicki is WORSE! What she did was rude, especially to such succesful singer like Mariah Carey.
#Anti-hate - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

44 She's still popular because people are attracted to her fake ass

Only idiots like her

Not even idiots like her

45 She is stupid

Well,she is a Stupid hoe. - SamuiNeko

She likes showing her body
She is so irritating
She likes saying that everyone is a bitch

46 Collaborated with Drake and Justin Bieber

To quote AVGN "That's like puking on a pile of S***"

Three shitty artists come together to make a shit song

47 She is a feminist

If she's feminist, why did she write an extremely misogynistic song stupid hoe

Looking ass proves it


I'm feminist too. I always wear normal clothes. She's not feminist because she wore slutty clothes. Where is their respectful?

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48 She makes duck faces

She want the d

Quack, quack!
( although, that's offensive to ducks)

49 She loves her fake butt

To n.m:your butt so big that you need amap to find your a**

50 She's disgusting
51 She's creepy

Wears to much makeup!

52 She is utterly rude
53 She has talent, but wastes it on trash

I remember listening to her music before she was famous and I have to say I was highly impressed. But once she got discovered, I think she pretty much thought she didn't have to try anymore!

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54 She featured Kendall Jenner In A Music Video
55 She is too messy

Does she take mud baths?

I can't stand her


56 She is ugly

She is the worst female rapper ever but thinks she's the best. Her lyrics and music suck so much. She is the worst I wish she would just disappear

She looked like a troll in a pink bikini in starships laugh out loud

Proof of the ugliness can be seen in the starships video...

"yall can't just keep all bad comments that you have to yourself" well what do you expect? This list is called "Reasons to hate Nicki Minaj". This whole website is intended to share our opinions, so here we are. Why would you bother looking at this list if you love her? Go look at lists praising this wack clown and leave. bye!

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57 She enjoys being treated like an object

She is very degrading. Especially when creepy fans of hers probably say all these gross stuff about her, like how they're gonna do her, it's sick. Same with Ariana Grande, people only like them because they're hot. But in reality, people only write these perverted comments because they know that they'll never get a chance with her!

I can't believe she actually likes it, it's like the Pamela Anderson situation all over again, these 2 rather than deny and try to get away from it, they embraced their sexual image, most women find it demeaning, but minaj doesn't, I wonder how many people she's prostituted herself out to

So I'll hang her on the ceiling and use her as a light-bulb.

58 She thinks she is black Barbie

I really hate herr

Her ugly fat ass

She is too show off! Especially the fake boobs n fake butt! Inky because of that she is popular n nthg else! She adds sex in her songs and make youngsters watch her!

ugly girl

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59 She makes freaky faces
60 She has a big butt

She is very stupid.All she cares about is her body.She is really not that talented and doesn't have star quality that a pop star should have.

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