Top 10 Reasons to Hate Nicki Minaj

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61 Her alter ego Roman Zolanski

The name being a controversial movie director's with a small letter swap is even more-so ridiculous. - Swellow

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62 She is degrading
63 Her style is copying Lady Gaga
64 She got plastic surgery

She praises her body so much even though it is not what she was born with, she is fake.

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65 She gives people a bad name

More like she gives humanity a bad name.

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66 She is also dumb V 2 Comments
67 Her stupid voices

Her voice can make a human die not only that I watched her on stage and she stinks. she stinks so bad that she smells of 20 years of rubbish

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68 Her fans

Do I really need to say anything?

Her fans are a bunch of clueless morons who are brainwashed by her trashy albums and her ghetto fabulous jibberish.

Their just like so into her its just crazy their like stupiud ass people just like her fake fat ass

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69 Her song Lookin' Ass N****s

She is disgusting. Why would you swear in the title of a song?

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70 She has no dignity
71 She swears too much

Seriously is there any songs where she doesn't say a swear word?

I know, Right? There is more to life than swearing! She disgusts me!

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72 Her music video Only had Nazi imagery
73 Her voice is far worse than Rebecca Black's

I think gnesa its more worst than these two

YES I love Friday, I love my moment, I love person of intrest and I espically like Saturday. The only times nickki sings atullay were in Super Bass and Va Va Voom. Sorry for the crappy English.

74 She sticks her butt towards the camera

All of her music videos are like 99 percent ass shots.

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75 She's a slut

What's worse is that she's proud of it

76 She makes things bigger than they are

I think you're being sarcastic. Please tell me that is sarcasm.

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77 More for the adult audience

Just watch Anaconda and think: "Do I really want my 10 years old son watching this? ". I'm surprised that video isn't restricted on YouTube.

I don't get YouTube. There are videos it flags that deserve it, like LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It and FallOutBoy's Young Volcanoes, but it didn't flag Anaconda. - WonkeyDude98

78 She took credit for the "Monster" verse which was written by Safaree
79 Twitter war with Keira Knightley
80 She flashes her fat booty on the internet

We do NOT want to see your bum-bum!

She does it for the men that love big booty bitches like her and for the women that wish they can have an ass that big like hers - DK

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