Top 10 Reasons to Hate Nicki Minaj

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121 She collaborated with Eminem
122 She is overrated
123 She twerks a lot

Why is this a problem? If she wants to bounce her big fat fake booty up and down that's her problem not ours. - DK

124 Her face
125 She's insane
126 Her ugly body

It can't be pretty unless you want to marry an oversized barbie doll

Do you want anyone to say bad things about you? I think you don't!

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127 She has an unattractive butt

Come on, it's not even attractive.

Hey Nicki! We DO NOT want to see your bum-bum!

128 She encourages young girls to be prostitutes

She's always twerking and rapping about how she can pleasure men. Why is she still famous? Because the New World Order knows young innocent girls will follow her!

My cousin is 11 and wants to be like her and holy balls I never want to see her face again - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

129 She makes Justin Bieber sound like as if he were the next Freddie Mercury

Now that's an honor... To make JB sound like my favorite singer... Yea that's not good! - Pony

Freddie Mercury was part of helping the industry of music, Like the rest of Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, David Bowie, and much more.
Beebzy-boy, on the other hand, is just disgusting.

130 She has a disgusting body shape
131 She's extremely annoying
132 She's too hard to listen to
133 She can't take criticism V 1 Comment
134 The music video Anaconda
135 She ripped off Baby Got Back
136 She didn't go away after Stupid Hoe was released

That song should've destroyed her career.

She didn't go away when anaconda came either.

137 She sounds inhuman
138 She has too many alter egos
139 She uses too much autotune

Yes that 's right she used too much autone but she îs not the only singer who use autone right?

140 She's one of the reasons hip hop is dying
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