Top 10 Reasons to Hate Nicki Minaj

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161 She's a disgrace to rap
162 She ruined Lil Kim
163 She's a disgrace to Trinidadians
164 She laughs horribly
165 She is not the queen of Hip Hop
166 Her Anaconda song got a ton of praise from music critics V 1 Comment
167 She's a disgrace to black people

She's also a disgrace to herSELF.Cause she's black.

168 She's a repeat of Lil Kim
169 She dissed Steven Tyler

Also Steven Tyler (aerosmiths lead singer) is infinitely better then Nicki Minaj in every way

170 She's fat

If The Beatles met her or the Kardashians, the first thing I can imagine them saying is: you need to lose some weight!

I totally agree. She's actually a fat idiot.

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171 She's obsessed with Lil' Kim

How do you come into the rap game with such Malice and envy over Queen Bee's legacy? From the lyric and swagger jacking to the diss tracks, Nicki is truly obsessed. What a way to piss off an entire generation of real hip-hop heads. She's just a Illuminati puppet dumbing down our young people of today.

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172 She reinforces prejudices within the black community

From calling Lil' Kim a monkey and a chimpanzee (Stupid Hoe, Till the World Ends Remix) to affirming that she has "good hair" (Stupid Hoe), to paying an ode to the racist Don Imus' publicly-shamed sentiments on "these nappy headed hoes need a permanator" (Did It On'Em).

173 She thinks she's 'Queen of Rap'

With hardly any competition. Yet she's not even exclusively a rap artist; she's more a pop star who raps very dumb down lyrics with no substance. Very arrogant woman, especially after coming in the game emulating Lil Kim. At least Kim earned her keep at time female rap was prevalent and REAL.

I dare Nicki make a 100% real rap album with no pop songs then convince us that she's queen of rap. Make a classic rap album first, you arrogant POS.

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174 She tries too hard
175 She's jealous of Lil Kim
176 She wears too much makeup
177 She's scary
178 She has a blond mind

That's offensive to blonde people and blond people

179 She perpetuates the perception of women as sexual objects
180 She Said Karlie Kloss is only famous because she is white and friends with Taylor Swift

Because that's true lmao - anjanetteislit

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