Top 10 Reasons to Hate Ninjago


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1 The Characters are Not Funny

I'm only commenting on this to say that Ninjago is amazing and ya'll can take your hate somewhere else. If you hate it so much, then why are you writing about it? If you don't like it then just leave it to the people with good taste who like Ninjago. Also, it did get different after season two. Who cares? It's not going to stay the same forever. It would be boring if it did. You trusted the creators to make the first two seasons well, then trust them again. Also why you hatin on the romance? It just gives Ninjago another layer and a break from the battles and "ninja-ing". It's not that bad. It brings another element of maturity to the show.
-your Ninja sister
#ColeBrookstone Forever!

So? , Lord Of The Rings Isn't Funny, But Does that mean it sucks? , no, not really - VideoGamefan5

This list is very stupid ninjago is very awesome I would rate it 8-16 it has well planned seasons good character development and different villains for each seasons. - TENTACRUEL

I liked the first 4 seasons. That's it. Started to stop watching it in like Season 5 onward. - B1ueNew

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2 Lack of Character Development

I agree that Lloyd gets most of the attention in the show, due to him being the Green Ninja and all, but the others do get varying amounts of character development too. Kai and Nya found their parents, their childhood was explained, and now they're moving on in life. Zane had all of Season 3 to himself, and it really did wonders to his character as he found out who he is, what he likes/dislikes, and what he's willing to do for his team. He also gets a good amount of development in later seasons, such as Season 8, when he's a spy for the SoG and overall gets screentime to himself. He also had a flashback in "Snake Jaguar", which answered a few questions as to how he got his powers. Jay's development occurred in mostly Season 6, when he found out that he was adopted, and making the viewer feel pity for him as he was captured by the Sky Pirates. It also showed that even a laid-back character like Jay can take the lead perfectly when he wants to, and it opens up a new ...more

Okay the episodes that I watched (which were scattered throughout random seasons) were fine. They had a nice plot but it's not something I'd watch to be a fan over. It's more of the casual show that you go to when you're bored, but don't want something that's total crap. - Anonymousxcxc

No Way! THESE CHARACTERS HAVE TEN TIMES MORE DEPTH THAN YOU WILL EVER HAVE. These characters have so much development. Zane and and Garmaddon die in emotional scenes, Jay and Nya have a very strong relationship, the characters have back stories, and I could list reasons why you're wrong All day

Wow! Saying a fictional character has more depth than a real person?!? You are mental. God, I despise this fanbase.

How? - B1ueNew

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3 It's a Ripoff of Other Shows

Like... what shows exactly? - fiyahstah

What shows did it ripoff? - B1ueNew

Kung Fu Panda and Enter the Dragon ( a chinese movie)


4 The Ninjas are Weaboos

*clicks back button* - Entranced98

Weaboos means anime fans, no offense - VideoGamefan5

5 It's Unfunny and the Jokes are Lame

I Bet You never seen nexo knights - VideoGamefan5

I change my awsen its because no songs

6 They Try Too Hard at Being Cool
7 It's Cliched
8 It's Boring

This is subjective. Ninjago is loved by many, disliked by some, and if you find it boring that's fine. - Entranced98

Wrong. It's disliked by most and loved by 8-year old ago guys that don't know what a good show is. - TechnoBoy

9 Its Insane Fanbase

At least make the fanfiction CORRECTLY! Like making a fan series not involving things for bad fanfiction. - BorisRule

A bad fanbase doesn't point towards bad media. It's still possible to enjoy Ninjago casually without associating with overly obsessed fans - pretty much any media is at risk of being abused by obnoxious fanbases. - Entranced98

A Bad fanbase doesn't mean bad show, game or movie or anything. Tired of this "Overrated" excuse to hate something - B1ueNew

I know a overreactive fan of it and they (not revealing gender) are the cringiest, most repulsive person I have met, every time they speak everyone covers their ears and braces for cringe. They think they're so AMAZING, but they are DISGUSTANG and act retarded. They think they're popular and can make art and schtuff but they suck at it. They (think they can) write, and as a writer, it's so painful to read what they write. They think they'll be a famous writer and get published and everything (I know what'll happen though, they'll give it to a publisher, the publisher will cringe and kindly deny it, and they'll get all pissy). They make really bad cosplays with T-shirts and paint. They are the most disrespectful person ever, mindlessly bumping into people and hating people who disagree with them. They also never shut up, meaning every day I go to school with that little fantard always results in cringe. They talk about "NJ" because its probably the only thing that thing knows about. I ...more

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10 Ninjas are All About Stealth and Medieval Weapons, Not Big, Loud Machines

To be honest it's true! Ninjas are supposed to be sneaky, secretive, and hide in the shadows. Not having these big loud machines that the enemies could hear a mile away.

Ninjas should be sneaky and stealthy and should also be in the shadows but instead they are famous and know by everything. Their costumes should be all black and not of color

The ninja are quiet with their vehicles. These vehicles and dragons makes the shows better and these ninja are way better than other ninja.

They are at certain points except for the movie - TENTACRUEL

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11 Doesn't Honor What It's Based On

I once saw this Ninjago picture of Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole with a caption saying 'Who will rise up to become the green ninja? ', and under it, in even smaller lettering, read 'Answer: None of the above'


12 It's Unrealistic and Full of Plot Holes

Laugh out loud. Not all cartoons can be a recreation of life you know. - B1ueNew

13 Massive Character Derailment in the Later Seasons

Actually, you can say that all of the characters are derailed

Even Heart Attack Grill is better than this parasite

14 It Only Exists to Sell Toys

Even ISIS and Al-Qaeda are better than "Ninjago"

How are evil groups of people that kill innocent people better than a you and cartoon? - B1ueNew

No it doesn't - TENTACRUEL

It's so dum

Pretty much any movie or T.V. show nowadays is made to sell toys. - B1ueNew

15 It's from Denmark

Whoever put this (I am pretty sure she did not) should think this is racist item! - BorisRule

Another reason to hate Ninjago! WHY THE HELL IS DANISH!?!?!?!

Denmark is awesome. - Extractinator04

Guys,Lego is from Denmark,and the series to me is from America

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16 Twilightesque Romance and Love Triangles

NYA IS A HOEEE, but besides that decent shoe. I don't know why but reminds me of Naruto.

17 It's Full of 1.5 Inch Plastic Toys Not Capable of Knees and Elbows

Don't buy the set if you didn't like it - BorisRule

What the actual heck? Almost all lego franchises (excluding the minidoll-like ones) ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.

18 It Does Not Have Songs

It does actually - BorisRule

It does not have songs? uhm. the weekend whip. the rift whip. the ghost whip. close the circle. after the blackout. spinning out in colour. 21st century ninja. and heaps more, bro. - fiyahstah

19 It's Overrated

I wish it was - TENTACRUEL

20 Takes Itself Too Seriously

That's a good thing - TENTACRUEL

21 The Toys Suck

The sets are awesome though. - Extractinator04

No. I loved the toys - B1ueNew

I remember the good old toys with trains and stuff.Now it's only this.

The destructoid is epic and General cryptor is epic - TENTACRUEL

22 The Voice Acting is Horrendous

No it isn't - TENTACRUEL

23 It's a Ripoff of Ninja Hattori
24 It’s Just Too Annoying

I used to like Ninjago until I kept hearing NINJAGO from my brother like: skchshjdbdjdjdbskJshdhJSFHSHFIBDJSNINJAGO THIS NINJAGO THAT

25 It sexualizes characters

How the heck exactly?! Get your minds out of the gutter people god disgusting you people are so dirty

How do you sexualize yellow mini figures? - B1ueNew

Fandoms - BorisRule

26 It Jumped the Shark

What shark - TENTACRUEL

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