Top 10 Reasons to Hate Ninjago


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1 The Characters are Not Funny

I'm only commenting on this to say that Ninjago is amazing and ya'll can take your hate somewhere else. If you hate it so much, then why are you writing about it? If you don't like it then just leave it to the people with good taste who like Ninjago. Also, it did get different after season two. Who cares? It's not going to stay the same forever. It would be boring if it did. You trusted the creators to make the first two seasons well, then trust them again. Also why you hatin on the romance? It just gives Ninjago another layer and a break from the battles and "ninja-ing". It's not that bad. It brings another element of maturity to the show.
-your Ninja sister
#ColeBrookstone Forever!

So? , Lord Of The Rings Isn't Funny, But Does that mean it sucks? , no, not really - VideoGamefan5

I pretty much hate Ninjago post season two. Starting with season 3 it just feels like crappy fanfiction where every ninja apparently needs a codependent love interest (even kick@$$ ROBOT, Zane. What the hell? ), it's overly dramatic and takes itself way to seriously. I look forward to the Ninjago movie because it will be a refreshing AU interpretation. The trailer is very promising-it looks like it'll be just as fun and well written (with good character development! ) as the past two Lego movies.

Yeah. Terrible attempt at humorous characters

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2 Lack of Character Development

Okay the episodes that I watched (which were scattered throughout random seasons) were fine. They had a nice plot but it's not something I'd watch to be a fan over. It's more of the casual show that you go to when you're bored, but don't want something that's total crap. - Anonymousxcxc

No Way! THESE CHARACTERS HAVE TEN TIMES MORE DEPTH THAN YOU WILL EVER HAVE. These characters have so much development. Zane and and Garmaddon die in emotional scenes, Jay and Nya have a very strong relationship, the characters have back stories, and I could list reasons why you're wrong All day

Wow! Saying a fictional character has more depth than a real person?!? You are mental. God, I despise this fanbase.

So does anime - Discord1

For me it's interesting. But if it's not interesting to do you, then OK, no problem - BorisRule

3 It's a Ripoff of Other Shows


4 The Ninjas are Weaboos

*clicks back button* - Entranced98

Weaboos means anime fans, no offense - VideoGamefan5

5 They Try Too Hard at Being Cool
6 It's Unfunny and the Jokes are Lame

I Bet You never seen nexo knights - VideoGamefan5

7 It's Cliched
8 It's Boring

This is subjective. Ninjago is loved by many, disliked by some, and if you find it boring that's fine. - Entranced98

Wrong. It's disliked by most and loved by 8-year old ago guys that don't know what a good show is. - TechnoBoy

9 Its Insane Fanbase

At least make the fanfiction CORRECTLY! Like making a fan series not involving things for bad fanfiction. - BorisRule

A bad fanbase doesn't point towards bad media. It's still possible to enjoy Ninjago casually without associating with overly obsessed fans - pretty much any media is at risk of being abused by obnoxious fanbases. - Entranced98

The Ninjago instagram community is quite the hellhole

Also, it's "characters", not "charcters". - Extractinator04

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10 Ninjas are All About Stealth and Medieval Weapons, Not Big, Loud Machines

To be honest it's true! Ninjas are supposed to be sneaky, secretive, and hide in the shadows. Not having these big loud machines that the enemies could hear a mile away.

Ninjas should be sneaky and stealthy and should also be in the shadows but instead they are famous and know by everything. Their costumes should be all black and not of color

EXACTLY. I hate how they degrade ninjas in this show with dumb machines and stuff - TwilightKitsune

You can always use it for lures, not stealth fighting. These are called reverse ninjas

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11 Doesn't Honor What It's Based On

I once saw this Ninjago picture of Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole with a caption saying 'Who will rise up to become the green ninja? ', and under it, in even smaller lettering, read 'Answer: None of the above'


12 Massive Character Derailment in the Later Seasons

Actually, you can say that all of the characters are derailed

Even Heart Attack Grill is better than this parasite

13 It's Unrealistic and Full of Plot Holes
14 It Only Exists to Sell Toys

Even ISIS and Al-Qaeda are better than "Ninjago"

It's so dum

15 It's Full of 1.5 Inch Plastic Toys Not Capable of Knees and Elbows

Don't buy the set if you didn't like it - BorisRule

What the actual heck? Almost all lego franchises (excluding the minidoll-like ones) ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.

16 It's Overrated

More like underrated - PeeledBanana

17 Takes Itself Too Seriously
18 Twilightesque Romance and Love Triangles
19 It's from Denmark

Whoever put this (I am pretty sure she did not) should think this is racist item! - BorisRule

Another reason to hate Ninjago! WHY THE HELL IS DANISH!?!?!?!

Denmark is awesome. - Extractinator04


20 The Voice Acting is Horrendous
21 It's a Ripoff of Ninja Hattori
22 It’s Just Too Annoying

I used to like Ninjago until I kept hearing NINJAGO from my brother like: skchshjdbdjdjdbskJshdhJSFHSHFIBDJSNINJAGO THIS NINJAGO THAT

23 The Toys Suck

The sets are awesome though. - Extractinator04

I remember the good old toys with trains and stuff.Now it's only this.

24 It Jumped the Shark
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