Top 10 Reasons to Hate Ninjago


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1 The Characters are Not Funny

So? , Lord Of The Rings Isn't Funny, But Does that mean it sucks? , no, not really - VideoGamefan5

Yeah so? Star Wars, The Lion King, The Lord of the Rings, and other movies aren't funny and do you hate them? No! - PeeledBanana

After the third season, it kinda fell apart. - DCfnaf

TwilightKitsune = Worst User ever

That remark is completely uncalled for. Comment on content, not its creators. - Entranced98

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2 Lack of Character Development

Okay the episodes that I watched (which were scattered throughout random seasons) were fine. They had a nice plot but it's not something I'd watch to be a fan over. It's more of the casual show that you go to when you're bored, but don't want something that's total crap. - Anonymousxcxc

The Ninjago characters are still immature and childish even though when they are fighting. Randy Cunningham has character development. Randy started become more mature in every episodes because he learn his lesson from NinjaNomicon. - ChatNoirFan18

Same with anime, and do you hate that? - PeeledBanana

No Way! THESE CHARCTERS HAVE TEN TIMES MORE DEPTH THAN YOU WILL EVER HAVE. These characters have so much development. Zane and and Garmaddon die in emotional scenes, Jay and Nya have a very strong relationship, the characters have backstoryies, and I could list reasons why you're wrong All day

Wow! Saying a fictional character has more depth than a real person?!? You are mental. God, I despise this fanbase. - eventer51314

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3 They Try Too Hard at Being Cool
4 It's a Ripoff of Other Shows
5 It's Cliched
6 Its Insane Fanbase

A bad fanbase doesn't point towards bad media. It's still possible to enjoy Ninjago casually without associating with overly obsessed fans - pretty much any media is at risk of being abused by obnoxious fanbases. - Entranced98

Oh, it's horrible naturally. I actually wasn't even aware of the fanbase till recently. The fanbrats seem to be one of the reasons the show has gone downhill. God, fangirls think these Lego figures are "sexy" or some crap? What the heck is wrong with you people?!? And then I stumble upon "Greenflame", the absolute bottom of the barrel….RAGE! - eventer51314

7 Twilightesque Romance and Love Triangles
8 It's Unfunny and the Jokes are Lame V 1 Comment
9 Massive Character Derailment in the Later Seasons
10 The Ninjas are Weaboos

*clicks back button* - Entranced98

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11 Takes Itself Too Seriously
12 It's Unrealistic and Full of Plot Holes
13 It's Boring

This is subjective. Ninjago is loved by many, disliked by some, and if you find it boring that's fine. - Entranced98

14 It's Overrated

More like underrated - PeeledBanana

15 Doesn't Honor What It's Based On
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1. The Characters are Not Funny
2. Lack of Character Development
3. It's a Ripoff of Other Shows
1. It's Boring
2. It's Overrated
3. Lack of Character Development
1. Twilightesque Romance and Love Triangles
2. Massive Character Derailment in the Later Seasons
3. Takes Itself Too Seriously



Ninjago Season 8...crap
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