Reasons to Hate the Nintendo Fanbase


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1 They Hate Anything That's Not Nintendo

Yeah I Can Agree, They shouldn't Hate Everything That Isn't Nintendo, - VideoGamefan5

Just type Nintendo sucks and read the Comments section (all those videos are troll by the way) - Aguythatpeopleignores

Best list ever - VideoGamefan5

2 They Call Every Shooter a Call of Duty Clone

I know, it's so stupid, I hate that! - EliHbk

I know right? , battlefield is a shooter and it's such a good series! - VideoGamefan5

True another example is: DOOM 2016 is Brutal Doom in 64 bits. It's nowhere near boyfriend of Call of Duty and is nothing like them. - Aguythatpeopleignores

So instead of Wolfenstein 3D it's Call Of Duty that invented FPS you are exactly thinking like the fanbase you despise so much but your blatant narcissism doesn't allow you to think that. - Aguythatpeopleignores

3 They Disrespect People Who Doesn't Like the Wii U

They also very rarely use the grammars! - EliHbk

4 They Take Trollbait Very Easily and Disrespect Trolls

This lists is all wrong. I'm a Nintendo fan and none of these apply to me. This is how it is for the Call of Duty fanbase, exactly like it. Call of Duty fans are manchildren, and they won't play anything but Call of Duty! Deep down you know it's true. - M4j0r45

5 They Hate Everything That's Mainstream and Disrespect People Who Likes Them.

Lmao what?

6 They are Mainly Manchildren

Cough Randomteenager For putting nintendrones as a dishonorable mention on the list of most annoying fan bases - VideoGamefan5

7 They Hate Other Consoles and Their Companies Although They Have Never Played on Them.
8 They are Cyberbullies
9 They are Devoted to Nintendo and Will Not Let Anyone Criticize Them or Their Mistakes
10 All They Care About is Themselves

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11 They're Overrated

Everyone thinks nintendo fanbase is amazing, when It's totally not - VideoGamefan5

As you can see, the fan base sucks, although you have to note that not all are jerks. - EliHbk

Duh. But The Nintendo Fanbase is the worst of the absolute worst in my opinion. I'm so sad that nice people proudly call themselves Nintendo fans. - Aguythatpeopleignores

12 They Call Every Smash Bros. Style Game a Rip Off of Smash Bros.
13 They Don't Want Nintendo to Have 3rd Party Support When 3rd Party Support is the Best Chance of Saving Them

You might say? They have legendary games like Zelda Mario etc. But they don't make as much money with those games. Those days have passed. Do you really think that Sony and Microsoft only has Activision's 3rd party support? - Aguythatpeopleignores

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1. They Hate Anything That's Not Nintendo
2. They Call Every Shooter a Call of Duty Clone
3. They Disrespect People Who Doesn't Like the Wii U



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