Top Ten Reasons to Hate Nintendo

I cannot believe that Nintendo is even likable by even one person AT ALL! Nintendo is utter trash!

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1 Childish Games

Whoever made this list let me tell you something. You suck.

He wouldn't have video games if it weren't for Nintendo. And he says they suck? Screw him definitely. - Trenchpit777

First off, having no blood and having an E rating does NOT make a game childish and just for kids. Secondly, I thought Disney was for kids! People don't hate Disney for being "for kids" so why are people hating Nintendo for being "For kids"? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Are you kidding me?! They are not childish they are fun well Mario is fun, Batman: The Video Game is addicting. Some Call of Duty Games suck

Because they refused to port their games on PC... It should be the main reason.

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2 Poor Graphics

Because they care about how fun the game is, rather than how many pixels are on the screen! - Harri666

Games are not about the graphics. you don't just look at a screen shot and say 'THAT IS THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD! ' Even if it's looks pretty. Nintendo has been always about the gameplay. And if you STILL think graphics first, the Wii U games has been stunningly amazing. BUT as I said, it's all about the gameplay.

Well if the most popular games have the best graphics, then that's what people expect from games made in present and future times. Lots of good games have crap graphics, but they're ancient. This is a sign of laziness. Looks sell more than quality in this day in age. The most important thing is to at least TRY to make the games look interesting.

This should be at #1. THough I do like Nintendo, and their games are good content wise, the graphics are still not as great as some other consoles. This isn't an issue for me since I don't have a 4k HD T.V., but I also don't want my game to lag or have weird pixel shadows around things etc. I don't know maybe this has something to do with losing revenue because of the horrible WiiU saga that lasted for 5 years.

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3 No innovations

Let's see... Motion controls, 3D gameplay, The N64, - Pizzaboy456

Are you kidding me sony and Microsoft make little to no innovation at all Nintendo changes everything with their consoles

Nintendo innovates, others imitate

Actually, Nintendo does innovate all the time with their consoles. PlayStation and Xbox hardly innovate at all, making their consoles generic. - TheDelBel

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4 Princess Peach as a baby/toddler

Yeah. She doesn't deserve to be in Mario Kart, but I can think of 100 more reasons to hate PlayStation that are worse than this - Pizzaboy456

But there already is a baby peach...

You hate Nintendo only because of Princess Peach? - Userguy44

eat pant

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5 Princess Daisy's Voice

I voted for this so Legend of Zelda might go down.

It's to differentiate from the other females. She's sounds pretty awesome - ParkerFang

I completely agree 100% on this.

So annoying

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6 Sonic Boom games

Since Nintendo had the least to do with this, please take this off the list. Nintendo can probably buy SEGA, as it is the The Walt Disney Company of video games (after all, both companies are gigantic enough to have a slew of painfully underrated entries). Also, check out the porn pics of Amy Rose (Sonic Boom) without fur such as DexterCockburn's pictures of Amy Rose and Coco Bandicoot being gay. My top favorite Nintendo game is Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, which will dominate many of my lists, like my top hated video Nintendo game which is Mario's Early Years. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Sonic is Sega. I'm sorry, but you can say Nintendo is bad for Sega's issues

Sonic is Sega. Sorry, dude.


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7 Boring Gameplay

Boring... Gameplay? So your telling me that Metroid, Pokemon and Zelda have boring gameplay?

Your seriously getting a FALCO PUNCH

Okay. Somebody Needs To Teach This Stupid Call of Duty Fanboy A Lesson.

Nintendo games are not boring. The guy who made this list is pathetic and doesn't know a thing about video games.

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8 The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda (original) gets a 7/10 (Good) score.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link gets a 5.5/10 (Mediocre to Okay) score.

Zelda (Game & Watch) gets a 6.5/10 (Okay to Good) score.

The Legend of Zelda (T.V. series) gets a 2.5/10 (Painful to Bad) score.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past gets a 7/10 (Good) score.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening gets a 6.5/10 (Okay to Good) score.
The only flaw is that Princess Peach appears in this game instead of Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land and Super Mario himself.

Link: The Faces of Evil/Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon gets a 2.5/10 (Painful to Bad) score.

Zelda's Adventure gets a 2/10 (Painful) score.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening gets a 7/10 (Good) score.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time gets an 8/10 (Great) score for the most part.

The Legend of Zelda comic books/manga all get a 6/10 (Okay) score.

Super Smash Bros. (the original) gets a 30/10 ...more

Megatron 939 go to hell you Call of Duty fan

Can't people just like or dislike things as they please, Jesus, ya'll are toxic, I thought that the Nintendo community was supposed to be friendly, also, why do so many Nintendo fanboys hate people that enjoy games like gears or Call of Duty? I personally don't hate Nintendo themselves but I do hate a considerable amount of their fan base, Nintendo is far from perfect however, I will say that many of the reasons that people do hate Nintendo are ridiculous, "The Legend of Zelda" being one of the worst that I have ever heard, I can understand if people don't find enjoyment within someone else's favorite game, but that doesn't mean that it sucks

Everyone hates Fortnite and Call of Duty's fanbases for not respecting opinions, Yet the top comment 82 people liked a comment telling the creator of the list to go to hell - B1ueNew

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9 Super Mario Bros.

Well Megatron939... Call of Duty would not exist if this series did not exist, SO HA! - Pastakirby7

There is a possibly that Sega would have save the game industry. Just saying - Chaotixhero

This game saved the video game industry, if this and the nes never existed then video gaming wouldn't exist - Harri666

You're just a Call of Duty fanboy. This is a classic, and you hate it with no reason at all. Go make a list on the best shooter franchises or something like that.

You're definitely right!

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10 Princess peach is the most famous female character so far

And that makes a good reason to hate Nintendo why?

That makes her a bad character?

I'm think she a bad character.

It's not her fault - ParkerFang

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11 Pokemon

Call of Duty is much more repetitive than Pokemon.

I swear, if this Megatron guy isn't a troll, he is insane.

Pokemon is awesome you go away Call of Duty fanboy

Megatron? more like Megatroll.

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12 Factory bosses won't let workers take bathroom breaks

The smell must be pretty bad.

The floor is probably very sticky.

Only thing that sucks about nintendo nothing else

That is the same thing with Sony and Microsoft or and PC company

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13 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series

One reason to hate this series - the team/relations of Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Amy Rose & Blaze the Cat. What?! I HATE BLAZE THE CAT & PRINCESS DAISY'S RIVALRY!

Those honestly suck... This is your only good point

There were some good titles in that series. Also, I’m pretty sure sega developed these anyway. - Omasunner

14 Virtual Boy

I like Virtual Boy.

You can't hate a company just for one short lived console.

One of the few reasonable things on this list

Yeah the Virtual boy sucked - B1ueNew

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15 Unrealism

Really? Just really? How does a game being realistic make it fun? You are telling me that if I made a game simulating walking to work, it would be fun? What is your problem?

I can make an argument that Call of Duty isn't realistic either, you know. - SlimVeggie

So let me get this straight, your saying that Nintendo is bad because it unrealistic? Since when are video games supposed to be realistic? - nintendofan126

Well I guess we have Grand Theft Auto FANBOYS NOW

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16 Instructions Not In English

Who looks at instructions?

I like the instructions.

Pretty sure the Instructions are easy to figure out anyway. - PaperMarioFan

Except they are, as long as you’re buying it in the right language. Also, the switch doesn’t even have those, so... - Omasunner

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17 Nintendo Snuck a Phallic Shaped Vibe Scepter in Super Princess Peach

Snuck a scepter in princess peach?

I like sneaking scepters into Princess Peach.

Who was the first to sneak a scepter into Princess Peach.

Sneaking a scepter into Princess Peach sounds like fun.

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18 Princess Peach gets kidnapped a lot

If that wouldn't happen then what is the Point of the game! Just walking as Mario (or luigi)

Seriously, I agree with all of you, but why is this on here twice? - GentleTrouter

I mean, try a different plot for once. When they do though, everyone hates it for some reason. - GentleTrouter

Can she get like guns or security "-

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19 The Nintendo Entertainment System

I like the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It saved gaming.

I'd criticize the GBA.

I love it, even today. - Kaboom

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20 They copy Sony and Microsoft

Actually, Sony and Microsoft copied them.

Dude! They were the original gaming company! The PlayStation came out in 1994 and the Original Xbox came out in 2001. This just shows that you are trying to find as many things as possible to be proven right.

Sony and Microsoft copy everything Nintendo does. Megatron is a troll looking for excuses.

Nitendo's great. terria is just uter garbage its just a stupid 2D ripoff zelda.

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21 Nintendo and their fans can't take any criticism at all

Make a video about anything wrong about anything Nintendo related, 95% chance that nintendo themselves are going to strike it - B1ueNew

They can't take criticism at all they seem to think that all you say against them is bull

That's because they don't deserve criticism. Most Sony and Microsoft fanatics blame Nintendo for their "childish" games, and their utterly wrong. They don't give an official reason as to why Sony and Microsoft are better then Nintendo besides saying things like, "Nintendo is childish", or, "No violence", or, "terrible graphics". Us Nintendo fans on the other hand, actually give good reasons as to why Nintendo is better then Sony and Microsoft. If you want the full reasons, look up on TheTopTens, "Top Ten Reasons Why Nintendo Is Better Then Sony And Microsoft". - Luigibuscus

Like everyone crying and screaming on this list

Yup, gotta love the irony on how it is okay to belittle PS and Xbox players, but pointing the flaws on Nintendo is a no-no.

i have been a fan of this company with their games variety, now it's a other story..

they make way too much handleds versions, the physical and digital games was on the same prize, lack of other franchises, ideas..
region lock..

i won't be convinced about the 3ds sales, from where I lived, I saw no one being interested about it, no like the Ds or Dsi.

many fans will deny their attitude, yet they do deserves critizes, and how Nintendo dislike youtubers, because of their copyrights.

the 3ds family is horrendeous, I could buy a 3dsxl, too bad, it's "too old" and everything would be removed..

i loved the GC, I had so many games that the 3ds lacks.

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22 Immaturity

Nintendo isn't too childish, but the bossy, infantile & pugnacious Princess Peach is! Super Princess Peach: Overly rude a game.

Don't you know what the E is for? Its for everyone, not just for todders! - cartoonfan64

Said the 12-year old.

These nintendo fans are immature - B1ueNew

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23 AM2R Copyright Strike

I hate the fact that our fans have passion for our games! The nerve of these people!

The problem isn't just that they took the game down.

It's also how good the game is; luckily, however, there are still many ways to download this game online. Seriously, if you're a Metroid fan, you owe it to yourself to experience this amazing remake.

(However, I'm not gonna lie; Super Metroid Z-Factor and Hyper Metroid were both way better to be perfectly honest) - xandermartin98

24 They attempt to take down video gaming emulator websites

THEY CAN'T COMPETE with some one giving away 30 year old abandon ware! It proves that nintendo is a derelict company that can't compete at all.. 6 months which is half a year to determine the future, and half a decade 5 years to determine the past. if you have problems with competing with games that are more than 20 years obsolete, then you need to quit the industry. Hey, here is an idea! Let us gamers take a generation off from buying Nintendo games. Something tells me that they wouldn't fair too well, but they deserve it for being a bunch nintend-jerks.. Most of us have more than one brand of system anyway, in fact I have yet to buy a switch and I don't feel the need to either! in fact, I am more likely to never buy another nintendo product again after they attack so many emulation sites.. "If you can't compete with the obsolete, then never again shall my money and your hands ever meet..." "You can't compete with the old games of the old folks? sorry bloke, you going might as well ...more

Well at least this feels like a good reason to hate Nintendo unlike the others on this list. When you aren't selling the console or game anymore than people should damn well be able to get it online.

25 Sometimes Controls Are Reversed

Just turn them over and play with them upside down.

I like the controls.

Yeah, just turn them over


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26 Wii

Some radio station had a contest called hold your Wee to get a Wii, and a lady held it until she died.

Stop talking about the women that died from that radio contest. You just blame Nintendo for a contest that station was fully responsible. It's like somebody shoots your friend and instead of blaming the killer, you blame the company that made the gun.

The only reasons to hate the wii is that it's underpowered and no game updates. And that's it everything else is good.

The Wii is way better then GayStation and Sexbox. - Luigibuscus

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27 Mother 3

Can someone please, kill megatron. - TristGamer

Megatron, Mother 3 was a great game with a highly developed story. Are you literally mental? I know Nintendo has made some mistakes but Mother 3 was not a mistake

Megatron, are you on drugs or something?

Play a game with good graphics. Call of Duty has great realistic graphics. Grand Theft Auto does as well. TLOZ and Mario Galaxy are very colorful. Earthbound is just bland.

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28 Earthbound

... Wow. Megatron is an idiot. He's probably never played an Earthbound game in his life ever. He probably just saw somebody talking about it and assumed: That game looks stupid. Also, how can you give EB64 a 7/10? IT DIDN'T EVEN COME OUT! Mother 3 is the best games ever by the way, I don't care what you say. It was emotional without being stupidly dramatic, it had very good gameplay, balanced difficulty, memorable characters, and it was hilarious... it's not even that 'kiddy' of a game as you complain. It's dark, people die and Porky's evil for the fun of it. He just makes monsters out of machines and living things, forcing you to kill things that were once good and have no choice but to attack under brainwashing. It's a lot darker than you think.

Mother (aka Earthbound Zero) gets a 7/10 (Good to Great) score.

Earthbound (aka Mother 2) gets a 7.5/10 (Good to Great) score.

The cancelled Earthbound 64 gets a 7.0 (Okay to Good) score.

Super Smash Bros. (the original) gets a 35/10 (Platinum) score.

Super Smash Bros. Melee gets a 6.5 (Okay to Good) score.

Mother 3 gets a 7.5/10 (Good) score.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl gets a 10/10 (Masterpiece) score.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS gets a 9.5/10 (Amazing to Masterpiece) score.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U gets a 10/10 (Masterpiece) score.

The main character of mother is more famous in smash then in mother

LMFAO! Why do you hate MOTHER so much? I'm 99% sure you just can't use Ness's recovery in Smash Bros. The graphics looked beautiful for the 90s, the dialogue is quirky, and gives you a reason to talk to everyone, the story was amazing, and it inspired the second best selling video game franchise of all time, Pokemon.

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29 Princess Peach Princess Peach Princess Peach is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. She is the lead female of the The Mario franchise. She is usually the character who needs saved in most Mario Games, but also has appeared as a playable character in the Main-Series Mario Games, including Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario more.

Princess Peach sucks (in general)! She is also reviewed favourably by critics! It's not fair! Princess Peach is cruel & actually gets kidnapped in order to betray people.

And Princess Peach is the most cowardly Nintendo character ever!

She is completely useless and does nothing at all! She hates everything!

Daisy is obviously the best.

I love princess peach you should protect nintendo

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30 They still haven't ported Undertale onto the Wii U or 3DS

Why is this a reason, This is toby Fox's game. They need to do a huge amount of copyright work before even thinking about this... Plus It wouldn't work

Good, Undertale is a horrible game! And besides, neither consoles support Game Maker! - toptenzen

Toby Fox's problem, not Nintendo. - PaperMarioFan

Fake, it’s going on the Switch.

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31 Horribly neglecting many of their game franchises

They neglected many of their franchises and give most the tokens to Mario.

F-Zero...Where are you?

32 Wii U

Better than the Wii

I like Wii U.

The Wii U had great games like Yoshi's Woolly World witch were also ported to the 3DS. The only thing that sucked was the gamepad.

33 Expensive

No worse than Sony and Microsoft people. Right now, Destiny is hovering around 60-70 dollars in Canada.

Nintendo games are pretty expensive comparing to others

Maybe because you spent all of your money on Call of Duty so you don't have enough money to buy the good stuff.

Nintendo Switch is the same price as the PS4 slim - Kid_ethinederland

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34 Nintendo Won't Allow Workers to Unionize

Solidarity! We support workers rights.

Thugs brutally put down an attempt to Strike.

We sure need to talk to Nintendo about Princess Peach being more major than Princess Daisy & her mother, Rosalina which is a very bad thing. She isn't important. In fact, she's spoiled! Peach shouldn't have t be the lost princess every single time!

What the HEK Is that

35 Birdo Birdo Birdo is a dinosaur that is well known for her (or his) confused Gender. It was originally stated that Birdo was a male who believed he was a female, but this was changed in later games. Birdo is commonly referred to as a girl, however, they are in a relationship with Yoshi. Birdo first appeared in more.

These reasons don't even make sense... Its like bad bait, except this kid is to stupid to realise and use it

She is the best character in the game. Nintendo clarified that she is a female and wants u to forgot what they said about her before. She is the one character everyone wants in smash and in Mario kart as well her own original game

Bird Oh lolololol


36 The Miiverse Admins

Your comment, "This is one of the things I hate about Nintendo." has been flagged by an admin.

*I did not do anything!

*I understand

One of the few accurate things on this list. - TheYoshiOverlord

This is one of the things I hate about Nintendo.

This needs to be number 1.

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37 Daisy isn't in Smash

She is in smash for the switch

Because SHEE sucks DUGH

I thought you didn't like Nintendo. I thought it was childish. idiot. - Sunflowerswag

38 Worst Fanbase

Same can be said about Call of Duty - Sunflowerswag

Says the guy who is a Call of Duty fanboy

Letting a fanbase alter your view on something is weak.

I agree with this reason - pugiscool

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39 Their arrogance with their innovations

Look where too much focus on innovation got you (aimed at Nintendo)! You had the decency to be able to compete with Sony and Microsoft until you were done with the Gamecube, which I will be brutally honest, was quite good. Now you're like "Innovation is everything! " uh no! The priority of a gaming console is to have a good library of games not switch up with innovation all the time! And now that you spent too much money on innovation for the Nintendo Switch, you didn't even have the budget to delay the launch until it was fixed! Sure, the Wii sold amazingly, but that was only because it was during the age of casual first-time gamers. Now that era has ended, you kept trying to innovate but failed hard with the Wii U. But I guess that didn't teach you anything, did it? Look at Sony and Microsoft. They are okay with the same format as before, because they know what has to be done to succeed, amazing game library and present-day graphics. Nintendo, you, on the other hand keep pretending ...more - SelfDestruct

"didn't have the budget to delay the launch until it was fixed"

The current millisecond right now would like to have a word with you, sir. - TheYoshiPyro64

Nintendo has always claimed themselves to be the industry as they innovated instead of improving and started rejecting third party developers. Granted no game company is without any arrogance but Nintendo takes it to extremes, all for the sake of innovating. - SelfDestruct

Yeah too much sarcasm in games ruins it too

I really like Nintendo, but they should realize that games is what makes consoles successful, not stupid gimmicks. This is why little to none 3rd parties support you after Sony wiped the floor on you with the PlayStation. The Nintendo 64 had cartridges, the GameCube looked like a lunchbox, the Wii was dumb luck, and the Wii U was a abomination. Let's see how the Switch goes.

40 Cheaply Made

Call Of duty is cheaply made.

My Nintendo 3DS XL broke.

@dude with bad spelling
Can you use better spelling? Please?

My DS almost broke in half when Itookitout of the box. Duct tape fixed itnicely. - Kaboom

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41 Repetition

It is like groundhog day all over again.

It's like groundhog's day all over again!

Like Groundhog's Day all over again!

Say the guy who plays every call of duty

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42 Fire Emblem

A bad attempt at an apology to everyone of the older demographic than kids who Nintendo insulted through kid-friendly games. And so, teenagers or other older people always repel themselves from Fire Emblem and go to other games with similar style and the same ESRB rating. - SelfDestruct

I want to take this comment seriously, but it's just impossible! - TheYoshiPyro64

Excuse me Mr. CLockIn, are you aware of the fact that Fire Emblem has actually been around since the 80s?

I like Fire Emblem.

I Hate Fire Emblem

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43 Nintendo Said No to Archie Comics

Jeez I wonder why. - Chaotixhero

Then go check out the page called "Nintendo said no to Archie comics! " and Shigeru Miyamoto will tell you why.

Not that anyone would care but my Birthday is the same day as Shigeru's. thanks internet

So? It's their choice!

But they said yes to CoroCoro!

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44 Starfy

Lol this game is pathetic got my vote. - SkullKid


The only good thing on this list.

45 Princess Peach's Voice

Worst voice in gaming ever!

I like Princess Peach's voice.

The only true reason.

ZO what

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46 Disrespecting Their Fans

i'm dying - PaperMarioFan

They will not listen to people that see no actual difference in genders. Name me one othe rreaosn why Nintendo is not as great as it used to be in the 20th Century AD.

No Waluigi in Smash, Destroying fan games like Pixelmon, Pokémon Uranium, AM2R, Pokémon BrickBronze, Probably some more Pokémon... Also they take down fan youtube videos! WHY? NINTENDO I LOVE YOU BUT STOP

47 Their most loyal fans are hypocrites

So they blame other game companies for putting in microtransactions in their games but at the same time, defend Nintendo's copyright strikes on free fan-made games for the necessity of money. Remember, microtransactions are optional and their games are beatable without them, so it's only there for business purposes. However, Nintendo's takedown of fan-made games is a stab in the back to the fans who made them, basically meaning the only way to play as Nintendo's characters is to buy their games. And remember, almost no other game company did those takedowns of free fan-made games dedicated to them. - SelfDestruct

So are their biggest haters. - thunderstar1124

SelfDestruct Is Right, Nintendo Fans Are Overrated - VideoGamefan5

48 They steal fans' ideas

Lol and you also say that they don't listen to the fans, nice try Call of Duty fan

49 Pictures On the Box Are Bad

Why isn't there Princess Daisy is Super Smash Bros. & any Mario RPG game?!

I like the pictures.

Box art for Nintendo games is really cool!

If you are Call of Duty fan, look at Buck Buumble. - shawnmccaul22

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50 Sell Bad Games for Big Money

Stop making sure Princess Peach appears more than other female characters like Rosalina & Samus!

And that is stealing! - SelfDestruct

I feel as though I might be eating some popcorn right now, just seeing the lack of seriousness in this comment... - TheYoshiPyro64

Nintendo games are awesome! They're worth every single penny!


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