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61 They steal fans' ideas
62 The Nintendo Entertainment System

I like the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It saved gaming.

I'd criticize the GBA.

I love it, even today. - Kaboom

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63 Aluminum Wiring Instead of Titanium

This could be an electric shock hazard.

I like aluminum wiring.

ZO what

64 Sell Bad Games for Big Money

Stop making sure Princess Peach appears more than other female characters like Rosalina & Samus!

Nintendo games are awesome! They're worth every single penny!

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65 Ugly Screen Colors

My Nintendo Wii lost color for some reason. We can't figure out why. Thanks Obama!

I like the colors.

What is alizarean crimson anyway?


66 Unsafe Working Conditions In Factory V 3 Comments
67 StarFox V 3 Comments
68 Veronica V 1 Comment
69 Jughead V 1 Comment
70 Betty

Betty is bossy, short-tempered, whiny, fussy, strict & annoying, but not as much as Princess Peach! Also, screw her for being more famous than Mario (or maybe Mario is more famous).

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71 Reggie

He will beat your ass.

His body is ready to kick your butt.

He feels like a purple Pikmin

My body is ready.

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72 Hates mature games

What Have you never heard of Bayonetta 2

I don't really think Nintendo hates mature games. Maybe they are still hesitating.

Nintendo = happiness. Microsoft and Sony = child going wild and going to prison.

*looks at TLoZ* OH REALLY?

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73 No Nintendo Archie Comics yet

Nintendo could say yeas to Archie Comics later. Besides, this reason must be top 1.

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74 Princess Peach instead of Princess Daisy & Rosalina

Nintendo could say yeas to Archie Comics later. Besides, this reason must be top 1.

75 What they do to their creations

Nintendo could say yeas to Archie Comics later. Besides, this reason must be top 1.

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76 Mario & Sonic V 2 Comments
77 Princess Daisy & Rosalina Don't Appear In Many Games

Daisy has arguably the worst fanbase of all Mario characters. And Rosalina is everywhere, Smash Bros, Galaxy 1 and 2, 3D World, Mario Kart Wii, 7, 8, she's a main character now.

Because they SUK SO MUKH

You know why? Because they suck donkey dick

78 Nintendo Still Is Not Working With Archie Comics

OK what is it with you and Archie Comics... You might be a bit obsessed

Archie Comics has been mentioned about 10 times.

ZO what

79 Modern Mario Kart Games

Ok I can see Mario party but Mario kart 8 was amazing


80 Mario Sports In the 3rd Millennium V 2 Comments
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