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81 They focused way too much on cramming the biggest games possible onto the 3DS rather than actually making anything new and original V 1 Comment
82 They Abuse Waluigi

Actually, Waluigi has a lot of fans.

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83 Smash Bros fanbase V 1 Comment
84 Competitive Players V 1 Comment
85 Treating the Metroid series like absolute garbage V 1 Comment
86 Horribly neglecting many of their game franchises
87 The Creepy Australian NES Commercial.

Seriously just look it up. It's enough to give you the creeps.

88 Many great game franchises reject porting their games on Nintendo consoles nowadays

The developers and/or publishers learned their lessons after so many years of porting some of their games on Nintendo consoles, so the games of such great franchises (e.g., Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, etc.) are no longer ported in Nintendo consoles, making Nintendo lose much more money. Besides, all the focus is on M-rated games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto nowadays so not many people even bother with games like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Kirby, etc. Just saying. - SelfDestruct

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89 The fanboys who talk crap about M - Rated games

And there are almost everywhere. - SelfDestruct

90 Wii U Wii U
91 Most of their games lack Voice Chat

Voice chat is the bane of my existence

92 They insult everyone who is teenager or older through their kid-friendly games

No wonder Classic Nintendo is so underrated in favor of the current state of Nintendo! If only Mario Kart games had story (and this is coming from a Mario Kart liker). - The Ultimate Daredevil

93 The Nintendo Entertainment System

I like the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I'd criticize the GBA.

The NES is the only reason the video game industry still exists.

I love it, even today. - Kaboom

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94 Useless Wii U games

Wii U games really sucks in present times. Back in Mario Bros you this game is a great Wii U game a long with Nintendo Land. Games started to suck and useless. The old Wii is awesome and nostalgia

For the example
Mario Kart 8 - Missing characters and items.
Mario v Donkey Kong TS - Exactly the same game
Super Luigi you - super harder version of NSMBU

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95 Rosalina's Appearances

She's so overrated! Peach is so better than Rosalina! Rosalina is a copycat of Peach!

Honestly I hate Rosalina. I don't like hot people. My problem about Rosalina is now she appears in EVERY SINGLE Mario GAME AFTER 3D WORLD WITHOUT LOSING HER STREAK? Stop putting Rosalina in everthing

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96 Old Nintendo Games come back

What is MY point about the old games. Why, there perfect before and why would Nintendo forces me to look back into the old games. What's the problem

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