Top 10 Reasons to Hate Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

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1 Princess Peach, Her Voice, Her Horrible Nature, Her Cowardice & What She Let Happen to Her

I don't care that she wasn't voiced by Leslie Swan! I didn't play th game to listen to Princess Peach's voice! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Her voice is better in Super Paper Mario.

Princess Peach is not at all awesome.

Ah. This list was made by the worst visitor on the website. That's why the list sucks. - DCfnaf

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2 The Game is Too Overrated

This is the best game of all time. I can't understand why anyone would hate it. It is original, emotional, fun, engaging, and absolutely amazing. If it was the highest rated game of all time, it would still be deserved. I understand people have personal tastes, but how anyone could say this is a bad game is astounding. It is perfect beyond comprehension (aside from a little backtracking now and then).

Overrated but still good. Please respect my opinion.

It can't be. Around 91% of people like this game, so therefore, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is overrated.

I think 89% of people like the OG Paper Mario, 84% of people like the underrated Super Paper Mario & 57% of people like Sticker Star.

Idiots like you can't realize that overrated =/= bad! - DCfnaf

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3 The Graphics

This entire list triggers me so hard.

Not the worst thing about TTYD, but still good. They look too colonial and unfinished, though.

Of course this was the gamecube. What were you expecting a fully fledged gaming pc?

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4 The Plot, Characters, Music & Storyline

Ok...everyone will have different opinions, but these 4 things to me are the BEST parts of this game! Also, these four aspects were just thrown together, and there's no reason to make them all one reason to hate this game. This game is so much more thought-out and original than most other Mario games, so if you hate this, then you will have a hard time finding one that's much better (and yes, I KNOW people will say Super Paper Mario at least on this list, but I love that game too so I don't need it to be forced upon me). A lot of people like The Thousand Year Door, and if you don't then that's fine, but at least try to understand why so many people do: mostly for these four aspects.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is much better than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door!

Those four things are what make the game good you idiots! - DCfnaf

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5 The Places & Names Overall
6 People Compare it to Super Paper Mario Then Say It's Much Better

This should be top 1! Seriously, this game sucks & will never be any better than Super Paper Mario.

How about "I like Super Paper Mario better than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door" instead of "Super Paper Mario is better than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door"?

Personally I like The Thousand Year Door better but I respect your opinions and you should respect my opinion too and not thumbs-down my comments.

No they don't! All I see is you people shoving Super Paper Mario down our throats! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I disagree, I think they are equally great games, just complain about sticker star, no story and it's watered down, sticker star is the disapointment.

The lamest reaso People hate it is because they are fans of Super Paper Mario. - DCfnaf

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7 The Chapters

The OG Paper Mario has much better chapters than TTYD! That game was a disgrace which ruined everything from the original.

8 Yellow-Haired Female Characters

Thousand year Door is my favorite, but when I saw this, I just had to vote for it

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9 Princess Daisy Not Being In This Game

What the hell is up with everyone who wants Daisy in the Paper Mario series? I see it in every list about "Why Paper Mario sucks". The only main series game she's ever been in is Super Mario Land.

Daisy Sucks So Much I Gave Rosalina Credit For Being better, DAISY SUCKS! - VideoGamefan5

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10 The Game Is On a Generation Era of (Gaming) Console

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11 Frustrating Gameplay

Seriously? It's JUST like the original! We are not forcing you guys to like this game we are just saying why WE like this game! It seems as though you guys are forcing us to like Super Paper Mario! Well I love Super Paper Mario but Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is my favorite Paper Mario game! Does that SERIOUSLY impact your life in anyway? - HeavyDonkeyKong

12 Princess Peach's Voice

Worst voice in gaming, ever!

Bowser has a much better voice than this.


13 It Is the Highest Rated Paper Mario Game

How does this make it a bad game? Others liking or disliking a game should have absolutely NO EFFECT on your enjoyment of the game. If you hate it, fine, and if you love it, fine, just do so for an actual reason and give it a chance!

Super Paper Mario rocks! I like TTYD, but Super Paper Mario is a groundbreaker & much more creative.

Now you guys are actually LYING! The original is the highest rated! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Super Paper Mario is the best Paper Mario game for the reasons I spam.
Paper Mario is my second favorite.
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door comes in the middle.
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam comes in fourth.
Paper Mario: Sticker Star - James Rolfe: This game... IS CRAP!

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14 The Game Is Unoriginal

WHAT? The first three Paper Mario games are practically the most original Mario games out there, along with the other Mario RPGs (not Sticker Star, since it was very basic despite not being terrible like most people say). The music, gameplay, and especially bosses and locations are at least as original as the other Paper Mario games, if not more. So have personal preferences all you want, just don't say the game isn't original when that isn't even really an opinion statement ad isn't true.

Most unoriginal Paper Mario game by far, even more unoriginal than Sticker Star

And the first one where you save peach from Bowser, but you seem to like that

This Game Isn't More Unoriginal Than Sticker Star!

15 It Was Released in the Sixth Generation Era of Gaming

What the hell does this even have to do with the game being good/bad? Practically all the best games came out in this generation.

16 The Game Is With Low Definition
17 The Title

The title seems fine to me. It relates to the plot and is important, since the Thousand-Year Door is the center of everything related to the Crystal Stars and it being opened causes the world to almost end. To me, it's a cool title, and it is the only Paper Mario game with an interesting title other than just generic Mario stuff (except for Sticker Star, but that title isn't that great to me at least).

"Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door"?! Always use a full sentence, Nintendo!

Super Paper Mario isn't a full sentence either. Neither is legend of the seven stars. - HeavyDonkeyKong

There isn't even an 1,000 year old door

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18 The Setting
19 It Never Make Sense

Yeah! That Could Be True Or You Would Just Be Too Stupid To Understand It.

How so? It made sense to me. If anything, Super Paper Mario had a more complex and weird story, but I got it too and absolutely loved it also. As for the gameplay, TTYD made a lot of sense and had very fun but simple mechanics.

Why do you care if a Mario game makes sense?

You know what? If Peach had been voiced by leslie Swan, you would be sining the praises for this game! I just know it! - HeavyDonkeyKong

20 It's For The GameCube

So this game is bad just because it's for GameCube?

Best console to be honest

The Wii is the best because it plays gamecube games. Gamecube is second. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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