Top 10 Reasons to Hate Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

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41 This Game Doesn't Make Sense

It is confusing, but fun.

This game has no reason to exist. I mean, the whole game sucks!

It's not confusing! The game has a great plot that made perfect sense to me, and the game mechanics weren't confusing either. If anything, SPM had a MORE confusing story, although that had arguably an even better story than TTYD so I'm not complaining and I love SPM too. People who wrote and vote on this list, give this game a chance and if you don't like it, at least appreciate why others like me love it so much and why it's NOT OBJECTIVELY a bad game, even if you don't personally enjoy it.

42 This Game Is On the Gamecube
43 Ugly Characters

Who's Ugly? Tell Me Who?

44 Princess Peach's Dress

She Always Has The Same Dress. Get Over It! That's Like Saying The Game Is Bad Because Bowser Never Wears Any Clothes.

45 Useless Partners
46 Ms. Mowz Rips Off Mouser

Is she Mouser's younger sister or wife?

How can Nintendo rip off itself? Exactly, I mean? - HeavyDonkeyKong

47 The Shadow Queen

Sounds like a ripoff of Shadow the Hedgehog's name. She even makes me lose.

Why do you hate the shadow queen? Because she was hard to beat? That was the point! - HeavyDonkeyKong

48 Princess Peach Is In the Game V 2 Comments
49 Super Bowser Bros. Is Only 3 Stages

That's True They Should've Made More Stages.

50 Weak Humor
51 Most of the Segments Suck
52 It's Not for the N64 V 1 Comment
53 Puni
54 Koopie Koo
55 This Game Is Awful

Your Opinions About The Game Doesn't Count As A Reason?

56 The Game Is Long

And this is bad how?

This is an rpg what did you expect?

57 It's Paper Mario 2

That doesn't even make sense. It's bad just because it's Paper Mario 2? Oh and stop saying this game is bad, you guys just don't like it. I personally think it's the best Paper Mario game, and I am allowed to like it.

This game is average in my opinion & not as good as the OG Paper Mario & Super Paper Mario.

Ok, this is getting cringey.

58 The Game Is a Waste of Money
59 Weird Designs On Some Characters

Super had weirder character designs, and you think it's the "best" Paper Mario.

60 No Unique Feel
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