Reasons to Hate Paw Patrol

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1 They talk and fly and drive

Yea well guess what paw patrol I have hated this show ever since besides Chase and Skye Date each other That is way too inappropriate for kids and Skye Is just a rusher she flies in a helicopter she tries to get done If she flew over my yard I would shoot her down

It makes no sense. Dogs can't drive, talk, fly, or dive with a submarine.

So what? The toys in Toy story do that too!

Your profile picture should be a paw patrol logo with a red X on it. - EpicJake

2 The sayings like 'chase is on the case"

If you hate paw patrol then keep it for yourself!

MY GOD, The constant catchphrases.

One of the most annoying parts of this show - EpicJake

Oh lord, I LOATHE Chase!

3 Their faces

I prefer Dora over this. At least it teaches kids something useful.

Skye looks like a drowned rat that was punched in the mouth.

Honestly though, cheap looking that looks like it was put together in 5 minutes just to sell toys.

At least it's not Dora's ugly face.

I know. They're ugly.

4 The theme song

Whoever is posting this stuff is mean! My brother and me love it! Stop posting this stuff!

I would drop a home on this show

It's so annoying!

There theme song is so retarded

5 Saving the day on a small little island!
6 Lack of Feminism

The male puppies Chase and Marshall are chosen for almost every mission, whereas Skye is barely ever on screen (and when she is, she's cuddling up to a boy or dancing like a cheerleader for a boy...) Skye is half the size of the others, she's pink, and most missions could be solved after five minutes of Skye working in her helicopter. Oh yeah, and there's an episode in which the other pups all get jetpacks, making Skye useless for anything but "sexual tension" between her and chase (who is the dog who looks most like a white man. Saying anything, Nick jr? )
Everest is barely ever seen, she doesn't live with the other pups, and wasn't originally intended to join the law patrol - or exist - at all. Oh, and her skill is seasonal.

Skye and Everest are the only female pups. Skye is too girly and wears pink. She only has a pair of wing and a jetpack in her pup pack. And a helicopter. Everest never is seen without her tobogan, which is annoying. Only one side of her pup pack works. Even Tracker has two working sides! And he's male! Why do all the boys get cool stuff? Someone needs to speak up for Skye and Everest.

7 Offensive to cat lovers

A racist to the abused catasterfie kittens

Cats Are so Adorable
They have a HEART
too SRLY

I love cats (aka bumps)

8 The toys

The Chicaletta plushie was gone before I had enough money to buy it!
- TheDuttyGyal

The toys are good quality, but they don't make any toys of Captain Turbot or Katie which is really annoying. Instead they make toys of the pups and random minor characters like that orange cat (not even Cali, just a random cat).

9 They're not funny

They try to be funny, but they AIN'T :/

They're not meant to be funny

10 People call it like it's the greatest Nick Jr. Show

Of course. This is the greatest show

It's not

It the worst yes 1-3 year olds say yes But I Who is 12 Says Nyet(No in Russian)
You see paw patrol has 162,740 Subs on YouTube LOLOLOLOL
There are more you tubers who have more than that like Stampylongnose
Who has 9 Million Subs has more
You see the difference would be 8837530 So all You Three Year olds The Numbers DO NOT LIE and they Spell Disater for your paw patrol

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? Ryder Does Not Go To School
? It's Taking Over Nick Jr.

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11 Skyler is a brat
12 First, there is no flying sky-high pup and no digging pup
13 Rip off of Road Rovers

PAW Patrol and Road Rovers are both dog heroes and save the day.
Road Rovers is from the 1990's, and PAW Patrol is from the 2010's.

This is more like an unoriginal Road Rovers rip off starring Justin Bieber.

Road Rovers: six hero dogs, Paw Patrol: six hero dogs = I thinks Paw Patrol is familiar to Road Rovers

14 Promotes animal abuse
15 Alex is a baby

He is so whining he acts like a two year old

16 Rip off of 101 Dalmatians
17 The show is overrated
18 Rip off of Adventure Time

I don't think so oh and by the way puppy dog pals is a rip off of paw patrol

You just said you are a jerk? Huh. I actually hate adventure time but at least it's better than paw patrol...

Dude, are you kidding me? Adventure time is creepy, for jerks like me. PAW patrol is cool. Admit it. Jared

19 Too many fans

If you don't like it,Please watch some else.Note:Don't watch crap

20 Makes no sense

Saw a episode that the pups save a satellite by bouncing it back to space with a giant trampoline. Thanks for ruining my life, paw patrol

21 It's so annoying

Their voices are annoying

22 Rubble’s logo is shown on the screen before he’s even a member of the Paw Patrol

I noticed that too, LOL! How did they not see thaat?

Watch the episode “Pups Get A Rubble” for more info.

23 Insane Consumerism

Of course. Because they literally won't stop making toys. It's a complete cashgrab.

24 They hate cats

I know. Also the show offends cats.

25 They say 'pups' waaaaaaay to much

It is really starting to get annoying

I know, just friggen say puppies!

26 Ryder needs a haircut

His hair looks like Justin Bieber's Hair

Nope. His hair looks cool, just like Captain America. Jared

27 Ryder's hair looks like Justin Bieber's hair

Um, I didn't know that was offensive. Wait, did Justin Beaver post that? Its okay for him to do his hair like that, I do mine like Chris Evans. Jared

28 Rip off of TMNT
29 Made people worse and stupid

In episode "Pups saves Circus", thinks they force is positive things and few groups are worthless. They can yells for help like crazy people, due cat in tree needs help.

30 Unoriginal or copied elements
31 Drives parents crazy with all the Paw Patrol junk that fills the house

My daughter Maisy thinks it an essential to have all the paw patrol toys and clothes. She even eats the "paw patrol" ham which we once saw in a shop.

32 The color of their collars don’t exactly match their signature colors

The pups (except from Skye) wears collars that don’t exactly match the color they wearing (Note: this is just personally bothering me a little) here is how it should have been

Marshall can wear Tracker's collar
Chase can wear Zuma's collar
Rubble can wear Marshall's collar
Zuma can wear Rocky's collar

I'm sorry, but Skye is the only pup wearing a collar that does match her signature color just a reminder this is just personally bothering me a little

33 The animation
34 Ryder's parents are never seen nor mentioned

Ryder is a 10 year old boy living with no parents. That's way too young to live on your own.

35 It’s not educational at all
36 Mayor Goodway is a terrible mayor
37 It replaced Dora The Explorer
38 Mayor Humdinger is a Lame Villain
39 It only exists to sell toys
40 It's boring
41 All the Characters are Stereotypes and Cliches
42 It's sexist
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