Reasons to Hate Paw Patrol

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1 They talk and fly and drive

It makes no sense. Dogs can't drive, talk, fly, or dive with a submarine.

So what? The toys in Toy story do that too!

Your profile picture should be a paw patrol logo with a red X on it. - EpicJake

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2 The sayings like 'chase is on the case"

One of the most annoying parts of this show - EpicJake

MY GOD, The constant catchphrases.

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3 Their faces

At least it's not Dora's ugly face.

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4 Saving the day on a small little island!
5 The theme song

There theme song is so retarded

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6 The toys

The toys are good quality, but they don't make any toys of Captain Turbot or Katie which is really annoying. Instead they make toys of the pups and random minor characters like that orange cat (not even Cali, just a random cat).

7 They're not funny

They try to be funny, but they AIN'T :/

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8 Offensive to cat lovers

I love cats (aka bumps)

9 First, there is no flying sky-high pup and no digging pup
10 Lack of Feminism

Skye and Everest are the only female pups. Skye is too girly and wears pink. She only has a pair of wing and a jetpack in her pup pack. And a helicopter. Everest never is seen without her tobogan, which is annoying. Only one side of her pup pack works. Even Tracker has two working sides! And he's male! Why do all the boys get cool stuff? Someone needs to speak up for Skye and Everest.

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11 Rip off of Road Rovers

This is more like an unoriginal Road Rovers rip off starring Justin Bieber.

Road Rovers: six hero dogs, Paw Patrol: six hero dogs = I thinks Paw Patrol is familiar to Road Rovers

12 Alex is a baby

He is so whining he acts like a two year old

13 People call it like it's the greatest Nick Jr. Show
14 Skyler is a brat
15 They say 'pups' waaaaaaay to much

It is really starting to get annoying

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16 Ryder needs a haircut

His hair looks like Justin Bieber's Hair

Nope. His hair looks cool, just like Captain America. Jared

17 Ryder's hair looks like Justin Bieber's hair

Um, I didn't know that was offensive. Wait, did Justin Beaver post that? Its okay for him to do his hair like that, I do mine like Chris Evans. Jared

18 Rip off of 101 Dalmatians
19 Rip off of TMNT
20 The show is overrated
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