Top 10 Reasons to Hate PewDiePie


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1 His Fans

His fans can't take opinions. - EpicJake

Hello I am PewDiePie and I am gay

PewDiePie Fans = Cancers

I like Pewdiepie but his fans... Don't even get me starded on them - venomouskillingmachine

2 He's Overrated

OVERRATED AS HELL -KyokoKuchisakeSuccibi

The most overrated YouTuber of all time

3 His Screaming

His screaming are making him annoying - lovingicecreams

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4 His Swearing

Most swearing person in the YouTube.

This guy swears even more than Tourette's Guy

5 He's Immature
6 He Calls His Fans "Bros"

Brofist more like finger yourself

7 He's Not Funny
8 He's Annoying
9 He Makes Rape Jokes

Rape jokes are funny. - Puga

He stopped making rape jokes a few years ago.

10 He Often Skips in His Videos

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11 His Harlem Shake Video

Yes, cringe

He looked terrible in it.Poor Marzia...

12 Uploads hate videos by kids and swears at them
13 His Thumbnails
14 People treat him like God
15 The Fact That He's the Most Subscribed Person on Youtube

That's just humanity sinking down.

16 He lied about deleting his youtube channel just to get more subs
17 His Video Titles

His video titles are disgusting and annoying - lovingicecreams

18 His Fanbase
19 His Videos
20 He Only Does YouTube for Money
21 He's Self Centered
22 He's Mean
23 He's Ugly
24 He's Stupid
25 He's a Liar
26 He Thinks He's Funny but He's Not
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