Reasons to Hate PlayStation and Xbox Games

I don't hate all of them. I just hated most of the like Halo, Call of Duty, The Laste of Us, Destiny, and GTA. I only like Minecraft and Mortal Kombat.

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1 They Have Terrible Gameplay

This list is stupid.

Nintendrone alert - Not_A_Weeaboo

God of war, Uncharted, Infamous, The last of us, Gears of war, and Halo are much better than Mario or Zelda.

Play Nintendo games for once, how does walking and shooting give you a smile on your face (except headshots) then playing smash bros with friends, or adventuring, if their is one thing Nintendo do right is they know how to make real games not walking simulators.

2 They're Hard to Control

Only the Xbox games. Playstation is so easy to use.

So, you're saying the controllers are more complicated? They are a challenge to master, and that's what makes them fun!

WRONG! - VideoGamefan5

Am I the only one that hates fps one Xbox/ps because joysticks legit suck compared to a mouse?

3 They're Boring

I played Animal Crossing New Leaf more than all my Playstation and Xbox games combined.

I think you are very young, PS4 and Xbox One do not have games that are for children, the Nintendo is the children's console as it has Mario, Pokémon, Super Smash Bro's and all of these games have one thing in common, they are all rated G and most of them are for smaller children.

As a gamer in the most common age group of gamers 21-40, I like games that are typically rated MA15+ or R18+(Please note that I am an Australian and thus use the classification system of Australia). So I do see some of your points for example: to me Call of Duty and Destiny are boring games, because they are bland first person shooters(but my views on why they are boring are a little something called preference).

So I'm going to say your preference is Nintendo because as a child of 10 or 12, that is the system that is aimed at you. Also your comments aren't very informative as to why you don't like it. If you make a list about something remember the why. (if you are going to make comments). - DJSchollen

I can agree with this. Games that are more mature don't tend to be "fun" to play. They feel more like experiences and focus more on storytelling. Games marketed to everyone are much more fun because they have engaging and enjoyable gameplay and amazing storylines. Take The Legend of Zelda for example.

Well this is incredibly subjective.

4 Lack of Music

Have you even listened to other soundtracks? Try Kingdom Hearts or Halo or Ratchet and Clank...the list goes on.

So Who Cares? , You Want Music? , Play Just Dance - VideoGamefan5

Ac Brotherhood has the best soundtrack. - Therandom

5 Most Games on Those Consoles Have Terrible Graphics

LOL! This is so false. Everyone knows it has taken Nintendo forever to transition to HD graphics. Xbox and PlayStation have always had superior graphics.

No, they have better than Nintendo, research. - Deathstrokeisaboss

How Incorrect, - VideoGamefan5

This one makes the most sense to me, since I'm a console gamer! I've played on both PC and console platforms, and console graphics are always beneath PC graphics. Comparably, console graphics suck!

6 Awful Fanbase

Says the guy who worships luigi. - Therandom

We all know the Call of Duty fanbase right? - AGK

Xboxes are cool, but the fanbase… no. Just… no.

7 They Ruined Gaming

I am not aloud to play Play Station or X Box but I may be aloud to soon - RevolNiartRuasonid

8 You Have to Download the Game Even If You Have a Disc

No big deal, get something with memory storage and you're fine.
Besides, Linnea, Ezio can just go kill Luigi in three seconds. - Skullkid755

9 You Can’t Cross Play on Fortnite

Like actually what

10 Disappointing Games

I like how the maker of this list couldn't even come up with ten points and has to basically repeat himself. Not to mention he's totally uninformed and probably hasn't played any PlayStation/Xbox games.

The Only Disappointing Playstation And Xbox Games Are Duke Nukem Forever And Sonic 06 - VideoGamefan5


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11 Too Many Hackers
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