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1 The fan base

The fan base for this show and all the other animes are just horrid stupid people. They always curse at you and tell you to kill yourself if you don't like it or if you think American cartoons are better.

Going to post my opinion on this and as a fan its offensive and I make a big deal out of this and no one has helped since I told no one about it but saying its boring makes me feel bad who got hurt so not sure if I get banned but it is offensive and still people are voting that the fans have no lives and I don't agree so if your bashing this into other's faces than all I can say is get a life or keep it to yourself and whoever made this list should be ashamed - Masterofal

Thai isn't an important message but can this list be removed in any way it is the most offensive list to all pokemon fans and provides stupid reasons to hate a franchise and saying the fans have no life on internet is plain rude so if anyone is here please comment below

The fan base is a bunch of specky under-age children that have no life other than pokemon which on its own is boring

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2 Boring

Since it's repetitive and it never bothers to change the storyline people who have a good taste in television know that this show got old in 1998 and it shouldn't still be on.

It's the same thing all the time-just throw the ball and a stupid Asian cat hops out. For 15 years

I do like anime but I think Pokemon is boring.

Pokemon is the most what show

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3 It's overrated

Anime nuts always say Pokemon is an amazing show when it is really just a awful show with a bland plot and characters

I hate how everyone is obsessed with Pokemon, it's terrible.

I can agree, on this.

With not enough ideas, like maps to generate your own content, (such as custom gyms, where you get to create your own trainers, as opponents, that borrow and use pokemon YOU caught) I feel that the series is beginning to lack imagination; I'm worried that the upcomming game for the "Nintendo Switch" may end up a big disappointment, as well.

I also hate free stuff because it's overrated! Sorry? just because something gets too much attention that doesn't mean you should hate it. This is one of the dumbest reason I've come across

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4 It's stupid

Ash is also stupid like at the first ever episode of pokemon... He is stupid

Jessie and James are stupid people they don't changed they just pretending to be nice and charade in this universe

These opinions suck there is no solid reasoning and it kinda sounds racist towards Asians this list is just a dumb reason to convince people to hate a good franchise

Thank you you wonderful human. my eyes are opened

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5 It sparked the creation of more animes

Another anime hate-list. And one thing, Pokemon didn't spark the creation of more anime. Anime has been being made from 1970s, and I don't see why a Kids anime show would spark the creation for more anime. And second thing, why would creation of more anime be considered as something bad? That's dumb. - Kiteretsunu

I have a life and I also have the right to make list of hating something just as much as someone has the right to like something. - YakkoWakkoDot

It's a bad thing because we now have more anime fans who mostly consist of complete retards. Pokemon may have not been the first anime but it was the one that popularized it. Pokemon started the anime fad and that's what I meant by that.

Big facts

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6 Awful voice-acting

The voice "acting" is horrendous for this show. Everything is badly dubbed and the voice "actors" put no emotion into anything they say, like most animes.

Ash's new voice gets on my nerves. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This a good reason to hate pokemon not by hating the fans

Who keeps adding this stupid item? The voice acting in TPCI’s dub isn’t even bad. Get lost, 4Kids fanboys!

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7 The fans have no lives

Most Pokemon fans dress up in Pokemon costumes and lip sync the Pokemon theme song. The Pokemon fans see it and cheer him or her on and then saying that this is the greatest thing on YouTube. They also get mad when people dislike those videos or when people dislike Pokemon in general.

True that... I was honestly obsessed with it for a couple months when I was like 7 and I once saw how many 20 and 30 year olds actually still liked this crap. It's fine when your young but you have to mature at some age.

How about u think of the game instead of a stupid anime

Yeah all the TPCI Haters and 4Kids fanboys have no lives. - TGBBOD

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8 Ash doesn't age

In 1998, Ash Ketchum was 10. In 2015, Ash is still 10.

How does his age, although annoying, have anything to do with an ENTIRE SERIES ALONE?! - 906389

There is sinister theory that ash doesn't age because he is in a coma. He thinks he is still ten and the whole adventure might just be his coma. - Ahleaxt

I'll be honest, the show and real life, time does not work the same way, but ash should be at least be 18 years old right now, considering the time that was rounded up. - USGC

This isn't valid anymore, because Ash is now 11

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9 Genwunners

Stuck in the wrong age

You don't have the nostalgia to remember how BIG Pokemon used to be. Ravenfang if you leave the fandom, it's better for the fandom to die its outdated.

GEN FOUR BOYZ! - Loosername

One of the few reasons why I don't want to be in the fandom anymore.

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10 Fosters stupidity of human race

Why would the pocket monsters talk and why would they yell out their name. Charecters are shallow and one-dimensional ( I understand it's a cartoon), the games are good collection games but they are based on the cartoon so the story remains shallow. So we all agreed to go down to the lowest denominator instead of trying to raise people up, to me that fosters human stupidity.

1997 is the year when kids just got really stupid. Pokemon just came out then and for some reason most kids loved it. It made the kids who watched it brain dead with the bland animation and the stupid plot with the unoriginal design and names for the little monsters.

Um, I think you are the rebelious kind of person who will never watch /read / play the series no matter what I say. I guess you would have loved it if you had went with the flow.

No the point of the game AND the show is just constant fighting. Like what the hell do you make Pokemon fight for? Stupid.

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11 It killed hand-drawn animation

After the focus of animation was being focused on animes, American cartoons had animation provided by flash or CGI.

Animation is an art, Pokemon isn't. QUOTE

Actually, that's the princess and the frog. - Skullkid755

12 Every game is the same

The formula hasn't been changed in a significant way in 30 years. And no, that does not mean they got it flawlessly on their first try you idiotic fanboys. It means their fanbase has made them immune to change.

At the below comment, the new Sun and Moon games are completely different from the games preceding them

Have you ever heard of sun and moon - RCrow

Lol tell that to sun and moon - Blueberrycheerios

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13 It's just plain dumb

True it's just wasting your time

That is because in the Pokemon world, every body depends on Pokemon. It is just their way of life so leave em be. And by the way not all Pokemon say their names. Ever heard the team rocket Meoth, Togepi etc etc.

First of all Pokemon only say there names.Its gets tired of hearing pika pika pika! Secondly it doesn't make sense:Mom:Ok honey have fun with that living flamethrower that could kill you bye!

Yeah... Th names of some pokemon are not well thaught of like green ninja... I mean, it doesn't fit in w/ frokey nor froggadear...

14 It's story line sucks

The only thing the hero does is fight gym leaders, elite four, and villainous teams; basically, just fight differently designed and named trainers. WIth no variation whatsoever. They shake it up once in a blue moon with black and white, but are too lazy to build on it and go back to the same old gym leader plot.

Jessie suck as a performer she was just a faker performer I wish the audience will say Boo on her and she will be devastated whore

15 Because it copied Magic: The Gathering

Pokemon is a completely different thing than Magic

They are both very different franchises - RCrow

I absolutely agree. I don't understand people who compare this show with digimon either.

Are you talking about Pokemon card game? I don't think it copied MTG. That's like saying Yu-Gi-Oh! copied UNO

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16 People have their Pokemon fight for them

Hello Peta supporter

Look, just give the kid a katana, teach them how to use it, and give them a Pokemon, and they will be fine. Chaz from fantasy star iv was able to kill Dark Force (A badazz version of Dark Matter) even thougb he was only a few years older than the Pokemon protaganist! And don't give me no crap like "he had Elydsion", or "He was being helped by a cat-girl, a wizard, a robot, and someone else", because that's what in talking about! I don't expect an 11 year old to go balls to the wall against Arceus, but I AM saying to get powerful Pokemon to help!

But what about the wild encounters? If this ten-year-old kid didn't have a Pokémon to protect them, they'd be dead.

17 Never ends

Other anime ends but Pokemon keeps on going on and on. It's so ANNOYING. It's probably because it needs to get more fans.

It's probably one of the longest shows to exist so far and will go longer. I mean its 20 years old and nothing changes, and it's always becoming more retarded the longer it goes.

I second these!

Honestly I Never Liked The New Seasons Of Pokemon! Honestly It Goes ON AND ON AND UGH SO ANNOYING
It's So Boring!

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18 It makes yo-kai watch look bad

This is the first time I've heard that someone actually thinks yo kai watch is being ripped off by pokemon. Honestly the most retarded thing I've heard all year. Yo kai watch is clearly trying to go up against one of the best rpg games and its best rpg games for 20 years (and counting) so if any thin is ripping something off then its yo kai watch ripping off pokemon

Yo-kai watch is a big competetor of pokemon but does not hate them so it is a one way streak also pokemon cares to much about fans

Only good reason here - Hydreaisevol

People REALLY need to stop thinking Pokemon is an actually original concept.

Shin Megami Tensei is a monster-collecting RPG video game that existed FOUR YEARS before the first Pokemon games.

So Pokemon is a Shin Megami Tensei ripoff.

Yo-Kai Watch borrows WAY more concepts from Shin Megami Tensei than it does from Pokemon anyways.

Meanwhile a huge list of things from Pokemon Sun and Moon can very easily be argued as being ripped off from Yo-Kai Watch from Totem Pokemon to the Rotom Dex. - DrWario

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19 It's a Minecraft mod now

Not everybody did. I am 100% sure on that. And let me get this straight. You hate Pokemon because Minecraft made it more popular?!? Oh ya, just for the sake of it, why not we mention the People who Eat Tasty Animals also? (PETA)

Some jackass though it would be a good idea to make a Pokemon mod in Minecraft. They did and now it's even more popular. It also doesn't help it that Minecraft YouTubers always reference it because it was there childhood. Please, Pinky And The Brain was out during that time too yet you choose to reference a piece of overrated garbage

What? So this is a good reason to hate something fans did?

You can use it to kill Pokemon

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20 Ash never wins a league.

Because then the show would end because then ash's journey will end.

He wins the league in orange islands

Yeah, wonder why. - PokemonGOSucks

Is this a bad thing? so he's not the best out of 8 billion people. take into consideration the real difficulty winning theleague in the anime is - boltslegend

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21 Gives kids the wrong idea

If they see that their favorite character is going on a big journey, won't it just encourage them to run away?

Every hater sucks

It's plain dumb

Haters/PETA: MERGERD AMINAL ABOOSE THE KILL ECH ODER! (even thought fainting and dying are very different)

Reality: main characters friend: POKEMON ARE FRIENDS WITH HUMANS!

And this is how you know haters have never played a game. - Blueberrycheerios

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22 Animal abuse

They aren't animals but if they were for example Lilipup would be a dog and wouldn't forcing it to fight be cruel? And just stuffing it in a ball if it loses is cruel too! Also why don't the idiotic ugly Pokemon have genders? They should be able to tell! And if they represented animals their would be a real nurse about to give them shots and their collars and their tags. But no all they do is sit there until the monsters are dead then they throw them away and get new ones.

I love pokemon but this is a pretty good reason. Look, pokemon get burned by huge flames ( example: Flamethrower by other pokemon), get poisoned (poison sting),get crushed by rocks (rock throw) and earthquakes, frozen (ice beam) and so on. - Ahleaxt

THAT...THAT'S WHY I PREFER TAMAGOTCHI(Without counting it to be repetitive). - Loosername

oh shut up - boltslegend

23 Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go is an extremely overrated game! I don't know why many people likes to play this game! I don't know why my comments here are not showing! Tsk! I'm not a Pokemon fan... I only like it until Generation 2 or 3... Mega Evolutions sucks!

Because misha sing it

I love Pokemon Go! That’s the only thing I love about the Pokemon franchise! - Animefan14

Pokémon Go!...wait a second Pokémon is back? I mean its becoming a thing again popular...Shame the anime didn't return to Sky One.

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24 It has a dark side to it

It forces animals to fight, stuffs them in a ball, feeds them ONE nasty berry a day then claims himself has a Pokemon trainer. That's animal abuse.

Jessie & James and meowth they have a dark side there not friendly I don't care they changed way can ash just leave them along to die and be a friend's there enemies and you know it

What the hell do ya mean ba drugs?

Sure everything has a dark side to it. Only with pokedex entries though. Animal abuse is not a part of it. I bet u have never played the games or watched because
1) Ash n co. have saved their Pokemon risking their lives and have also saved many other countless Pokemon which they never see again. Yeah, sure, totally animal abuse.

2) Obviously you don't have any idea on the number Pokemon which need happiness and affection to evolve. And Pokemon LIKE to fight, they're not animals! (It says so in the official website I am not making things up) yeah,sure forced fighting. And I have no idea what youmean by steroids.

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25 Unlikable characters

The characters are nice and venipede is awesome whoever made this site sucks - TENTACRUEL

It wouldn’t be so popular if the characters were unlikable - RCrow

26 Toxapex is cancer

Toxapex is not this

27 Makes kids absorbed

Kids are so absorbed that more important stuff like getting an education isn't even important anymore.

So? Its probably because of bad parenting.

Everything does - boltslegend

28 Same characters and weird actions

Why Ash the sucker always appear? This time you add more suckers, for example, Sorena, Clemont and Bonnie. three words to tell, you all suck! - horerfett

29 Games Suck

You could spend hours learning the game and then you just get crited for no reason and They just win

Has no dept at all. Pick 6 of the 30? broken pokes in meta. Use the 1/2 viable sets in each of then with no variarion. Keep breeding 99999 eggs until IVs get 6x31 (Bcs of that IVs are a fail, cause all people will have that). Now going to the single player geez, since the gen 1 no challenge at all. Simple as hell compared to real rpgs like Dragon Quest/FF. Compare any postgame fight like the Red vs Baal on any Disgaea. No comparison.

30 It has no character development

Quantity doesn't mean quality...and quality is what pokemon lacks off. - Loosername

Ashes father isn't even seen EVER. Also there are too many people in the games, books, movies, T.V. shows, etc. and don't even get me started on the numbers of Pokémon there are ( it's more than 9000 ( anime reference there anyone ) ).

31 Legendary pokémon encourage transsexualism
32 Inspired Smosh

Wow they inspired one of the best and most popular youtubers how evil - RCrow

As we all know, Smosh singing the Pokemon theme song is what got them popularity because people are just stupid. They aren't funny and it just started another bunch of idiots on YouTube who were trying to hard to be funny and just made disgusting, stupid jokes.

Depends on the currency.

Very good reason(sarcasm)

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33 Every year they use the same old formula

Might as well call it the madden NFL of Nintendo/Gamefreak, yokai watch is much better and much more daring to portray a more realistic perspective of friendship and they even dare to touch deep themes like death and the afterlife while pokemon doesn't go out of the comfort zone.

See why some people prefer gen 1 and 2. Nothing changes. Except the ugly Pokemon's get uglier and uglier in every gen.

Sun and moon has new formula😱

The story line ended years ago I don't know but its eneded for a while now, ash is the champion but what now? Someone trying to take his place? that's DUMB, make something like a Pokemon apocolypse where there is, I don't know a Pokemon god trying to destroy the world? and you need to fight it WITH POKEMON! that's what happened in Naruto and its still better than that!

34 Everyone is a loser

James is a crybaby & jessie was just a troubled loser and phoney in the world and meowth he was just a has been and Annoying and nobody likes ( boo ) why can they just hang themselfs and nobody will miss

I notice how the villans tendto have more power than the villans. More speciically, Arceus is a loser. Other than conquests, how many times did it get its behind beat. No seriously. Its pathetic. look at the jewl of life, the Soul Silver Arc of the manga. How about super mystery dungeon. It can't even protect the universe it created.

35 Everyone is dishonorable

No, they wouldn't die, if they had swords or some other kid-friendly weapons to defend themselves. Honors more important than the luxury of not having to fight, and if they did die, then tough. Kids need to stay in their place and let the grown ups deal with crazies trying to unleash primordial forces of nature. If the player character in black & white 2 got frozen with glaciate, he'd only have himself to blame for being a weak, pathetic sack of pi$$, and you could bet your a$$ I wouldn't give a single.

No, everyone is a kid who would die without the protection. Would you really wish that on an innocent child?

I KNOW RIGHT?! it's a stupid kids' game.


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36 Confusing

Alright first: Why can't they have genders? Pets have genders so Pokemon why can't they have genders? And why can't they tell what gender they are?! Second: They abuse them! Let's say Pokemon was real animals in real life and Lilipup was fighting and lost. Well you can't force animals to fight! And stuffing them in a small ball is cruelty to animals too! Third: WHERES THE VETS? Nurse joy has a dirty secret. She waits until the "Pokemon" die and when they do she throws them away and gets new ones. Why? 0.0 Also, why can't the Pokemon get shots, tags and collars? Stuffing them in a ball isn't going to let them exercise! And if they didn't stuff them in (like a good person would) they'd be BEGGING for collars tags and shots! If they just ran around say something but then and they have no vaccines! Fourth: Why aren't there real animals? Imagine a world without animals. Hm, it'll be like a hell broke lose. We NEED animals! Pokemon are useless unless you like seeing dumb fake animals ...more

Your first point is irrelevant - Pokemon do have genders.
As for abuse, yeah, it's a little harsh that we have to poison/paralyze and beat down to one HP that Pokemon who, seconds after you catch it, is suddenly friends with you. And with your Pokemon you have, yeah, Gamefreak tries to make it feel like they like battling, but let's be real, this is supposed to be a game where you raise and develop a bond with your Pokemon - and only a few games allow us to do stuff other than battle with them, and even then it's slightly ridiculous - okay, I guess putting them in competitions is relatively normal, but that only supports the point that ALL YOU'RE DOING IS COMPETING WITH THEM! Seriously, what are they, trained circus animals with superpowers? I'm not dissing the game here, mind you, but I kinda agree with you there - Pokemon even contradicts itself in terms of messages sent to the players.
I do disagree with your nurse joy thing, though - canonically, Pokemon don't die from ...more

Stuffing them into real balls? What? *face palms*

Are you people blind? They Pokemon are sucked into the ball s, not stuffed... Okay. Think I have said it.

They do have genders stupid

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37 The cards are cash grabs
38 People care way too much about it.

Honestly people keep rare cards and stuff but are worth a FORTUNE but they won't sell it.

So? Who the hell cares?

39 Over-defensive fanboys

The fandom doesn't make the game - Hydreaisevol

How can anyone turn into a rabbid chimp trying when defending such a lame cartoon?

40 Copy of YuGiOh!

Pokemon is trash anyways.

Are you serious? A copy of Yu-gi-oh? Who the heck added this item? This is the biggest lie ever! lmao - TGBBOD

Pokémon came out in 1995 YuGiOh came out in 1996 therefore Pokémon can’t be a rip off of it - RCrow

41 Strange and unnecessary things being added into Pokemon to make it "better"

"I have an idea! We are going to needlessly expand the way Pokemon evolve until they look so overwhelming that they are OP and the fanbase makes sexualized anthropomorphic art of them and probably use them as their OC as well! Or maybe, we can add something were Pokemon can fuse together and Pokemon fusions can fuse together so then we get a new sick legendary OP Pokemon like uh... I don't know- 'Mewcarperzalvykachobbagglyviperquazaruszorashiram EX EX EX EX EX! '"

42 Toxic fans

It sucks!

What about do the games suck, is there nothing to do, etc. You can’t just put and not provide a reason for hating it - RCrow

44 Kanto

The original pokémon are really ugly and stupid in concept, take as example Dragonite or Charizard, they're like dumb stuffed animals, and everyone likes them because they were the first eva

45 Ash Greninja is Not with Ash in Sun and Moon Anime
46 It's so unbalanced
47 Pokemon Amie

Seriously, this was even necessary? People only used it just for meme images about rubbing parts and 1 minute after playing it the first time it made you sleep. It is just a dumb copy of tamagotchi, but at the same time a clever move knowing that the franchise died little bit before it (Why u did dat to me Mametchi ;-;)... but even like dat, it is still dumb, it gets more use on Pokemon Sun and Moon but seriously, you have to be ill to use it constantly, because the effects are almost useless, and useless on online and Battle Tree that are the main things to do on post-game. - Loosername

48 People become way too attached

This show is just flat out annoying and is just doing the same things over again. I know many people who have become sucked into this vortex and are unable to come out and will never be the same ever. they leave everything else behind

49 The way irrelevant wild pokemon jump out at you every five seconds

I know the whole point of the game is "to catch them all" but seriously? You can't stand still without a zubat popping up in a cave (don't even mention the caves) or having about 50 bug pokemon poisoning your own pokemon as you desparately prevent it from fainting. They seem to pop up the most often at times when you don't even want to train your pokemon. I know there's repels and stuff but the fact that you constantly have to buy them is even more irritating, especially until you've spent your last penny, forcing you to spiral down a pit of self pity and despair

50 The PokeStar Movie Studio is Very Distasteful!

Pokemon Black and White 2 had ruined my game tastes due to GameSage's ideas of making an Pokemon Game into a Movie Studio.

That one Pokemon B&W 2 Game is to be disqualified and banned after GameSage is to be fired by Nintendo for Misleading The Pokemon Fans all over the world with Pokemon Black and White Version 2.
It's Disturbing, Unbelievable and It's Very Distasteful! They shouldn't have created it!

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