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21 Gives kids the wrong idea

If they see that their favorite character is going on a big journey, won't it just encourage them to run away?

Every hater sucks

It's plain dumb

22 Everyone is a loser

James is a crybaby & jessie was just a troubled loser and phoney in the world and meowth he was just a has been and Annoying and nobody likes ( boo ) why can they just hang themselfs and nobody will miss

I notice how the villans tendto have more power than the villans. More speciically, Arceus is a loser. Other than conquests, how many times did it get its behind beat. No seriously. Its pathetic. look at the jewl of life, the Soul Silver Arc of the manga. How about super mystery dungeon. It can't even protect the universe it created.

23 Animal abuse

They aren't animals but if they were for example Lilipup would be a dog and wouldn't forcing it to fight be cruel? And just stuffing it in a ball if it loses is cruel too! Also why don't the idiotic ugly Pokemon have genders? They should be able to tell! And if they represented animals their would be a real nurse about to give them shots and their collars and their tags. But no all they do is sit there until the monsters are dead then they throw them away and get new ones.

I love pokemon but this is a pretty good reason. Look, pokemon get burned by huge flames ( example: Flamethrower by other pokemon), get poisoned (poison sting),get crushed by rocks (rock throw) and earthquakes, frozen (ice beam) and so on. - Ahleaxt

24 It makes yo-kai watch look bad

Yo-kai watch is a big competetor of pokemon but does not hate them so it is a one way streak also pokemon cares to much about fans

Plus, Pokemon fans are retarded if they think Yo-Kai Watch is a rip-off of Pokemon. Ironically, Pokemon is the one ripping Yo-Kai Watch because 1) One of the new characters from Sun and Moon is a blatant knockoff of Otohime from Yokai Watch 3 and 2) The new Pokemon Anime is ripping off Yokai Watch's plot.

They are made by the same company, so nobody is ripping off anyone. - shawnmccaul22

25 Same characters and weird actions

Why Ash the sucker always appear? This time you add more suckers, for example, Sorena, Clemont and Bonnie. three words to tell, you all suck! - horerfett

26 Everyone is dishonorable

No, they wouldn't die, if they had swords or some other kid-friendly weapons to defend themselves. Honors more important than the luxury of not having to fight, and if they did die, then tough. Kids need to stay in their place and let the grown ups deal with crazies trying to unleash primordial forces of nature. If the player character in black & white 2 got frozen with glaciate, he'd only have himself to blame for being a weak, pathetic sack of pi$$, and you could bet your a$$ I wouldn't give a single.

No, everyone is a kid who would die without the protection. Would you really wish that on an innocent child?

I KNOW RIGHT?! it's a stupid kids' game.

You see christians whine, "wahh! pokemon is demonic! wahh! " Uh, no. it is dishonerable! Seriously, who has others fight the battle they should fight. I gain no satisfaction from the series for that very reason. It is pathetic! You see Castevania: curse of darkness? Shin Megami Tenshi? For crying out loud, they do it right! I would play the series if red and other protaganists could fight themselves! Now, I am going to play Dark Souls: a mans game.

27 Confusing

Alright first: Why can't they have genders? Pets have genders so Pokemon why can't they have genders? And why can't they tell what gender they are?! Second: They abuse them! Let's say Pokemon was real animals in real life and Lilipup was fighting and lost. Well you can't force animals to fight! And stuffing them in a small ball is cruelty to animals too! Third: WHERES THE VETS? Nurse joy has a dirty secret. She waits until the "Pokemon" die and when they do she throws them away and gets new ones. Why? 0.0 Also, why can't the Pokemon get shots, tags and collars? Stuffing them in a ball isn't going to let them exercise! And if they didn't stuff them in (like a good person would) they'd be BEGGING for collars tags and shots! If they just ran around say something but then and they have no vaccines! Fourth: Why aren't there real animals? Imagine a world without animals. Hm, it'll be like a hell broke lose. We NEED animals! Pokemon are useless unless you like seeing dumb fake animals ...more

Stuffing them into real balls? What? *face palms*

Are you people blind? They Pokemon are sucked into the ball s, not stuffed... Okay. Think I have said it.

I'm sorry it's to complex for your small brain to handle :')

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28 Makes kids absorbed

Kids are so absorbed that more important stuff like getting an education isn't even important anymore.

So? Its probably because of bad parenting.

29 Every year they use the same old formula

Might as well call it the madden NFL of Nintendo/Gamefreak, yokai watch is much better and much more daring to portray a more realistic perspective of friendship and they even dare to touch deep themes like death and the afterlife while pokemon doesn't go out of the comfort zone.

Sun and moon has new formulašŸ˜±

The story line ended years ago I don't know but its eneded for a while now, ash is the champion but what now? Someone trying to take his place? that's DUMB, make something like a Pokemon apocolypse where there is, I don't know a Pokemon god trying to destroy the world? and you need to fight it WITH POKEMON! that's what happened in Naruto and its still better than that!

30 The cards are cash grabs
32 Ash never wins a league.

Yeah, wonder why. - PokemonGOSucks

33 Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go!

It's PokƩmon GO without the redundant exclamation mark. PokƩmon itself isn't bad, just this. - PokemonGOSucks

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