Top 10 Reasons to Hate The Powerpuff Girls

This list contains the main reasons for why The Powderpuff Girls sucks so much.

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1 Overused story

This list should be top 10 reasons to hate the powerpuff girls reboot. - Dvafan2

The reboot does this a lot - Dvafan2

How is the story overused? The show is about fighting crime and they are not going to do something that is way out of the show's plot. There are bad endings too in the show, like Bunny's death. And some where even the girls lose the battle. So no, not all episodes are the same. There is even an episode that does not involve the girls at all, is that overused?

Unfortunately it isn't an original concept. Cute things beat up tougher looking opponents. Sorry to burst your fan bubble but it's a been there done that concept that didn't age well

2 Unlikable main characters

This applies to the reboot heavily - Dvafan2

Well, they did show a spoiler for next's gonna show that two of the girls are in an ersatz homosexual relationship with one another. Wasn't revealed to public yet. The relationship is between Buttercup and Blossom. I was a beta tester who was sworn to secrecy like the two others. I had my fingers crossed, so I can tell you. As a two-thirds majority vote resulted, it will air on August 4th, on 2017. They'll try to deny it, so TRUST NO ONE!

I hate anything that has to do with these little freaks of nature. They look like failed genetic experiments.

I never cared for any of the characters.

3 Repetitive villains

The reboot is very stale when it comes to villains - Dvafan2

The villains are so lame and overused.

Not all of the villians are repetitive, Mask Scara, Femme Fatale, and Professor D. are not overused. And there are many more that are not overused.

When I saw The Powerpuff Girls Rule, I wanted the villains to die and be forgotten the same way Sheila Broflovski died and became forgotten and the same way The Mamas and the Papas died and became forgotten. I wanted Mojo Jojo to fall off a roof like Gaston did and die and be forgotten the same way Drakken died and became forgotten and the same way Boris Badenov died and became forgotten. I wanted HIM to fall into a river of souls like Hades did and die and be forgotten the same way Fearless Leader died and became forgotten. I wanted Sedusa to turn into dust like Mother Gothel did and die and be forgotten the same way Shego died and became forgotten and the same way Natasha Fatale died and became forgotten. I wanted Princess 👸 Morbucks to die and be forgotten the same way Darla Dimple died and became forgotten and the same way John Phillips died and became forgotten. I wanted the Amoeba Boys to die and be forgotten the same way Denny Doherty died and became forgotten. I wanted ...more

4 Too much violence

This is why I don't let my kids watch the PowerPuff Girls. I don't know about you but the violence in this show is really intense. Like hard to watch intense. I wouldn't let my kids watch something like this.

The show is pretty violent, there is a few blood and some scenes are the girls chopping off the body parts of monsters, but that is only a few times, but come, there are tons of shows way more violent. Mirai Nikki, Elfen Lied, and Family Guy are way more violent.

How can this show be approved and liked? Them girls keep beating brains, blood and eyes.

Punching is "too much violence"? Really -.-

5 Highly annoying pitched voices

It's true in the reboot. The original is perfect. But the reboot they ruined it - Dvafan2

The voice actors really actually do a great job voicing the characters, and some of the characters do not even have high pitched voices. Buttercup, Mojo Jojo, and Ace do not have high pitched voices.

That is not how little children sound like.
Poor voice acting.

The voices are awesome- AnimeDrawer85

6 Powerpuff Boys?

There are still a lot of boys being force to go through painful rites of passages to become strong men and other stuff like being forced into the military and the professor just treats the girls like treasure spoils them and coddles this part really hurts me from the inside.

Really? Just because the main characters are girls and their counterparts are boys? There are male characters in the show that are innocent and not evil.

As a dude, this show is offensive. Where are the

Offensive to guys I agree

7 The 2016 reboot

The reboot sucks - Dvafan2

That is true, the reboot sucks.

This is the only item I agree with on the list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 The narrator is annoying

The narrator is part of what makes the show entertaining. He tries to make his viewpoint of the show and he sometimes breaks the fourth wall, which is cool.

He constantly states the obvious and sucks at jokes.

9 It's very overrated

The show can sometimes be a little overrated I admit, but it is actually not that overrated. Overrated does not mean bad, but that it gets a lot of attention. This show honestly deserves to be overrated.

Yeah. It is really overrated and that's sad.

Oh, definitely! How true!

10 There are the same ending and beginning lines

But that is what keeps the show in order, plus it easier to tell when the show will start and end with that.

Yeah...I've never seen it, so I wouldn't know. But it's no reason to be sad. The quality of the show in all is pathetic.
And if you disagree, and you make me sad how dumb you are.

The Contenders

11 Bland art-style

Yes In the reboot it is bland. - Dvafan2

Yeah I agree. The art style is pretty lame and uninspired.

The art is amazing and unique, it is not bland and boring. There are shows with more bland art, Clarence is one of them.

They're so ugly and dumb that "Hello Kitty" got her name changed just so she could say "goodbye."

12 It's screwed up

It sure is. And that's why it's too cartoonish for my liking. Therefore, I'm not as interested in it as I used to be. In fact, I think that the whole franchise should be cancelled for good and permanently taken off every channel that it's on.

Powerpuff girls have high emotional complexities, opportunism intolerances, and low self-esteem at high levels.

A Very Special Blossom, All Chalked Up, Three Girls And A Monster, Octi Evil, Not So Awesome Blossom, Brought and Scold, Town and Out are really disturbing episodes too.

The episodes are rather interesting than disturbing, but at some points, it cam get disturbing, but there are plenty of good, but disturbing shows too.

13 Sexism

If this show was, then it would display messages on why girls are better than boys and all the girls would be innocent and all the guys are evil. There is nothing wrong with girls being the main characters.

Just watch the episode the rowdyruff boys you'll see.

If it was, then all men and boys bad guys. There are female villians too like Princess Morbucks.

14 No fingers

That makes them different, there are people in the real world who don't have fingers because they lost them. So at least PPG can be an inspiration for those people and show that there is nothing wrong with that.

But that is what makes them unique as well. Not all people have to have every single body part of the normal human body system to be good.

How do they pick up things?

I'll give my honest opinion (it's not like they're gonna give me the finger! ) They SUCK!

15 They are ugly

I agree because some little kids can get nightmares from watching this

The eyes are creepy

16 There are no special moments

Yes that applies in the reboot. The reboot gets boring after a while. - Dvafan2

No special moments? There is plenty of those, Twas the Fight Before Christmas, and more in other episodes.

Yes there is, Twas the Fight Before Christmas.

17 The pop culture references
18 Blossom is stupid

She is the only one with a brain to be honest (of the three girls)

19 The fans are awful
20 Bug eyes

Really? I would rather have them like this than to make bland and boring candy eyed girls.

That's rude, I like their eyes, its cute.

Them girls have terrible bug eyes.

21 Huge heads, teeny weeny bodies

They have heads the size of Bowling Balls. How is their spine still intact?

What do you expect, they were made in a lab. They aren't actual human beings.

There are plenty of those characters in cartoons. Stewie, Arnold, and many more. So this is not a strange thing in cartoons.

22 Rip off of super man

Superman-Man+3 little bug eyed girls+=Power Poop Girls

I like ppg, but it does kinda rip off super man, they should use more original powers.

Ppg is a little like Super Man and is based off of it, but the PPG have more powers though and the personalities are different.

23 Buttercup acts more like a boy

Buttercup acts like a boy because she thinks she is cool.

24 They look like huge flies

What happens when you leave your sandwich in the drawer too long? Now we know!

25 They steal ideas from other shows like Star Wars

How is PPG a ripoff Star Wars? Are they even alike?

26 Townsville is like "towns town" if you translate it to French
27 Their names doesn't make sense

The same is with other other cartoons, so this item is irrelevant.

28 It's full of innuendo
29 It contains twerking

Yes this moment is awful
. The reboot can burn in hell. - Dvafan2

Kids should never see cartoons twerking. very inappropriate

30 Very cringy

That's the reboot. Escepcally the twerking part eh, - Dvafan2

31 Bubbles is a crybaby brat

Bubbles sucks!

32 Teen Titans Go crossover

One terrible show + one terrible show = 15 minutes of cringe and hate

33 They use dead memes

Yes I can't wait for them to reference FNAF and fortnite. Which both are dead. - Dvafan2

Like no me gusta for example

34 Bubbles is annoying
35 Because they all of a sudden added Bliss

Yes she is out of place. There were only 3 powerpuff girls not 4 - Dvafan2

It’s not the same anymore

36 The Mayor of Townsville is annoying
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