Top 10 Reasons to Hate Princess Anna

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61 She's a b****
62 She's an uncontrollable beast
63 She's a woman child

She's nineteen now, not a kid anymore.

64 She's a rip-off

Both Anna and G(a)linda immediately fall in love with a guy who turns out not to love them back, and have to eventually grow up in their own ways.

65 She's not hot

She's a less hot so called princess.

66 She's an embarrassment to Arendelle
67 She's weird
68 She's ridiculous
69 She's pathetic
70 She's a dough head
71 She's brainless
72 She deserves to live with the loneliness, isolation and be cooped up inside of the kingdom of Arendelle
73 She screwed up Elsa's life V 1 Comment
74 She's insistent and persistent

Man, nobody nor nobody else deserves to suffer putting up with her insistence.

75 She deserves to get shut out by Elsa anyway
76 She deserves to lose her big sister best friend forever anyway
77 It should've been her who deserves to live with the guilt, not Elsa
78 She's pretty boisterous, overbearing, and innocently insensitive.

Nobody nor nobody else dares to push Elsa like that, especially not that insufferable puke-face.

79 She's not cute
80 Elsa is cuter than her
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