Top 10 Reasons to Hate Princess Anna

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121 She's cantankerous
122 She talks and sings gibberish non-stop
123 She's smelly
124 She's a pest to Elsa
125 She's boring
126 She's unlikable
127 She's arguable
128 She sings poorly

Hello, just because people's singing voices are always different from each other's doesn't mean that Princess Anna sings poorly, Princess Anna haters. How dare you insult Princess Anna's singing voice like that. What are you insulting Princess Anna's singing voice for? You're downright mean to Princess Anna, aren't you? Anna is voiced by Kristen Bell.

I'm defending Princess Anna from Anna haters and the insults they're throwing at Anna the same way I'm defending Queen Elsa from Elsa haters and the insults they're throwing at Elsa.

Anna is a cartoon character. That is all I'm going to say to people who are getting so upset about this list.

Anna and Elsa are both cartoon characters. I'm defending Anna and Elsa from Anna and Elsa haters' insults.

Anna sings as if someone is Pinching her Buttocks.

129 She is dangerous

Hello, Princess Anna is brave, bold, fearless and courageous to face anything dangerous but it doesn't mean she is dangerous. How is Anna dangerous? What makes you think Anna is dangerous? Anna defends her big sister Elsa by saying Elsa is not a monster after Elsa ran away from Arendelle. Anna is perfectly safe, not dangerous. You Princess Anna haters are wrong about Anna just like these or those Queen Elsa haters are wrong about Elsa. Anna and Elsa are forced to be separated by their own parents for their own good and protection after some stupid accident happened. How dare you call Anna dangerous. Anna still cares about her big sister Elsa. Anna sacrificed herself for Elsa.

Just because Anna is brave and fearless doesn't mean Anna is dangerous so you Anna haters are wrong about Princess Anna and that same goes for you too Elsa haters.

Anna overreacts like a maniac who can't control herself at all. It's such a shame. It's all the directors' fault for wanting her to be stubborn and reckless anyway.

Anna punches Dudes in the faces of the boats and they could drown. How is that not dangerous. How will she ever get a husband?

She's dangerous only when she behaves like a brat.

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130 She breaks everything

Oh, how does Anna break everything? Whatever makes you think Anna breaks everything? Could anybody tell me how does Anna break everything and what makes you think Anna breaks everything? Like what things did Anna break? I need and want answers now.

Tell me how does Anna break everything and also tell me what makes you think Anna breaks everything. Could anybody answer me now? Like what things did Princess Anna break? Answer me now.

Anna overreacts like a maniac who can never ever even control herself at all.

Anna is a idiot as she makes choices that does more harm that fixing thing.

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