Reasons to Hate Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

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1 Gasp and Cry Over Everything

They just cry over everything. If mario and luigi are hurt they'd both run away. Who could love peach and daisy? Paulina is better and she is only on 5 games I think!

"STAY BEHIND OR IN FRONT OF ME! YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE! LISTEN TO ME! " Peach would angrily whine with her hair loose. For Peach's annoying & short temper, she needs to get strangled.

Why do we get more Princess Peach than Princess Daisy anyways? Peach only debuted 4 years earlier than Daisy.
Also, Princess Peach lacks grace & didn't do well at Figure Skating.


Rosalina is the best compared towards the two won't-become-queen princesses.

Daisy is ok but Peach is annoying.

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2 Princess Peach Gets Kidnapped Frequently

I'm surprised that people actually like rescuing Princess Peach! She looks like Amy Rose!

3 Stereotypical Brats

Princess Peach and Daisy are just shameful characters that are living in Super Mario and Luigi's shadow. They impost as two perfect princesses when they are just lazy and clumsy they get into trouble and the Super Mario Bros swoop in to rescue them isn't that the basic kids climax now? - TheGamehero

They are brats with high self-centered attitudes. Rosalina and Girl Toad (whatever her name is) are better. Princess toadstool is more of a princess than this new stereotypical peach.

Princess Peach is very awful. But Princess Daisy? She's so awesome that she shall hang out with Miles "Tails" Prower & Pac-Man everywhere in Western Canada.

Why are they so clumsy for their tall heights?! & their healthy body shapes! Peach is the most compared to the two.

Rosalina is to smart for all these stupid Mario characters and shenanagins. But Peach is right up there with Donald trump.

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4 Princess Peach likes to get kidnapped

Lol not. You haters are brain damaged you really think this

No she Doesn't - ToadF1

5 "Oh, Did I Win?"

Irritating in Smash 4 and brawl - ToadF1

Ugh - ToadF1


6 Annoying Voices

This should be #1! It's Peach on super mario 3D land and daisy on mario party 8! When I touch my remote on the wrong turn for mp8, daisy screams fake words. It's annoying! Peach screams to hell with it on super mario 3d land.

Why do people use their annoying voices so much in fanfictions anyways?!

I pity Deanna Mustard, Jen Taylor, Nicole Mills & Samantha Kelly.

Rosalina sounds a lot less annoying.

Peach would've went to the principal's office several times.

I can't stand their voices! In Mario Kart Double Dash, if play as both of them, the minute you click Z, they say something super irritating, like "Hi, I'm Daisy! " and "Peach! ". Peach's voice is unbearable.

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7 Peach is Like a Douchebag
8 Peach is Pretty Overrated

It said on Wikipedia that the reviews Princess Peach received were positive. But according to Nintendo Wiki, Princess Peach received mixed reviews.

Why does Princess Peach have an angrily girlish nature anyways?

Please take her out of your franchise, Nintendo!

"Rosalina is overrated." Look at Peach - yunafreya648

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9 They Don't Rule Their Kingdom, the King Does

Daisy lets her father rule her kingdom with him. Peach doesn't & is impatient.

The king and queen rule, but peach and daisy brag about it so people think they make all the rules. They don't! Gaming isn't like this!

OK. Aren't that's Bowser's castle than how does he memorized the place. Plus terrible why do they have a fire place for what execution?

Horrible reason

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10 The Kissing

Imagine if Peach had a fierce rivalry with Daisy, Pauline or Knuckles the Echidna.

Daisy doesn't kiss properly.

She might not have the same interest in British Columbia as real people do.

Peach forces people to kiss her otherwise she'd get aggressive & pissy.

What kissing? Daisy has kissed once, but we don't know for sure because the reasoluion in the game was less that 8-bit! Mario and Luigi are fine with the kissing, and it shows how sweet Peach is

Peach is anything but sweet! More like cowardly LOSER!

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11 Princess Peach Is A Rip Of Disney Princess Aurora

What? - ToadF1

12 Peach's Attitude

Peach believe it or not doesn't reward mario anyhow except on 64 where she gives him a slice of cake! FOR ALL THAT? Toad has the middle fingers up because peach doesn't pay taxes for toads to get education.

I know, it's powerful, aggressive, bossy, short-tempered, bone-breaking, stubborn, silly & temperamental, not a kind temperament al all! Wikipedia is just hoping we think what it thinks.

You guys are mean. This is a horrible reason


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13 Babyish Looks

The Disney princesses are less babyish! Peach and daisy are copycats with childish dresses.

Boring dresses! Horrible haircuts!

I know! Facially, Peach looks like a 12 year old.

Daisy facially looks like a 7 year old.

I think this is pedophilia that in 20 year old's bodies, Nintendo made the girls (including Rosalina & Pauline) facially look like children.

Even modern Disney Princesses such as mostly criticized Cinderella

I don't really care if they look like children, but their dresses & high heels are awful.

How so? They should be allowed to wear whatever that they want to wear, right? - HeavyDonkeyKong


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14 Peach Is Lazy

On the wii you mario game she doesn't try to save her friends!

Peach has a main game and doesn't do anything! She instead thinks that using the power of emotions is better than propelling or attacking!

No wonder Peach gets kidnapped & is the weakest in Mario 2!

You mean 'daisy is lazy' because unlike daisy, at least peach takes concern for her kingdom and does events and stuff in her kingdom and not always go to another. At least she goes out to help & rescue Mario. At least while kidnapped, peach usually gets Mario information, 1ups, and/or items to help rescue her, while daisy did jack to help Mario rescue her. And all daisy does is stick in sports, kart, and party games.

Boo! Horrible Reason

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15 Nothing Daisy Says Is True

Just because someone doesn't like Daisy doesn't mean that they're so mean. Daisy brags about stuff no one has seen her do. And she rubs her name in everyone's face. Daisy is pretty, but I'd change her voice. I like Jen Taylor's voice of Daisy.

Daisy is true about some stuff, but Peach is a liar about her capabilities. Princess Peach gets pissed off when we don't know what words such as "stubborn", system" & "respective" mean. She has to be a lot smarter than everyone else, but Peach always gets an "F" at school & says stuff such as "Daddykins gets so bossy I could spit in his soup". I hate Peach. Daisy is way more honest. Daisy didn't appear in 1992 - 1999. Why the absence? Why Princess Peach with her hair down angrily playing soccer? Peach is sour & a spoiled little girl who blames her father & assistants a lot. Peach didn't bother to help out the protagonists of the modern Mario RPG games. Why, Peach?! You're mean. :(

This reason should be on the bottom.

So? - yunafreya648

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16 Princess Peach is Unbelievably Overrated

Lies she's overhated stop being paranoid. She gives you 1ups, info and items WHILE KIDNAPPED but say shes useless. Say's shes a coward but went to save Tippi no matter what, stood up to Mimi by herself and fought her by herself, went out to help Mario in 3D world, also in RPG, and went to save Mario in SPP and was going to do it till Toadsworth forced Peach to take Perry with her. And just hate her for liking a color they despise for no reason, she has blond hair so what so does Zelda and Rosalina, and her voice which doesn't mean anything cause it could change anytime and has nothing to do with her character. Her glide and healing powers I bet helped you a lot in RPG and 3D world. And besides barley anyone says anything positive about her anywhere here, YouTube, the, etc they all hate her and their reasons are lies or stupid like this list is.

Princess Peach needs to go away!

You Peach Haters are idiots. She's obviously the most hated character. Stop lying! - DCfnaf

This Bullpoop is on here TWICE!

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17 Way Too Girly

Daisy has been saying she's a tomboy when she's basically copying Peach. Rosalina studies space, likes blue, and she's powerful. Boys can relate to that. Daisy doesn't impress me at all!

Peach overuses makeup and stuff like pauline!

First of all she is the closest of Tomboy you get compared to all the princesses. Rosalina is more compared to being a copy of peach than daisy. Like seriously, Daisy has proven herself to be more tomboy. Matter in fact in her first debut to Mario Party she beaten Bowser in one punch.

"They're girls! They must act girly! "

Wow so stereotypical and sexist. I hope no girl is dumb enough to date you or be your friend. Or you're joking is that it? Haha. Funny not.

Peach is a total ditz. Super Mario Sunshine: "Oh, what is that? " "Mama? " "Mama Peach? " "You're Bowser's son? " and plenty of others.

Horrible reason. Daisy is a tomboy. - DCfnaf

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18 Daisy Is Unneeded

Daisy is some second princess. You don't need her in mario. She only appears on spinoffs. Toad is Peach's partner. Peach and toad work together and they're both cute. Daisy is annoying

Daisy was needed in Super Mario Land where you can't use Peach or Pauline anyway. - DaisyandRosalina

She's pretty mush a clone of Peach. Daisy is bratty, annoying, a sore winner, and a sore loser. She also appeared in only one Super Mario game! However Peach is sweet, well-mannered, and generous. I just think Peach is better, and Daisy is just a clone. Try all you want everyone, they will never get rid of Peach. She has appeared in enough Mario games for her to be here forever.

I agree with you for Peach. She is a VERY IMPORTANT character. But with Daisy, I don't agree. She's my favorite Princess. Peach is second - GreenViolet8236

Daisy is absolutely needed!

Daisy is Unee...WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!?!? - ToadF1

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19 We Get Princess Peach More than Princess Daisy

Such an awful cliche...

Thank goodness... I don't think I could take more of that childish poser b***h.

20 No Fighting Skills

On ssbb or ssbm they think that hacha and toad attack is good. It is not. Zelda can teleport, shoot a gun, fire, and all kinds of stuff. Peach thinks golf clubs would hurt.

On ssb4, my sister played as Peach once and her final attack did nothing but produce peaches and put everyone to sleep. Plus, it didn't cause damage nor did it knock people out of the stage. And after when I woke up, I knocked Peach out of the stage. She has no purpose to be in this game. At least Zelda and especially Rosalina can fight. - recaller

Peach is only acting like it.

Put Daisy in smash and take peach out!

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