Reasons to Hate Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

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1 Gasp and Cry Over Everything

They just cry over everything. If mario and luigi are hurt they'd both run away. Who could love peach and daisy? Paulina is better and she is only on 5 games I think!

Really? Since when has Peach ever been aggressive, and Daisy outside of sports? - NeoPolitan

This reason is more Princess Peach than Daisy. - Videogamesgal

"STAY BEHIND OR IN FRONT OF ME! YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE! LISTEN TO ME! " Peach would angrily whine with her hair loose. For Peach's annoying & short temper, she needs to get strangled.

2 Princess Peach Gets Kidnapped Frequently

Loving and saving her must be tiring! - bendyfazjazz234

Because she can stop Bowser's invasions and disasters with magic. - NeoPolitan

I bet Mario is tired of saving her by now! - Princesslibby2006

A fragile small princess against a giant dragon reptile thing. Nintendo is being realistic guys. Not all girls are super strong and not all of them have to be, so please get over it

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3 Princess Peach likes to get kidnapped

Why do you think that? - Videogamesgal

Umm there is no proof of this.

Lol not. You haters are brain damaged you really think this

4 Stereotypical Brats

And what amount of personality does Rosalina have than a damn story book? - NeoPolitan

Princess Peach and Daisy are just shameful characters that are living in Super Mario and Luigi's shadow. They impost as two perfect princesses when they are just lazy and clumsy they get into trouble and the Super Mario Bros swoop in to rescue them isn't that the basic kids climax now? - TheGamehero

They are brats with high self-centered attitudes. Rosalina and Girl Toad (whatever her name is) are better. Princess toadstool is more of a princess than this new stereotypical peach.

Princess Peach is very awful. But Princess Daisy? She's so awesome that she shall hang out with Miles "Tails" Prower & Pac-Man everywhere in Western Canada.

Why are they so clumsy for their tall heights?! & their healthy body shapes! Peach is the most compared to the two.

5 "Oh, Did I Win?"

This is a single quote and it’s only in one game! Why do people hate this qoute of peach so much?


6 Annoying Voices

This should be #1! It's Peach on super mario 3D land and daisy on mario party 8! When I touch my remote on the wrong turn for mp8, daisy screams fake words. It's annoying! Peach screams to hell with it on super mario 3d land.

Who cares? You're saying Peach and Daisy should go mute? - NeoPolitan

Why do people use their annoying voices so much in fanfictions anyways?!

I pity Deanna Mustard, Jen Taylor, Nicole Mills & Samantha Kelly.

Rosalina sounds a lot less annoying.

Peach would've went to the principal's office several times.

7 Peach is Like a Douchebag
8 Peach is Pretty Overrated

This list is a joke. Honestly no sane person is gonna agree with you. - NeoPolitan

Um no. She is pretty underrated and always has been hated by rude people who like to spread false information about her. - Videogamesgal

"Peach is way too girly"- There is nothing wrong with being girly.

"Peach is weak"- She has heart magic, wish powers, floating, healing magic, her crown, a living parasol, standard attacks, status effect removal, etc.
"Peach is so bossy"
"Daisy should replace Peach"
"Blue is better than Pink"
"Peach is a ripoff Aurora"
"Peach is so lazy"
"Peach has a stupid ponytail"
"Peach is blonde"

Do any of those reasons seem valid to you? - Qryzx

To think about on this site peach is pretty overhated.

9 They Don't Rule Their Kingdom, the King Does

Daisy lets her father rule her kingdom with him. Peach doesn't & is impatient.

What do you think Daisy is doing while Mario and Luigi are off on a rescue mission for Peach?

A. Staring at a wall
B. Playing Tennis by herself
C. Watching over her kingdom

The king and queen rule, but peach and daisy brag about it so people think they make all the rules. They don't! Gaming isn't like this!

OK. Aren't that's Bowser's castle than how does he memorized the place. Plus terrible why do they have a fire place for what execution?

10 The Kissing

Peach just gives her hero a kiss on the cheek. Does that really mean you have to make a big deal about it? - Videogamesgal

Imagine if Peach had a fierce rivalry with Daisy, Pauline or Knuckles the Echidna.

Daisy doesn't kiss properly.

She might not have the same interest in British Columbia as real people do.

Peach forces people to kiss her otherwise she'd get aggressive & pissy.

See, I just don't understand that comments like these get likes. Anyone who does is a terrible wannabe Bowser. - Qryx

The real cowardly loser around hear is you and anyone who agrees with you. And Peach IS sweet. - Just like you like to say wheres da proof. No real proof peach is a sweet person or a hole

1) Um, there's plenty proof of Peach being sweet.
2) We say "where's the proof" when people talk lies about her.
3) "No real proof peach is a sweet person or a hole" Then what's your point? - Qryzx


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11 Princess Peach Is A Rip Of Disney Princess Aurora

This is the crappiest reason so far. 3 Reasons your point is false:

*She would already be in lawsuit.
*Aurora doesn't participate in sports nor gets a game to save her "Prince Charming".
*You're claiming Princess Peach is a lot of things, so you're saying the same for Aurora pretty much. - Qryzx

Horrible reason

12 Babyish Looks

Peach is horribe Baby Peach is the worst she always cheats in Mario Kart

The Disney princesses are less babyish! Peach and daisy are copycats with childish dresses.

Boring dresses! Horrible haircuts!

Peach is the real baby. She even cries. If Daisy and Rosalina saw that they would not want to see her.

I know! Facially, Peach looks like a 12 year old.

Daisy facially looks like a 7 year old.

I think this is pedophilia that in 20 year old's bodies, Nintendo made the girls (including Rosalina & Pauline) facially look like children.

Even modern Disney Princesses such as mostly criticized Cinderella

13 Peach's Attitude

Peach believe it or not doesn't reward mario anyhow except on 64 where she gives him a slice of cake! FOR ALL THAT? Toad has the middle fingers up because peach doesn't pay taxes for toads to get education.

Again, neither have bad attitudes. - NeoPolitan

The only time I saw Peach ever have an attitude was in strikers, but everyone had a bad temper even Yoshi!

I know, it's powerful, aggressive, bossy, short-tempered, bone-breaking, stubborn, silly & temperamental, not a kind temperament al all! Wikipedia is just hoping we think what it thinks.

14 Peach Is Lazy

Lazy? Lemme give you a couple reasons she isn't.

1. She gives Mario occasional help.
People are saying she's been kidnapped in nearly all of her appearances, but she actually has been playable in over 30 games. Also, how would she be able to send Mario letters (to top it off, they have attachments) from Bowsers Castle or have a game in general?

2. In her appearances, she's actually really strong.
Heart Magic, Mood Swings, Toad, Floating (with Heart Magic), Psych Bomb (Bomb-ombs rain from the sky), Frying Pan, Sports Equipment, Lamb (puts targets to sleep), Mute (makes enemies unable to use their Magic Attacks), Freeze Frame (enemies on the screen are trapped in an empty frame for five seconds), Therapy (Heals her or another ally if one is with her), Etc. However, she is also strong physically, her striking strength being Large Star Class+ (Knocked Bowser into the sky with a Parasol), endurance being Large Star Level+ (Tanked several attacks from blood-lusted ...more - Qryzx

On the wii you mario game she doesn't try to save her friends!

Peach has a main game and doesn't do anything! She instead thinks that using the power of emotions is better than propelling or attacking!

God no. Princess Peach is as athletic as Daisy, plus went on big adventures over 3 times. While you're out there stomping on Goombas, Peach isn't just sit in the castle and wait for a rescue, she's preparing letters and items to help you progress. - NeoPolitan

Lol no. She does sports and Mario kart. She has also rules a kingdom and that is hard work. Also, it’s pretty obvious that the person is talking about super Mario Bros. 2 because she is the weakest character.(Also Qryzx everyone in Mario Party games has the same stats and no is weak in that game.)

15 Nothing Daisy Says Is True

Just because someone doesn't like Daisy doesn't mean that they're so mean. Daisy brags about stuff no one has seen her do. And she rubs her name in everyone's face. Daisy is pretty, but I'd change her voice. I like Jen Taylor's voice of Daisy.

Daisy is true about some stuff, but Peach is a liar about her capabilities. Princess Peach gets pissed off when we don't know what words such as "stubborn", system" & "respective" mean. She has to be a lot smarter than everyone else, but Peach always gets an "F" at school & says stuff such as "Daddykins gets so bossy I could spit in his soup". I hate Peach. Daisy is way more honest. Daisy didn't appear in 1992 - 1999. Why the absence? Why Princess Peach with her hair down angrily playing soccer? Peach is sour & a spoiled little girl who blames her father & assistants a lot. Peach didn't bother to help out the protagonists of the modern Mario RPG games. Why, Peach?! You're mean. :(

Hmm, whoever posted this one has the same IQ as Big The Cat. Where did you get proof of this? Oh wait, you just made it up. - Videogamesgal

When was this?

16 Princess Peach is Unbelievably Overrated

More like overhated and underappreciated. - NeoPolitan

So what? Are you telling people who they should like?

Wow, that is bullcrap. She is probably the most hated character on this site, and also is unfairly compared anywhere else, like Youtube or Reddit. Also, most of your reasons in the top 20 are most referring to Peach. Are you forgetting there's someone else here you can criticize?

As for your reasons to hate her, they're at least one of the following:
-Untrue/opinionated 'facts'.
-Overused crap such as her voice.
-Sexism/Racism (calling her blonde and girly).
-Just referring to IGN for another petty reason to call her overrated.
-Referring to Peach on a list that isn't even about her, and compare her.

Your hate on her makes no sense, and now saying she's overrated.. #logic. - Qryzx

This is the crappiest reason so far. First, someone already pointed this out.
Second, that is unbelievably false. Peach haters claim shes weak and selfish just to get a useless and invalid point across, and say untrue/stupid things about her to make people think they're right.

Guess what, you're WRONG. She has loads of ability like floating and emotions. People constantly use the most sorry-butt reasons ever like her voice. - Qryzx

17 Way Too Girly

Daisy has been saying she's a tomboy when she's basically copying Peach. Rosalina studies space, likes blue, and she's powerful. Boys can relate to that. Daisy doesn't impress me at all!

Peach overuses makeup and stuff like pauline!

Daisy, for one thing, is not copying Peach.
Also, Pauline and Peach (obviously other characters too) are FICTIONAL. The makeup they wear wont permanently ruin their face. - Qryzx

"They're girls! They must act girly! "

Wow so stereotypical and sexist. I hope no girl is dumb enough to date you or be your friend. Or you're joking is that it? Haha. Funny not.

Peach is a total ditz. Super Mario Sunshine: "Oh, what is that? " "Mama? " "Mama Peach? " "You're Bowser's son? " and plenty of others.

Horrible reason

18 We Get Princess Peach More than Princess Daisy

Does this really matter? - Videogamesgal

Such an awful cliche...

Thank goodness... I don't think I could take more of that childish poser b***h.

I don't despise Daisy as much as people do Peach (just to clarify), but she's still in my neutral-low category. Most of this is because she doesn't really have much special attributes other than Flower Power and the personality of being a 'Tomboy Princess' (both of which are unique redeeming factors to keep her from mediocre), And the game footage where she punched Bowser in Mario Party 3 (Peach whacked Bowser into the sky with Perry in her own game a few years later so their physical strength is fairly even)

And while Daisy might not really have much, She's building off of the little she has and already has a lot of fans. Meaning when (or if) she becomes a more detailed character, Let's see if her fans build higher than Rosalina's fans. - Qryzx

19 Daisy Is Unneeded

Daisy was needed for many reasons. You know what just look at the reasons she was needed.

(1. Without Daisy we would not have Super Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins.

(2. Without Daisy we most likely would not have Wario or your precious Waluigi.

(3. Without Daisy we most likely would not have a partner for Princess Peach, so that might mean no Mario Kart Double Dash.

(4. Without Daisy we might’ve not been able to go have adventures in other places in Mario games.

See there are many reasons why Daisy was needed. - Videogamesgal

Daisy is some second princess. You don't need her in mario. She only appears on spinoffs. Toad is Peach's partner. Peach and toad work together and they're both cute. Daisy is annoying

Daisy was needed in Super Mario Land where you can't use Peach or Pauline anyway. - DaisyandRosalina

She's pretty mush a clone of Peach. Daisy is bratty, annoying, a sore winner, and a sore loser. She also appeared in only one Super Mario game! However Peach is sweet, well-mannered, and generous. I just think Peach is better, and Daisy is just a clone. Try all you want everyone, they will never get rid of Peach. She has appeared in enough Mario games for her to be here forever.

I agree with you for Peach. She is a VERY IMPORTANT character. But with Daisy, I don't agree. She's my favorite Princess. Peach is second - GreenViolet8236

Okay so no daisy means no Super Mario land or Super Mario land 2 which means no Wario or Waluigi.

20 No Fighting Skills

On ssbb or ssbm they think that hacha and toad attack is good. It is not. Zelda can teleport, shoot a gun, fire, and all kinds of stuff. Peach thinks golf clubs would hurt.

On ssb4, my sister played as Peach once and her final attack did nothing but produce peaches and put everyone to sleep. Plus, it didn't cause damage nor did it knock people out of the stage. And after when I woke up, I knocked Peach out of the stage. She has no purpose to be in this game. At least Zelda and especially Rosalina can fight. - recaller

Peach is only acting like it.

I wanna kill Princess Peach. Great thing she is not OUR sister at all!

21 Daisy Isn't Blonde

Wait what?

Racist remark #1. - Qryzx

How the hell is that a reason? My hair isn't blonde. (It's brunette) this forum sucks and is untrue!

What's with perverts and blondes these days? This is why I'm glad my blonde hair darkened when I was 3 and is brown now.

22 Princess Daisy's Bikini Pictures

Every girl has one.

They are so annoying without male crossover characters such as Tails the Fox from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. They are less annoying with a big pear figure.

In the London 2012 Olympics, Daisy didn't have to talk with female Sonic characters only minus Dr. Eggman & Cheese the Chao.

Yea all fictional females have those

23 No Interest In Anything

That's just the bossy, short-tempered, forcible, annoying, manipulative, lippy, argumentative, childish Princess Peach who would actually be born in British Columbia! We don't have to find any way to get used to that freaky tattletale brat! Her personality is very equal to Kootie Pie Koopa during The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 - too much temper tantrum throwing! She can be slightly to moderately tomboyish sometimes. But she is 115 lbs, 6'1 (183 cm) & born Sept 13, 1971. She should frequently appear in the concert outfit (her white tube top & purple skirt & red flower from Kootie Pie Rocks) & stop being stupid! She's not always these ways, but she 's forced to go to the Olympics every time they are held. She's accused for losing instead of winning usually. Serves her right, I will talk to Shigeru Miyamoto since she's been a real piss-ant!

Seems like your post is more assumptions than what Peach has actually done. - Qryzx

Uhm Sports (Both but more Daisy), the Color Pink (Peach), Kart Racing (Both), Baking Cakes (Peach), etc.?
This is already some interests. Heck, Daisy and Rosalina even went shopping in one of the games. - Qryzx

Princess Peach will never be as great as Princess Daisy & Rosalina (the epitome). & you're right. The only interest Peach from Mario has is betraying people, sexuality, playing ALL sports badly, losing her temper when anyone forgets her date, & most especially everything disgracefully girlish. Princess Daisy wasn't good in Mario Sports games, & since she is a tomboy, Princess Daisy needs to have higher power than even low to average power. It must be her round face, huh? Princess Daisy has even less power than the strongest women on Earth. And Princess Daisy is not even mindful. ):(

With her examples of kindness (when the heck has Mario talked sexuality? ), Peach is better a personality perspective, and is way better in power. - NeoPolitan

Daisy has too many interests. But Peach, is just ungrateful & pouts!

24 Princess Peach is Just Acting Helpless

I can't tell if this reason was made by a hater or fan.
Whichever side, You're correct. - Qryzx

Times I can recall her being useful (She's done more in other games too):
Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Princess Peach (she literally saves Mario and Luigi), and Super Mario 3D World (playable character). - Qryzx

Peach probably dumped that dude Cutter from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3's 7th episode : Reign Storm.

Imagine if there were The Adventures of Super Mario Galaxy. Peach gets pissed if she has to be independent.

We've seen on countless occasions that Princess Peach can fight off and even defeat Bowser. "Bowser's Inside story" is the biggest example when she uses her star power to chuck Bowser out the kingdom.

25 Peach Has a Retarded Ponytail!

That's your reason? Why does that matter? Appearances don't matter. - Qryzx

She also has a retarded appearance with her hair down.

She also has Stockholm Syndrome. That's said in a Game Theory video called Mario, The Problems With Princess Peach. How about Daisy?

Is there why reason why Peach doesn't wear a braid, a bun or pigtails or even two or three braids, Nintendo & Sega?

26 Peach Holds Too Many Grudges With an Ungrateful Attitude

Are most of these 'reasons' just gonna be you referring to Peach constantly?
Go back to the list title. This isn't just about Peach. - Qryzx

So true! Like Betty Cooper & Nancy Drew, & even Benatar (kind of), she is a very spoiled brat who acts like Veruca Salt & Princess Morbucks, only her negative attitude is much worse as well as she is disobedient! She must later be 7'7" & weigh 276 pounds. Princess Daisy will be 10'10" & weigh 195 pounds, & Rosalina will be 16'11", or maybe 17'0" instead, & she'll weigh 196 pounds. Peach just goes on a killing spree (I think) when she gets rescued. & after getting rescued by anyone from her kidnappers (possibly including Donkey Kong) she doesn't forgive anyone. She just gets aggressively sad right after her ass was rescued. Peach should get grounded for getting kidnapped, big time! This should be a reason that is at least on top 5!

Isn’t this list about Peach and Daisy? I read the list title and it said Reasons To Hate Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. So why are all your reasons referring to Princess Peach? - Videogamesgal

Peach had no choice to NOT get kidnapped. Her behavior was bossy & annoying since she was an infant.

27 Peach Broke Donkey Kong's Bones After Being Kidnapped By Him!

Pauline couldn't hurt old Donkey Kong!

But check out Peach's pugnacious attitude in Super Pantyhose Peach. Peach always had this aggressively annoying attitude due to her unusual hairstyle.

Also, the last time Peach actually got kidnapped by Bowser was Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Also, why are there lesser Mario games released in a year since 2010?! WHY?!

Actually, Daisy did it too!


Peach breaks the bones of hulks into many pieces.
She even makes them weaker & more crooked.

28 Sonic & Daisy Never Stay Together Forever

Oh no, the shipping fans have returned! Daisy loves Luigi not Sonic. - Videogamesgal

Shipping is your reason? Really? - Qryzx

Rosalina & Tails are very liable to stay together forever.

I think she did, but yes. We prefer her to be together forever with Tails, & even Princess Peach's rival, Knuckles the Echidna.P.S. I hated the old Miley, & prefer the new Miley more.

29 Daisy Never Wears Her Hair Up

She might later. Knuckles has to, too. Peach does a lot, but had no choice to. She shall wear a bun or (obviously for me) pigtails or braids or 1 big, thick braid! Let's hope Nintendo agrees on the whole top tens list. Rosalina actually wore a ponytail - only in one game called Super Mario 3D World. In 2 outfits: Fire & Boomerang! Cute! Y'know, she is a little more tomboyish than Princess Daisy, so we'll eventually tell Nintendo to give us that information! :D Sometimes I actually imagine Princess Peach wearing a bun. All 3 of them - Peach, Daisy & Rosalina have severe estrogen!

Her hair is a bit short for it, and again, it doesn't matter. - Qryzx

Terrible reason

Princess Daisy really does need her hair up, but her power is not good enough for a tomboy, & thus Princess Daisy even whines when expected to be as powerful as Donkey Kong & King Bowser.

30 Peach Threatens to Force Anyone/Everyone to Remember Her Birthday

Do you mean Amy Rose?

Everyone knows this is not true beacause we never saw Princess Peach force anyone to rember her birthday. Peach is sweet and kind, so she would not force anyone to rember her birthday. - Videogamesgal

That is FALSE item you get there. - yamionthetrap

That's true. Imagine if Peach got pissed off that Sonic the Hedgehog has forgot her birthday & Sonic got scared because Princess Peach angrily yelled "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU FORGOt MY BIRTHDAY?! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! ". Tails would be sorrier.

31 Daisy is Clumsy

She fell at tennis 64

So are the people who added stupid reasons

Why are Peach & Daisy clumsier than Mario & Luigi?

P.S. I still hate Prince Theodore who is Princess Daisy's little brother with supreme obesity.

She is no clumsier than Peach.

32 Peach Hates her Job as a Heroine!

Peach looks just like the others when she is a heroine, she is just smiling and happy. - Videogamesgal

Peach is terrible & wouldn't help anyone out.
She is a spoiled brat who mocks her bossy parents.

Peach is even Mario's stalker.

Hey, idiot! Princess Peach does have breasts. She even has curves, too! But yes, she has to improve on skateboarding & win everything!

How do you know that?! Horrible reason

33 Peach has a fit over the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!

She also is always crying because she wants to escape British Columbia & childishly wants to go back to the Mushroom Kingdom rather than do her job as a tomboy or heroine! Why the hell! She ain't really the wimpiest princess, & I'm a boy! Peach is ungrateful that her jobs are to win! She is abusive & aggressive & wants to batter up & Mario, Luigi & anyone/everyone else can leave her captured after she yelled "NOT GUILTY! " after everyone else in Super Mario Sunshine! & she hates her job to fight back & she is overly argumentative & generally too bossy & temperamental! Daisy just loves her jobs as a tomboy & fighter, whereas Mario is her idol! She should be voiced by Emma Watson! Wikipedia sure misunderstands Peach's true personality, & Rosalina at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics is just a spoof of the actual Mario & Sonic games!

When did she?

She has a Canadian-like culture.

Yeah, Canadians are nice, but Peach is a bossy girl.

Princess Peach should get grounded longer & longer if she gets kidnapped often.

34 Peach & Daisy Never Have Male Rivals

So? They are kind, they don't want to rival someone. - Videogamesgal

Actually, they have some. None of their male rivals have big competitions with the 2 chicks.

Princess Peach's rivalry with Tails is the same answer to Princess Daisy's rivalry with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Peach seems to have very bad relationships with Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat & especially her partner Princess Daisy.

How come Peach & Daisy don't compete with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow & Silver.

How come Princess Daisy & Kirby (from the Nintendo's Kirby franchise) didn't get to know each other? They're both very cute.

35 Princess Peach Growls A Lot!

Oh gosh, we all know this is not true. Clearly whoever posted this reason was drunk and a hypocrite. - Videogamesgal

Clearly whoever made this was drunk

That sounds pompous. Peach was posey on her "Sweet 16th" birthday.

She is a very spoiled girl who calls her father "Daddykins" in general.

36 Sam Kelly Wouldn`t Voice Princess Daisy like Jen Taylor & Kate Fleming Do!

Yep, Peach didn't even bother to have a lower voice than Daisy, EVER"!

I know. Daisy would be currently voiced by Deanna Mustard otherwise Daisy wouldn't be that tomboyish.

Peach should've been the tomboy, & Daisy not as much. That won't replace Rosalina's tomboyish nature.

This is such a stupid reason grow the f up morons

I got to say that Peach should have a lower voice than Daisy. That's why Nintendo denies fan fictions. & Betty from Archie has a sucky temperament, like Peach. Why did Jen Taylor return to voice Princess Peach instead of Daisy after 7 years?! She could've given up! Of course, let's let Deanna Mustard do her thing. How about... *snicker* Emma Watson is also the voice of Princess Daisy?! & how about Daisy & Luigi break up after Luigi messes with her for being slower despite her Mario-similar personality? Then she with that bossy, cliche, infantile & short-tempered Princess Peach & the nicer & smarter Rosalina should stay together forever with the male Sonic the Hedgehog characters Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails the Fox & Knuckles the Echidna! I think Peach is a stern & judgemental lesbian. & an angry-voiced pervert!

37 Peach Wears a Ponytail When Daisy & Rosalina Have Their Hair Down

Rosalina had a ponytail once let’s not forget. - Videogamesgal

I hate peach and most of the things on here about her are true. But ponytails are good hairstyles and peach looks better with a ponytail. I do agree that Rosalina has a better ponytail but I have never seen Daisy with her hair up so I can't say anything about that. Peach looks way more restarted with her hair down

This is due to their stupid hair lengths.

All 3 of the girls are very fussy about how their hair looks (I wouldn't say Rosalina).

Peach is Mario's self-proclaimed girlfriend.

38 Peach & Daisy's Habit of Wearing Dresses for (Almost) Nothing

That is just how they like to live their life. There's nothing wrong with that. - Qryzx

They didn't have to continue being in 1-piece princess attires, & I asked for 2-piece schoolgirl uniforms as their princess attires!

I wouldn't say Peach's parents are bossy.

I'd say only Peach is bossy.

Rosalina wears a dress...If your BFF decided to wear something different and you saw it, you wouldn't say: " that dress is horrible! You're no longer my friend

39 Peach's Rivalry with Amy Rose

Nintendo & Sega didn't 't have to keep it happening!

Mario has a small rivalry with Amy Rose, due to their hammers they take out when they're very pissed off!
Mega Man used a Piko-Piko Hammer once, & thus he was aggressive & referring to bossily yelling "You are so dead! "

Though I prefer Amy. Peach is awesome

Imagine if Peach were a cranky Archie Comics character.

Friendly rivalry? More like arch-rivalry.

40 Pink Gold Peach's Voice

Oh- But Pink Gold Peach isn't the topic here, now is she? - Qryzx

Why didn't Nintendo get away with a Paper Daisy, Mini Daisy toys & an Orange (or Yellow) Gold Daisy?

Ahem uh I have a mini daisy. Toy the daisy toys are very rare

That's a different character

41 Their Fake "Best Friends Forever" Relationship

In Mario Party 7, Peach looked like she didn't want to be partners with anyone. Peach & Daisy both gave anyone the evil eye.

When you play as Princess Daisy, the only playable sidekick during 8-player mode is Princess Peach? I kinda deny it, but hate the fact anyways.

Peach's best friend is Toadsworth.

Daisy's best friend is Toad.

Of course they try to become best friends, but they often break their bond.

Princess Daisy's best friend is Toad, not Princess Peach!

42 They Didn't Perform "Next to You" With Pac-man

NOBODY CARES! Besides, Peach & Daisy would sound annoying singing this song. Pac-Man wouldn't, especially if he were voiced by Chris Brown.

Why should they have?

No, and they also never met Pac-Man genius

That would be awesome if they did with Rosalina.
& Princess Daisy will have Tails the Fox's Sonic Boom design whilst Rosalina will have Amy Rose's Sonic Boom.
But Princess Peach shouldn't really appear performing with the two.
Peach is too major.
Characters like Juliet Starling & MeeMee from Super Monkey Ball franchise should be a frequent female character.
We are so unlucky that Daisy didn't appear in the SNES version of SMB3.

43 Daisy Isn't a Very Major Mario Character

Yeah, I really wish she was.
She's probably the most loved non-staple (Memorable). - Qryzx

She should appear in every Mario game alongside Rosalina, & Peach should give up appearing if video games have to be about a blond damsel in distress getting kidnapped often!

Why? Because of the fact that Nintendo barely wants Luigi?

She deserves to be the top 1 most major female video game character in video game history.

44 Their Rivalries With Female Crossover Characters

Why the girls' stuff? Mario should stop being modest.

& Luigi's dick is tiny.

You mean "Mario should stop dressing modest".

Amy Rose's personality in Sonic X is similar t Princess Peach's due to their temperamental, bossy, annoying & strict personalities.
Princess Daisy has a bad rivalry with Blaze the Cat & Princess Zelda.
Princess Daisy would be a BFF with Tails the Fox, alongside Sonic the Hedgehog.

Why hate them for this?

45 Daisy, Because of Her Facially Childlike, Orange & Yellow Attributes, Looks Obsessed With Sulfur

Wow are you guys three years old?

All tall, stylized women would be like Daisy.

No, it is solely me, Kieran Glen Harris Stark who originally exposed his name so little times on this list and got more than a quaret-thousand reasons on this list. And I am one half-decade older than three years old.

46 Their Boobs Are Small

Um, so? The games are E10+ and they would probably know that parents would not allow their kids to look at that. - Videogamesgal

Um, so?
The games are E10+. - Qryzx

I don't think so. I think their breasts & nipples are a little huge when their size is normal, & I think they are even a little huge for giantesses if they took Mega Mushrooms. Imagine if they were naked & close to people. Why? They have the moderately subtle hourglass shape.

I think the normal bust size for a middle's length is one fourth a waist. Are their breasts slightly too big for their middles?

47 Peach Disrespected Oogtar Now That She Is Blonde

She is a bad mother.

Apes in real life don't have hourglass figures. Calgary Zoo was kind of wrong about it. Diddy Kong does.

How could a 14 year old ape who is male have an hourglass figure?
He probably was cut partly in the middle.

She is a stalker to even Sonic the Hedgehog

Penis the Hedgehog

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48 Peach's Self-proclaimed Character

Ask Mat-Pat her true personality. Mario is evil.

Peach is a self-proclaimed girlfriend of anyone, especially Mario.
She gets very furious if Mario doesn't accept her crush.

Princess Peach has such an overly mad crush!

Imagine Luigi in Sonic X.

Imagine if the oaf Mario forgot her date.
Mario prefers Amy Rose for sure.

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49 Daisy Didn't Appear On the GBA

Yeah, I didn't forget. But I could've added that detail (since the e-Reader is part of the GBA, if only they recontinued the Game Boy series) and probably taken a lot of items off this list since I only put extra items on this list to point out about the characters, so there's a part of it that did make me look like I was high.

I know. It wasn't enough GBA appearances.

Why was Princess Daisy a not-so-major character? :(

She did appear in Mario Party-e.

50 Peach (Instead of Daisy) Appeared In Every Super Mario 3D Installment

Well, she DID appear in Nintendo Adventure Comics.

Who's she? Princess Daisy? I believe you.

That's because she's better than that poser

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