Reasons to Hate Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

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181 Daisy Isn't as Muscular as She Appears

Why is she still not that muscular? Maybe she's overdoing her muscles all the time.

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182 They Stalk People Angrily

Princess Peach is a stalker! Stalker! Stalker! Stalker! I hate her! She demands Mario to stay together forever with her & she also rudely refuses everything! She has Rapunzel Syndrome & loves hatred!

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183 Peach's Laugh V 1 Comment
184 Princess Peach Wears Dresses V 1 Comment
185 Peach Fakes Excitement

So true! She makes people listen to her overly high voice & she is rude!
Peach doesn't even care about the Sprixie Princesses!

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186 Peach Takes Steroids

Is this why she has a better sports advantage in some games.

187 Peach Likes to Fight Everybody Nice

Peach is bossy, cruel, has Rapunzel Syndrome & doesn't at all prosper although she is completely destined for greatness like all the other Star Children.

Wrong peach actually has stopped a fight with tea and saved mimi despite how rude mimi was to her bs reason.

188 Daisy is Slightly Underrated

Princess Daisy is an average character in our opinion.

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189 Daisy Hates Miles "Tails" Prower
190 They Don't Turn Male

Give it a chance. Also, Princess Peach & Miles "Tails" Prower would be a good pairing, & Princess Peach is vengeful, not well-mannered!

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191 Peach and Daisy aren't tomboys when Rosalina looks like one

Peach, Daisy & Rosalina are all tomboys.

This reason doesn't need to surpass top 50, yet it's worth a try.

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192 We Get Princess Peach More than Princess Daisy V 2 Comments
193 The Humor of Princess Peach V 1 Comment
194 Princess Peach Breaks Promises With Princess Daisy

Especially the BFF promise, of course. :(

195 Peach Rips Off Daisy

Lol u mean daisy rips off peach? Cause all daisy dies is copy her poses and stuff, cause that's all daisy is: a poser /bricked

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196 Princess Peach Is Like Princess Rapunzel

I agree with you since both have (extremely) long, yellow hair, cranky attitudes, slender frames, big thighs, baby fat, childish sides, habits of stealing fame, cowardly behaviour, aggressive behaviour even with their frying pan, etc...

197 They're Bossy

Princesses Peach & Daisy are always forcing people to remember their date & birthday although they don't, then Peach & Daisy break the self-proclaimed habit of staying best friends forever.

Daisy's true best friend is Toad.

198 They Don't Hang With the Male Sonic the Hedgehog Characters.
199 Princess Daisy Wasn't In SSB for Nintendo 3Ds!

Why would all 7 companies surprisingly cut Princess Daisy out of a Mario spinoff? We're so worried now. Princess Daisy is still not confirmed for Mario Party 10 yet.

She came on October 20, 2014 as a trophy only.

200 Princess Peach Doesn't Win Gold Often at Anything
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