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181 Peach Hates Adult Content

And sometimes she actually likes it. Peach is a pervert & is usually on steroids.

Waiting for the proof for this

182 Peach Never Survives

Looks like Peach will not try to survive the Arctic (which is actually located in the famous North American country of Canada).

Although Princess Daisy is a little shorter than Peach, she can survive the Arctic (which is actually located in Canada).

Peach doesn't survive Mario Party, she always loses in every event, she doesn't do well in Super Mario 2.

Imagine if you replaced SMB2 protagonists w/ Super Monkey Ball protagonists.

AiAi would take Mario's spot.

MeeMee would take Luigi's spot leaving him to cry w/ MeeMee angry.

Baby (originally to be named AiAi Jr. ) would take Princess Peach's spot.

GonGon would take Toad/Yoshi/Princess Daisy/Wario's spot.

183 They're Mindless

The two are so dumb that they are never seen with more harder minds.

They need to go to Eaton School, University of British Columbia.

Men usually are smarter than those 2 twats.

Yea they're scatterbrained they're allowed to have faults

184 They Don't Act Their Age

Me nether. And same with Tingle. So what?

185 Peach Doesn't Work Hard

She doesn't even try to rescue anyone in SMB2.

Read Peach's status in SMB2. Power: 2/5. Speed: 2/5. Jump: 3/5. Flight: 5/5.

Also, read Luigi's status in SMB2. Power & Speed: 3/5. Jump: 5/5.

No wonder: Peach is too incapable for her tall height & lied a lot in 3D World. Also, Peach had no right to get kidnapped in 3D Land! So Peach would have to be GROUNDED PERMANENTLY!

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186 They Always Hang Around With Girls

Agreed. Misty is stupid & has long, thick thighs compared to the shorter, more top-heavy Ash Ketchum & the stouter Pikachu.

Also, Peach hates everything except for bad beauty.

How about Princess Peach vs. Miles "Tails" Prower & Silver the Hedgehog/Princess Daisy vs. Sonic the Hedgehog (aka Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog/Sonic Maurice Hedgehog/Nicholas Maurice Oftime)/Rosalina vs. Knuckles the Echidna & Dee Jay (Your Favorite Martian band member)

They should not hang with Misty & Sally Acorn, either!

The whole Princess Peach vs. Amy Rose bisness is overrated!

And so is the Princess Daisy vs. other female character business!

187 Daisy Isn't as Muscular as She Appears

Why is she still not that muscular? Maybe she's overdoing her muscles all the time.

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188 They Stalk People Angrily

Princess Peach is a stalker! Stalker! Stalker! Stalker! I hate her! She demands Mario to stay together forever with her & she also rudely refuses everything! She has Rapunzel Syndrome & loves hatred!

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189 Peach's Laugh V 1 Comment
190 Princess Peach Wears Dresses V 1 Comment
191 Peach Fakes Excitement

So true! She makes people listen to her overly high voice & she is rude!
Peach doesn't even care about the Sprixie Princesses!

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192 Peach Takes Steroids

Is this why she has a better sports advantage in some games.

193 Peach Likes to Fight Everybody Nice

Peach is bossy, cruel, has Rapunzel Syndrome & doesn't at all prosper although she is completely destined for greatness like all the other Star Children.

Wrong peach actually has stopped a fight with tea and saved mimi despite how rude mimi was to her bs reason.

194 Daisy is Slightly Underrated

Princess Daisy is an average character in our opinion.

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195 Daisy Hates Miles "Tails" Prower
196 They Don't Turn Male

Give it a chance. Also, Princess Peach & Miles "Tails" Prower would be a good pairing, & Princess Peach is vengeful, not well-mannered!

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197 Peach and Daisy aren't tomboys when Rosalina looks like one

Peach, Daisy & Rosalina are all tomboys.

This reason doesn't need to surpass top 50, yet it's worth a try.

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198 The Humor of Princess Peach V 1 Comment
199 Princess Peach Breaks Promises With Princess Daisy

Especially the BFF promise, of course. :(

200 Peach Rips Off Daisy

Lol u mean daisy rips off peach? Cause all daisy dies is copy her poses and stuff, cause that's all daisy is: a poser /bricked

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