Reasons to Hate Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

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201 They Don't Know How to Stay In One Place
202 Daisy is Always Stronger Than Peach

Shouldn't Peach be more confident, less cowardly & stronger than Princess Daisy?! Yep, because Peach is taller & older than Princess Daisy (by just a little).

203 They Have No Technique
204 Nintendo Ruins the Characters
205 They Are Both Part of Girls' Teams
206 They Go On Girls' Trips
207 They Don't Have High Power
208 Peach Replaced Rosalina Throughout Mario Kart DS & Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

By "Mario Kart DS", don't you mean "Mario Kart Wii"? Of course you would.

AUGGH! Brown-haired girls (like Princess daisy) & platinum-haired girls (like Rosalina) shall appear in more stuff than corny yellow-haired girls (who get angry a lot) like Princess Peach.

209 Daisy Didn't Come Back to Greater Vancouver
210 Peach's Hair Is Yellow
211 They Say Peach Is Better Than Daisy

Well its true. I mean when has daisy helped or rescue anyone? And a bratty, rude, useless, poser (aka daisy) is the worst.

212 Peach Betrays People

Lol she never did fail

213 Peach is a Self-Proclaimed Girlfriend of Mario

Nope Mario likes her beat 64 again. Also, she refers Mario as just a friend in ttyd.

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214 They Usually Ditch Each Other
215 Princess Daisy Doesn't Have High Power/Stamina/Speed Despite Her Tomboyish Traits

She only has high technique traits which is childish.

That's because she ain't a real tomboy just a poser

216 Princess Daisy is Not in Death Battle
217 Peach & Daisy's Short Tempers
218 Peach & Daisy Are Cowards

Daisy? Most likely. Think about it, why hasn't she even tried to help anyone yet? Also when she first saw Bowser, she seemed a whole three lines before smacking him.

Peach on the other hand is never shown cowardly, as she most of the time sneaks around Bowser & his minions to get Mario items or information.also was going to just rush in to rescue Mario till perry was shoved in her face by toadsworth. AND has been shown to try to excape Bowsers castle. ALSO had willing by herself decided to join Mario and co. in rpg AND 3dw.

219 Peach is Very Corny
220 Peach Appears in Many More Installments Than Daisy

Yes please Nintendo just get rid of daisy

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