Reasons to Hate Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

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201 Princess Peach Is Like Princess Rapunzel

I agree with you since both have (extremely) long, yellow hair, cranky attitudes, slender frames, big thighs, baby fat, childish sides, habits of stealing fame, cowardly behaviour, aggressive behaviour even with their frying pan, etc...

202 They're Bossy

Princesses Peach & Daisy are always forcing people to remember their date & birthday although they don't, then Peach & Daisy break the self-proclaimed habit of staying best friends forever.

Daisy's true best friend is Toad.

203 They Don't Hang With the Male Sonic the Hedgehog Characters.
204 Princess Daisy Wasn't In SSB for Nintendo 3Ds!

Why would all 7 companies surprisingly cut Princess Daisy out of a Mario spinoff? We're so worried now. Princess Daisy is still not confirmed for Mario Party 10 yet.

She came on October 20, 2014 as a trophy only.

205 Princess Peach Doesn't Win Gold Often at Anything
206 They Don't Know How to Stay In One Place
207 Daisy is Always Stronger Than Peach

Shouldn't Peach be more confident, less cowardly & stronger than Princess Daisy?! Yep, because Peach is taller & older than Princess Daisy (by just a little).

208 They Have No Technique
209 Nintendo Ruins the Characters
210 They Are Both Part of Girls' Teams
211 They Go On Girls' Trips
212 They Don't Have High Power
213 Peach Replaced Rosalina Throughout Mario Kart DS & Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

By "Mario Kart DS", don't you mean "Mario Kart Wii"? Of course you would.

AUGGH! Brown-haired girls (like Princess daisy) & platinum-haired girls (like Rosalina) shall appear in more stuff than corny yellow-haired girls (who get angry a lot) like Princess Peach.

214 Daisy Didn't Come Back to Greater Vancouver
215 Peach's Hair Is Yellow
216 They Say Peach Is Better Than Daisy

Well its true. I mean when has daisy helped or rescue anyone? And a bratty, rude, useless, poser (aka daisy) is the worst.

217 Peach Betrays People

Lol she never did fail

218 Peach is a Self-Proclaimed Girlfriend of Mario

Nope Mario likes her beat 64 again. Also, she refers Mario as just a friend in ttyd.

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219 They Usually Ditch Each Other
220 Princess Daisy Doesn't Have High Power/Stamina/Speed Despite Her Tomboyish Traits

She only has high technique traits which is childish.

That's because she ain't a real tomboy just a poser

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