Reasons to Hate Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

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221 Princess Daisy is Not in Death Battle
222 Peach & Daisy's Short Tempers
223 Peach & Daisy Are Cowards

Daisy? Most likely. Think about it, why hasn't she even tried to help anyone yet? Also when she first saw Bowser, she seemed a whole three lines before smacking him.

Peach on the other hand is never shown cowardly, as she most of the time sneaks around Bowser & his minions to get Mario items or information.also was going to just rush in to rescue Mario till perry was shoved in her face by toadsworth. AND has been shown to try to excape Bowsers castle. ALSO had willing by herself decided to join Mario and co. in rpg AND 3dw.

224 Peach is Very Corny
225 Peach Appears in Many More Installments Than Daisy

Yes please Nintendo just get rid of daisy

226 Peach is Worse than Chris Thorndyke
227 She Lets Herself Get Into Terrible Situations
228 Their Faces
229 Their Catfights Toward Each Other

Peach & Daisy sure tend to catfight after frequent & long arguments.

230 They Don't Want To Improve
231 They Snivel
232 Peach Holds Every Grudge To Everyone
233 They Quarrel

I wish Princess Peach were dead.

234 Princess Peach Cried Way More Times Than Chris Thorndyke
235 Peach Appeared in More Games Than Even the Oldest of Female Gaming Characters
236 They Kick Instead of Punch V 1 Comment
237 Princess Daisy is Cut from Super Smash Bros. 4

Dang I can't beat that whinny, bratty, posers @$$ in =(

238 Daisy is Short V 1 Comment
239 Peach & Daisy Talk Back to Each Other
240 Peach Replaces Spots

This argument is stupid for rosalina and is stupid for peach as well. Nintendo is just being 'lazy' not adding the characters u want.

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