Reasons to Hate Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

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241 Too Fat V 2 Comments
242 Peach got kidnapped by Bowser & Daisy got kidnapped by Tatanga
243 "Hi, I'm Daisy!"

"Hi, I'm Daisy! "Hi, I'm Daisy! "Hi, I'm Daisy! "Hi, I'm Daisy! "Hi, I'm Daisy! "Hi, I'm Daisy! "Hi, I'm Daisy! "Hi, I'm Daisy! "Hi, I'm Daisy! "

V 3 Comments
244 "Help Me, Mario!"

I like it when Princess Peach says these things - NOT!

245 Princess Peach does not have a lower voice than Princess Daisy when they are in the same game
246 Peach & Daisy refuse to win gold
247 Their 2-D Appearances
248 Princess Daisy not being in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
249 Their habit of figure skating
250 Princess Daisy is not in Super Mario RPG

She would've ruined that game so thank magikarp

251 Princess Peach is the cause of the universe's end in Super Mario Galaxy

Peach is the one that was trying to concor the universe, took all of rosalina's power supply, and was a that drangon-turtle who can breath fire?

252 Princess Peach should be voiced by Leslie Swan in other same game whereas Princess Daisy is voiced by Jen Taylor
253 Princess Peach was in Wreck-It Ralph
254 People like to think Peach is awesome and Daisy is not beautiful
255 Rosalina Is Way Better

Rosa is way better than all Mario characters get this off the list

256 Princess Peach Threatens People Everywhere

She never threatened anyone fail

257 Princess Peach Has Ridiculous Blond Hair!

Stop with the stupid hair comments all of them are f-ing dumb reasons to hate someone

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258 They ruined all Mario Kart games older than Super Circuit
259 They're Completely Miscast
260 Daisy is lazy

Doesn't help her 'bff' when kidnapped or her ex boyfriend when he wants to rescue peach or helped her 'bff' rescue him no wonder peach never wants to be with princess poser

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