Reasons to Hate Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

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261 Daisy's bossiness

Daisy:i deserve the beauty stamp!/b-slaps Bowser. He was in my way!

262 Daisy Betrays People
263 Daisy Likes to Fight Everyone Nice

Or just anyone in general for no reason

264 Daisy Has Too Many Flower Figures V 1 Comment
265 Daisy Doesn't Work Hard V 2 Comments
266 Daisy is Always a Reluctant Coward

If she's such a 'tomboy,' why hasn't she rescued anyone, or gone out to help rescue someone/the world? I think this right here is why.

V 2 Comments
267 Daisy Isn't Independent

Why doesn't daisy host her own things instead of always going to peach's events?

V 1 Comment
268 Daisy's Manipulative Behavior

See her in strickers? She stomps anerly around and scaring the other team because they scored, so they'd think next time they beat her. What a sore-loser

269 Daisy Doesn't Really Want Her Own Game

That's why she's only in spinoffs nowadays

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270 Daisy Doesn't Want to Be a Heroine

Oh and yes I've been a heroine more than daisy has. I have helped people who are struggling with money and gave someone food when they where unable to eat lunch. I also helped a friend nurse a bird when it couldn't fly. Even though that's all small and silly stuff, that's still more than that bratty princess poser's ever done for anyone.

That's why she never even tries to save anyone and only plays sports

'Have YOU ever been a heroine? '
If she's so 'tomboy,' then why hasn't she been a heroine yet? Peach has, and she's the girly-girl. If she's so 'strong' like people think she is, then why doesn't daisy get off her arse, and help her 'bff' and cousin when she is kidnapped? It's no wonder peach argues with her a lot

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271 Daisy Angrily Waits Rather Than Take Chances On Anything

Remember when she was captured by that lame alien? She just sat there and didn't even help Mario at all

272 Peach is Smarter Than Daisy

Peach is able to sneak around Bowser and all his minions to get Mario info & stuff while daisy just sat on her butt when she was kidnapped

273 Daisy Acts Like a Little Girl

Expecially when she loses. Scratch that, little girls act better when they lose then she does.

274 Daisy is Ungrateful With No Sportsmanship V 3 Comments
275 Daisy is a Self-Proclaimed Girlfriend of Luigi

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks luigi deserves someone better than this brat...

V 1 Comment
276 Princess Peach Is A Rip Of Disney Princess Aurora
277 Princess Daisy is a Rip Off of Ariel

Bratty, ignorant, hates home, thinks she knows it all, and most of all does nothing for the whole series and everyone does everything for them.

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