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21 No Interest In Anything

That's just the bossy, short-tempered, forcible, annoying, manipulative, lippy, argumentative, childish Princess Peach who would actually be born in British Columbia! We don't have to find any way to get used to that freaky tattletale brat! Her personality is very equal to Kootie Pie Koopa during The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 - too much temper tantrum throwing! She can be slightly to moderately tomboyish sometimes. But she is 115 lbs, 6'1 (183 cm) & born Sept 13, 1971. She should frequently appear in the concert outfit (her white tube top & purple skirt & red flower from Kootie Pie Rocks) & stop being stupid! She's not always these ways, but she 's forced to go to the Olympics every time they are held. She's accused for losing instead of winning usually. Serves her right, I will talk to Shigeru Miyamoto since she's been a real piss-ant!

Princess Peach will never be as great as Princess Daisy & Rosalina (the epitome). & you're right. The only interest Peach from Mario has is betraying people, sexuality, playing ALL sports badly, losing her temper when anyone forgets her date, & most especially everything disgracefully girlish. Princess Daisy wasn't good in Mario Sports games, & since she is a tomboy, Princess Daisy needs to have higher power than even low to average power. It must be her round face, huh? Princess Daisy has even less power than the strongest women on Earth. And Princess Daisy is not even mindful. ):(

Daisy has too many interests. But Peach, is just ungrateful & pouts!

Boo! Horrible reason

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22 Peach Has a Retarded Ponytail!

She also has a retarded appearance with her hair down.

She also has Stockholm Syndrome. That's said in a Game Theory video called Mario, The Problems With Princess Peach. How about Daisy?

Is there why reason why Peach doesn't wear a braid, a bun or pigtails or even two or three braids, Nintendo & Sega?

I meant her HAIR

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23 Princess Peach is Just Acting Helpless

Peach probably dumped that dude Cutter from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3's 7th episode : Reign Storm.

Imagine if there were The Adventures of Super Mario Galaxy. Peach gets pissed if she has to be independent.

Peach saves her power just to waste it herself.
Imagine if Peach were blond with her Nintendo design & "Sweet 16" in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 & blames Donkey Kong who should ground her for getting kidnapped.

It's good to save power, but Princess Peach is being very selfish & not using it! What?! Peach has terrible stats in SMB2 that are generally ignored by.

Horrible reason

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24 Daisy Isn't Blonde

How the hell is that a reason? My hair isn't blonde. (It's brunette) this forum sucks and is untrue!

It slightly is. Daisy's hair is dark strawberry-blonde. We wouldn't hate Daisy because she isn't blonde, but she'd look cool blonde anyways. I think Daisy & Tails the Fox from Sonic the Hedgehog are the best friends forever, like how Sonic the Hedgehog shares the BFF relationship with him.
Am I making sense?

What's with perverts and blondes these days? This is why I'm glad my blonde hair darkened when I was 3 and is brown now.

This reason is so stupid! My hair is NOT blonde! (Thank goodness)
Not every single Mario princess can have blonde hair!

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25 Sonic & Daisy Never Stay Together Forever

Rosalina & Tails are very liable to stay together forever.

I think she did, but yes. We prefer her to be together forever with Tails, & even Princess Peach's rival, Knuckles the Echidna.P.S. I hated the old Miley, & prefer the new Miley more.

Sonic x Daisy (briefly) did happen at the Pacific Coliseum at Vancouver, Briitish Columbia.

Rubbish - ToadF1

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26 Daisy Never Wears Her Hair Up

She might later. Knuckles has to, too. Peach does a lot, but had no choice to. She shall wear a bun or (obviously for me) pigtails or braids or 1 big, thick braid! Let's hope Nintendo agrees on the whole top tens list. Rosalina actually wore a ponytail - only in one game called Super Mario 3D World. In 2 outfits: Fire & Boomerang! Cute! Y'know, she is a little more tomboyish than Princess Daisy, so we'll eventually tell Nintendo to give us that information! :D Sometimes I actually imagine Princess Peach wearing a bun. All 3 of them - Peach, Daisy & Rosalina have severe estrogen!

Princess Daisy really does need her hair up, but her power is not good enough for a tomboy, & thus Princess Daisy even whines when expected to be as powerful as Donkey Kong & King Bowser.

So wait, what sick plan does Kieran Stark have next? I bet Rosalina standing at 17'6".

How much longer does this list go on for?

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27 Princess Daisy's Bikini Pictures

They are so annoying without male crossover characters such as Tails the Fox from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. They are less annoying with a big pear figure.

In the London 2012 Olympics, Daisy didn't have to talk with female Sonic characters only minus Dr. Eggman & Cheese the Chao.

Yea all fictional females have those

Which ones. Oh yeah, there aren't any!

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28 Peach Broke Donkey Kong's Bones After Being Kidnapped By Him!

Pauline couldn't hurt old Donkey Kong!

But check out Peach's pugnacious attitude in Super Pantyhose Peach. Peach always had this aggressively annoying attitude due to her unusual hairstyle.

Also, the last time Peach actually got kidnapped by Bowser was Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Also, why are there lesser Mario games released in a year since 2010?! WHY?!

Actually, Daisy did it too!

Peach breaks the bones of hulks into many pieces.
She even makes them weaker & more crooked.

She did beat up dk

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29 Peach Threatens to Force Anyone/Everyone to Remember Her Birthday

That's true. Imagine if Peach got pissed off that Sonic the Hedgehog has forgot her birthday & Sonic got scared because Princess Peach angrily yelled "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU FORGOt MY BIRTHDAY?! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! ". Tails would be sorrier.

Peach would angrily accuse Amy Rose if she didn't help her.

She'd even growl very angrily at Dr. Eggman or Donkey Kong if he kidnapped her after she hears the villainous laugh.

Imagine if there was a Bruno Mars Mario x Peach music video called "Grenade".

Ugh just so so dumb all of this is for peach like daisy does not do these peach does like peach gets kinaped all the time like every hour it happens

Who made this list was drunk - DaisyandRosalina

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30 Peach Hates her Job as a Heroine!

Peach is terrible & wouldn't help anyone out.
She is a spoiled brat who mocks her bossy parents.

Peach is even Mario's stalker.

Hey, idiot! Princess Peach does have breasts. She even has curves, too! But yes, she has to improve on skateboarding & win everything!

How do you know that?! Horrible reason

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31 Peach has a fit over the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!

She also is always crying because she wants to escape British Columbia & childishly wants to go back to the Mushroom Kingdom rather than do her job as a tomboy or heroine! Why the hell! She ain't really the wimpiest princess, & I'm a boy! Peach is ungrateful that her jobs are to win! She is abusive & aggressive & wants to batter up & Mario, Luigi & anyone/everyone else can leave her captured after she yelled "NOT GUILTY! " after everyone else in Super Mario Sunshine! & she hates her job to fight back & she is overly argumentative & generally too bossy & temperamental! Daisy just loves her jobs as a tomboy & fighter, whereas Mario is her idol! She should be voiced by Emma Watson! Wikipedia sure misunderstands Peach's true personality, & Rosalina at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics is just a spoof of the actual Mario & Sonic games!

She has a Canadian-like culture.

Yeah, Canadians are nice, but Peach is a bossy girl.

Princess Peach should get grounded longer & longer if she gets kidnapped often.

Horrible and stupid reason

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32 Peach & Daisy Never Have Male Rivals

Actually, they have some. None of their male rivals have big competitions with the 2 chicks.

Princess Peach's rivalry with Tails is the same answer to Princess Daisy's rivalry with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Peach seems to have very bad relationships with Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat & especially her partner Princess Daisy.

How come Peach & Daisy don't compete with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow & Silver.

How come Princess Daisy & Kirby (from the Nintendo's Kirby franchise) didn't get to know each other? They're both very cute.

So? - ToadF1

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33 Princess Peach Growls A Lot!

That sounds pompous. Peach was posey on her "Sweet 16th" birthday.

She is a very spoiled girl who calls her father "Daddykins" in general.

Peach is rude & creepy.

No way! Stop making up things about her!

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34 Daisy is Clumsy

Why are Peach & Daisy clumsier than Mario & Luigi?

P.S. I still hate Prince Theodore who is Princess Daisy's little brother with supreme obesity.

Yeah, peach is pretty clumsy too.

Daisy is not too clumsy. But she does rival Mario & Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog has better capability than Princess Daisy.

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35 Sam Kelly Wouldn`t Voice Princess Daisy like Jen Taylor & Kate Fleming Do!

Yep, Peach didn't even bother to have a lower voice than Daisy, EVER"!

I know. Daisy would be currently voiced by Deanna Mustard otherwise Daisy wouldn't be that tomboyish.

Peach should've been the tomboy, & Daisy not as much. That won't replace Rosalina's tomboyish nature.

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36 Peach Holds Too Many Grudges With an Ungrateful Attitude

So true! Like Betty Cooper & Nancy Drew, & even Benatar (kind of), she is a very spoiled brat who acts like Veruca Salt & Princess Morbucks, only her negative attitude is much worse as well as she is disobedient! She must later be 7'7" & weigh 276 pounds. Princess Daisy will be 10'10" & weigh 195 pounds, & Rosalina will be 16'11", or maybe 17'0" instead, & she'll weigh 196 pounds. Peach just goes on a killing spree (I think) when she gets rescued. & after getting rescued by anyone from her kidnappers (possibly including Donkey Kong) she doesn't forgive anyone. She just gets aggressively sad right after her ass was rescued. Peach should get grounded for getting kidnapped, big time! This should be a reason that is at least on top 5!

Peach had no choice to NOT get kidnapped. Her behavior was bossy & annoying since she was an infant.

Peach should've worn respective sports attire in Mario Party.

Betty cooper is not a spoiled brat in everyone's and my opinion

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37 Peach Wears a Ponytail When Daisy & Rosalina Have Their Hair Down

I hate peach and most of the things on here about her are true. But ponytails are good hairstyles and peach looks better with a ponytail. I do agree that Rosalina has a better ponytail but I have never seen Daisy with her hair up so I can't say anything about that. Peach looks way more restarted with her hair down

This is due to their stupid hair lengths.

All 3 of the girls are very fussy about how their hair looks (I wouldn't say Rosalina).

Peach is Mario's self-proclaimed girlfriend.

So? - ToadF1

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38 Peach & Daisy's Habit of Wearing Dresses for (Almost) Nothing

They didn't have to continue being in 1-piece princess attires, & I asked for 2-piece schoolgirl uniforms as their princess attires!

I wouldn't say Peach's parents are bossy.

I'd say only Peach is bossy.

Rosalina wears a dress...If your BFF decided to wear something different and you saw it, you wouldn't say: " that dress is horrible! You're no longer my friend

Why in the world will Peach and Daisy wear dresses while playing soccer, baseball, heck even swimming in Mario Party minigames? They should stop wearing those and start wearing real clothes for those sports. The Mario Party games are rated E, right? Why will I see their underwear when they lean over? Peach and Daisy, start wearing appropriate clothes and stop being lazy to change!

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39 Peach's Rivalry with Amy Rose

Nintendo & Sega didn't 't have to keep it happening!

Mario has a small rivalry with Amy Rose, due to their hammers they take out when they're very pissed off!
Mega Man used a Piko-Piko Hammer once, & thus he was aggressive & referring to bossily yelling "You are so dead! "

Imagine if Peach were a cranky Archie Comics character.

Friendly rivalry? More like arch-rivalry.

Though I prefer Amy. Peach is awesome

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40 Pink Gold Peach's Voice

Why didn't Nintendo get away with a Paper Daisy, Mini Daisy toys & an Orange (or Yellow) Gold Daisy?

Ahem uh I have a mini daisy. Toy the daisy toys are very rare

At least Pink Gold Peach isn't too major.

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