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41 Princess Peach Always Needs Help

She's saved Mario, Mimi, and has helped Mario about 4 times now. Mario needed help too needing help isn't bad even poser Daisy needed help

Come on, Princess Peach! You are independent and CAN take care of yourself! Now WIN!

She has powers and she barely ever uses them

She does she like texting Bowser to kidnap her

42 Daisy Is Not Over 6 Feet Tall

Who cares! My BFF Caitlin is short but she loves Daisy! Caitlin looks like her too! My name is Daisy and that person that said hi my names Daisy, shut up, well you can't say nasty stuff like that. What if a child comes up here and gets really upset! If you don't care, you're a bully! I don't often stick up for myself but this time, I am!

I think Amy Rose whined that she didn't deserve her own terrible water park.

She would be after taking a Mega Mushroom, whereas her bust size would be very big.

Put me out of my misery instead of going through this list.

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43 Peach Has a Very Aggressive Attitude

Every time Princess Peach appears, she gets bossy & short-tempered, referring to going "IT'S NOT ENOUGH! " & then bawling furiously. :(

She would be a very short-tempered Sonic Battle character.

Penis the Hedgehog

Mario Battle beats Sonic Battle.

She's not aggressive if she is why does she not care if she doesn't win?

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44 Mario & Daisy Look Like Older Brother & Younger Sister

Mario & Daisy have big heads, yet tiny brains!

I think Mario is more capable of everything than Daisy.

Artist characters have that problem go look at Bleach characters and then come back to me ktnks

Daisy is Mario sister in law - Danteem

No Daisy is marry to Luigi! So that means Daisy is Mario's sister in law! - Danteem

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45 Princess Peach Acts Like She Can't Stop Getting Kidnapped, When Really, She Can!

Princess Peach is no good at Figure Skating! She is a coward who was definitely destined for greatness!

I think Peach makes excuses to never have to be independent.
Peach should be grounded big time for getting kidnapped & not winning frequently.

Peach should absolutely improve on teenaged boys' sports.

Horrible reason

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46 They're Never Real!

Please take that reason off that list.

I'd hate Peach if she were real. For her tall height, Peach has no choice to be an elite teen queen, like Princess Daisy.
I wish Princess Daisy were real.

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47 Daisy Is Considered Average Height, But Really, She Is Moderately Tall

Daisy needs to be much taller & have a pear figure.

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48 Peach Holds Too Many Grudges With an Ungrateful Attitude

So true! Like Betty Cooper & Nancy Drew, & even Benatar (kind of), she is a very spoiled brat who acts like Veruca Salt & Princess Morbucks, only her negative attitude is much worse as well as she is disobedient! She must later be 7'7" & weigh 276 pounds. Princess Daisy will be 10'10" & weigh 195 pounds, & Rosalina will be 16'11", or maybe 17'0" instead, & she'll weigh 196 pounds. Peach just goes on a killing spree (I think) when she gets rescued. & after getting rescued by anyone from her kidnappers (possibly including Donkey Kong) she doesn't forgive anyone. She just gets aggressively sad right after her ass was rescued. Peach should get grounded for getting kidnapped, big time! This should be a reason that is at least on top 5!

Peach had no choice to NOT get kidnapped. Her behavior was bossy & annoying since she was an infant.

Peach should've worn respective sports attire in Mario Party.

49 Peach is Girlish for Nothing

Why's the Mario franchise have royalty & girlish behavior.

Kieran Stark would email Nintendo.

No fictional franchises ever need prissy people!

What's wrong with that?

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50 Peach's Aggressive Game Appearances

I strongly despise Princess Peach's appearance.

She's cruel, like Moose Mason.

Princess Peach shouldn't be in any more stuff than other female video game characters in video game history. thanks, Nintendo & Sega.

Princess Peach gets pissed if people lose their stuff although they did not mean to.

Peach is aggressively annoying.

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51 Peach Wears a Ponytail When Daisy & Rosalina Have Their Hair Down

This is due to their stupid hair lengths.

All 3 of the girls are very fussy about how their hair looks (I wouldn't say Rosalina).

Peach is Mario's self-proclaimed girlfriend.

I hate it because it's usual nowadays.

52 Princess Peach Mocks Mickey Mouse & Dixie Kong

Yep, their annoying voices would truly rival each other.

Mickey Mouse & Princess Peach would be arch-rivals.

Meanie! Be nice to BOTH of these adorable damn rivals of yours, Peach! Or I'll have to make you a Canucks player in a braid! Signed by Thegamehero24. I know, Shigeru Miyamoto & Satoru Itawa might be moderately sorry about their cliche creation, Princess Peach & her silly hairstyle.

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53 They Both Have (Barely) the Hourglass Figure (unlike Rosalina).

Princess Peach probably has big boobs. & besides, Peach in a ponytail is a ripoff of Betty Cooper's cliche blond ponytail.

Imagine if Peach jumped Minnie Mouse in anger. Donald Duck is much more graceful than Peach.
Anything Peach can do, Donald can do much better.

Why don't you get to know a character instead of liking them for looks shallow

Why do most blond teenaged girls have skinny hips?!

I know. Daisy's figure looks kind of pear.

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54 Peach Hates Camping

Peach decides to go for bronze & gold on every event of the Olympics & everything else, I think. Daisy must accuse Peach for that.

Peach should be able to win a lot & perform tricks for any elite athlete.

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55 They Need to Stick With All the Male Sonic the Hedgehog Characters

Why is this reason still between top 20 & top 45?

It is true.

She would've been very furious about Amy Rose when they first met, & they still are.
Princess Daisy & Shadow the Hedgehog would slightly be speedy partners.

56 Daisy's Current Voice Is Moderately Too Inappropriate For Those Under 9 Years of Age

Just like Sonic's "You're too slow! " & Butthead's "Uh huh huh". ):(

She has an aggressively suggestive voice.

What I am under 9 so what are you putting this a reason she sounds like SpongeBob who cares

Half of the people say it sounds too manly, and half of everybody say it's too girly! I blame the Rosalina fans.

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57 Peach's Infantile Excuses Not To Have To Win

This reason can't be still top 43! This needs to be at least top 15, not "Stereotypical Brats".

Do your household chores & sports, Peach!
& please wear a bun in your silly blond hair.

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58 Peach's Rivalry with Amy Rose

Nintendo & Sega didn't 't have to keep it happening!

Mario has a small rivalry with Amy Rose, due to their hammers they take out when they're very pissed off!
Mega Man used a Piko-Piko Hammer once, & thus he was aggressive & referring to bossily yelling "You are so dead! "

True story, especially on Peach's temper.

Why would Peach have to play asilly role of a female with a girlish nature?!
It is inappropriate for her tall height.

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59 Peach's Bossiness

"HELP ME! " "YOU BETTER NOT LOSE A GAME! " "SHUT UP! " "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO! " "HOLD UP YOUR CHAINS! " All those terrible quotes from Princess Peach, who is known as Princess Cherry in Italy. She forces people to spend time with her.
Peach's flowy hairstyle when it's loose is retarded.

Now you're talking! She is Mario's stalker & rips off Princess Daisy & Rosalina despite the fact that she came first. Peach always wills to avoid taking the spot.

Solid Snake is much cooler.

Let Solid Snake bang Rouge the Bat. Both will have Russian accents.

So she wants help she's bossy you Peach haters are so stupid you should scream help too if someone kidnaps you you are f-ing dumb if you don't!

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60 Daisy's Habit of Wearing Dresses Rather than Just Two-Pieces

Why'd Daisy have to wear her princess attire in every Mario Party event?

I also believe that Princess Daisy's mother is Queen Petunia, who I think is 5'10".

Did she actually wear either a 1-piece or a 2-piece in Mario Tennis Open & Mario Golf: World Tour?

Daisy could give up wearing dresses. I don't even know how big her bust size is in general.

Dress or two piece she still dresses girly

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