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81 Daisy Is Barely In Ray William Johnson's Your Favorite Martian Franchise

Daisy needs to be much a more major character who could fight Pac-Man in a Death Battle because both like yellow & orange.

How come in YouTube series by Ray Willaim Johnson, Justin Bieber, etc... Princess Peach is in instead of Princess Daisy?! WHY?!

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82 Princess Peach's Angry Face With Fangs & Bossiness

That sure would happen during her aggressive catfights with Amy Rose.

Peach has very bad relations with anyone.

She even has a subtle rivalry with Tails the Fox.

Tails's future attributes: 5'7" & weighs 176 pounds (he'll need 3 tails or more these times).

She probably had a temper tantrum on her "Sweet 16th" birthday.

Imagine if Mario couldn't control his piss & pissed on Peach's weapon. I think in a ponytail after realizing that Mario pissed on her Piko-Piko Hammer & her frying pan, Pach got aggressive & took her hair down.
This reason could be at least top 15.

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83 Princess Daisy Barely Sings

She could be a disc jockey of the future "White Tomboy Wasted" band premiering on February 12, 2015 at the latest.

The female athletes in the Mario & Sonic series were the least talented athletes, especially the only going for bronze Princess Peach.
Amy Rose could be called Kootie Pie Rose.

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84 They Barely Go With Male Crossover Characters

In Vancouver, I don't really think Peach stuck with any male characters in the opening ceremony unless you're talking about Knuckles. Daisy just sticks with female characters strictly. How dare she.

I'll make Princess Daisy spend much time with Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails the Fox & Knuckles the Echidna.

WHY?! Gee, Daisy needs to go to the Canadian city of Victoria with Tails the Fox & Pac-Man. & thus, they are the White Tomboy Wasted band & will do everything in British Columbia & be visually seen taking several dumps. ) D

85 She Resembles Crabby Children from Popular Book Company

Stylization doesn't really make you smarter.

But Peach is a cranky blond with an unkind temperament.

Aren't those Canadian children horrible?
I even hated how they were stylized.

She resembles Mrs. Beasly from the overrated Archie Comics.
Imagine if she encountered the temperamental Chris Thorndyke.
I'm not that surprised that Chris Thorndyke would have a temper.

86 Peach Appears In Every Mario Sports Game

Finally! I read it on the Super Mario Wiki that was created by Marshal Dan Troop that since the early 90s, Princess Peach reluctantly appeared for not many reasons & will (like a very defenseless, wimpy & spoiled little blonde girl) appear in every Mario Party installment! I am so pissed that people actually want Princess Peach to appear in every Mario Sports & Mario Party game with either her hair in a ponytail or her silly blond hair loose & in the clothing that people are so used to! She hates us! Princess Peach might chase Sonic the Hedgehog with her Piko Piko Hammer to force her very angrily & with a very mad crush to love him BIG TIME! Princess Peach is very harmful to Amy Rose. & guess what? According to Sonic News Network, Princess Peach briefly worn her unreasonably flowy hair down in Mario & Sonic at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games (no matter which console version) possibly at the Whistler Olympic Village or the Pacific National Exhibition, & even worse, she worn her ...more

She also appears in almost every Mario spin-off. :(

Princess Peach probably was given no choice by her creaters to appear in more stuff than any other female Mario character due to the Mario franchise being a success since the 80s.

So does Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Toad (who isn't always playable)

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87 How They Dressed In Vancouver, British Columbia

Rsalina dressed that way, too. Peach, Daisy & Rosalina all needed their picture taken with Sonic the Hedgehog (who is next to Daisy), Tails the Fox (who is next to Rosalina) & Knuckles the Echidna (who is next to Peach) in every single place both indoors & outdoors at British Columbia & everywhere else in Canada.

How could a tomboy play ice hockey in a dress?!

88 Peach's Temper Being Much More Infantile Than Donald Duck's

I'd prefer Death Battle: Princess Daisy vs. SpongeBob SquarePants.

Imagine if there were a death battle inbetween Baby Peach & Donald Duck.

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89 Daisy Didn't Appear In the Super Mario Sunshine Series or Even the Super Mario Galaxy Series

Why did Daisy only appear in spin-offs nowadays (& make a subtle cameo in New Super Luigi you in her general princess attire)?

Peach gave us the worst evil eye in Super Mario Galaxy. I'm sorry if I've been redundant.

This could be at least top 35.

Actually, this could be at least top 5. Seriously, Daisy is a useful character. She needs to stick with Tails.

Who would want a childish brat ruining those series?

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90 Their Skin is Sometimes Tanned

It looks cute anyways, especially if the girls had large pear figures.

This reason needs to be off the list.

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91 Daisy Has a Round Face

What for, Nintendo? I guess this is why your culture looks younger than any other culture, which even the Canadian culture found out.

So what? This doesn't need to be a reason on the list.

Daisy's brothers won't have round faces.

She does. So it makes her more unique its not a bad thing

92 Their Estrogen

I heard that Kieran Stark wants their heir thighs to be upside-down round egg shaped, large, the same smell & feel of soft-boiled round eggs & the same taste as round eggs.

Cool! I could pinch those upside-down egg shaped thighs that are also full of a lot of fat & barely any bone or muscle.

Yet their bodies will be around 65% toned.

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93 Daisy's Rivalry with Larry Koopa

What's with that plan, huh? Their athletic skills & currently same height?! That makes sense. their rivalry would get bigger.

I think a temperamental 16-year old got grounded after he told Carly Rae Jepson that Princess Daisy & Larry Koopa are going to have a fierce rivalry over her concert.

One person said that they have no male rivalries, and now you're all saying that she has one with Larry? Let's face it, Daisy is way better than the goody-goody, overrated Rosalina, who has idiot fans and actuall reasons to be disliked.

94 Their Boobs Are Small

I don't think so. I think their breasts & nipples are a little huge when their size is normal, & I think they are even a little huge for giantesses if they took Mega Mushrooms. Imagine if they were naked & close to people. Why? They have the moderately subtle hourglass shape.

I think the normal bust size for a middle's length is one fourth a waist. Are their breasts slightly too big for their middles?

But Peach has a big ass to make up for it.

You guys are perverts go watch HSotD. Seriously only caring about female characters body get a life

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95 Daisy Strongly Resembles a Barbie Character

This is due to her voice & what she wears.

Barbie makes no sense.
Princess Peach had an infantile interest of dolls in Mario vs. Wario, too.

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96 Peach Strongly Resembles an Archie Comics Character

We hate Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide, too.

Miles "Tails" Prower & Mega Man? More like Tails & Super Mario.

Tails is short-tempered half of the time despite his nice personality.

But this reason should be higher on the list.

I know. She even has a fit like a Sonic Archie character. Mega Man had the Piko-Piko Hammer.

She also resembles Barbie & Rapunzel.
Imagine if Peach played the role of Rapunzel.
Imagine if there were a Betty & Veronica version of Rapunzel called "Archie's Tangled ".
This needs to be at least top 30.

Princess Peach has Rapunzel Syndrome! :(

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97 Peach's Self-proclaimed Character

Ask Mat-Pat her true personality. Mario is evil.

Peach is a self-proclaimed girlfriend of anyone, especially Mario.
She gets very furious if Mario doesn't accept her crush.

Princess Peach has such an overly mad crush!

Imagine Luigi in Sonic X.

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98 Peach Makes People See Her

She did in Mario Golf: World Tour. She makes the real audience see her when the real audience has to see her.

We prefer to see Princess Daisy & Rosalina.

Peach abuses Subcons & Sprixie Princesses.

"We prefer to see Princess Daisy & Rosalina."
Lol F NO I rather not see princess poser (aka daisy) AT ALL

99 Peach Never Lets People See Princess Daisy

Peach thinks Daisy is ridiculous.

How come Mario games have to have Peach but not Daisy?
Even Rosalina got more positive reception than Peach.

Come on! Why? We got to see Princess Daisy sometimes.

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100 Peach's Strict Rules

We'll have to give Princess Peach supremely stern rules back, for example, she will learn to NEVER BE KIDNAPPED (aka the lost princess) as long as she lives but nowadays, she has appeared in more games than all other female gaming characters in all of gaming history, which needs to stop. Princess Peach is less unique compared to the super-beautiful Princess Daisy (her best friend? More like arch-rival) & Rosalina (her subtly busty mother with a tomboyish attitude).

Agreed! Peach is a stalker! Stalker, stalker, stalker! She has Rapunzel Syndrome & doesn't try to win gold. She has no skill! Such a big head, & an even tinier brain than Beavis's brain.

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