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101 Peach's Strict Rules

We'll have to give Princess Peach supremely stern rules back, for example, she will learn to NEVER BE KIDNAPPED (aka the lost princess) as long as she lives but nowadays, she has appeared in more games than all other female gaming characters in all of gaming history, which needs to stop. Princess Peach is less unique compared to the super-beautiful Princess Daisy (her best friend? More like arch-rival) & Rosalina (her subtly busty mother with a tomboyish attitude).

Agreed! Peach is a stalker! Stalker, stalker, stalker! She has Rapunzel Syndrome & doesn't try to win gold. She has no skill! Such a big head, & an even tinier brain than Beavis's brain.

We won't obey Peach!
She is bossy & pugnacious.

102 Peach's Sadness Always Turns Into Furious Anger

Getting kidnapped often & becoming more of a coward can make you a very bad-tempered person like the cowardly Princess Peach.

Mario as Sonic

Luigi as Knuckles

Princess Peach as Princess Elise the Third

Princess Daisy as Amy Rose

Yoshi as Miles "Tails" Prower

Wario as Shadow the Hedgehog

Waluigi as Rouge the Bat

Pauline as Sally Acorn

Peach has appeared the most out of other female gaming characters. She should be accused for doing those unreasonable things, or I'll let Mario take steroids & strangle the life out of her.

Just like how Amy Rose's sadness turned into furious anger in Sonic X.
Imagine if Peach showed of pointed teeth with a furious face.

Imagine if she was very cruel to Chris Thorndyke.
I'd like Chris Thorndyke to be in 3D. He's cute.

103 Peach's Catfights Towards Amy Rose

Peach literally fights Amy rose? This over the limit amy should end her.

Are Peach & Amy called thse names for nothing?

Peach & Amy are totally bossy & growl at each other.

Peach would get very angry if Sonic forgot her date in an episode called "A Date to Forget/Peach's Love Escape Journey? ". :(

Imagine if they aggressively bit each other hard like cranky male lions!

What? - ToadF1

104 Peach's Pear Figure in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

It's probably fake & what a pervert did on deviantART!

I decided that DIC's version of Princess Peach would be 8'6" (256 cm) & she would have a very large pear figure with long, thick & circular thighs, a large bum that is fat, normal to large-sized breasts (including slightly large nipples) & very wide hips. She will also weigh 510 pounds. I got that idea from the Princess Toadstool upskirt deviantART picture.

I think her figure was more hourglass in the proper DIC cartoons, especially proven in Kootie Pie Rocks.
Imagine if Amy Rose repeatedly got grounded by King Bowser Koopa for her constant temper tantrums in Sonic X. Amy Rose is posey & like Veruca Salt.

Who gives a c**p about that show?

105 The Makers of G-Mod Wouldn't Stop Using Princess Peach's Modern High Voice

I don't know why Princess Peach decided to be in Epic Rap Battles of History & Annoying Orange instead of Daisy & Rosalina. It is very surprising that Princess Peach was in more stuff than Daisy & Rosalina.

I think they're in touch with Princess Peach's high & girly voice. & Daisy's more tomboyish voice.

Relax. Rosalina has been put in Super Mario Bros.Z. But I do hope she talks to male Sonic characters. Also, Amy Rose is like a retarded younger sister to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Princess Peach could have her old voice (back in Mario 64 & Paper Mario) back.

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106 Peach Acts Like a Little Girl

They are so childish that I couldn't take it anymore!

I'd have to agree with you. In the anime movie, Peach got kidnapped like a 2 year old & wouldn't fight back. Peach is aggressive & the true villain of the anime movie, where she enslaves people.

According to Cute Mario Bros, Peach gets pissed if one didn't pay attention to her. She is a cruel, malevolent princess, even forcing people to see her when they don"t even like her in Super Mario Bros.Z.

107 Instead of Daisy, Peach Appeared in the Your Favorite Martian Franchise

Peach had a chipper attitude in 8-Bit World, but in the Somebody That I Used to Know cover song, she has a bossy & unimpressed attitude. Daisy didn't really bother to appear in the We Like Them Girls music video, or did she?

Rosalina needed to be in Your Favorite Martian, too.

108 Peach Appears as a Character Who Bosses Amy Rose Around!

That's right. Amy Rose would pull out her Piko-Piko Hammer if Peach got kidnapped. Peach would pull out her frying pan & get pissed if Mario accidentally pissed on ALL of her weapons.

When? Seriously, this list is stupid

Possibly, so many reasons I agree peach sucks expecially this.

109 Peach is Ungrateful with no Sportsmanship

Peach is too shy to play sports. Why couldn't she do any physical skill better than Daisy?

If she had no sportsmanship she wouldn't be in sports games

She does have sportsmanship.
Her sportsmanship of not bothering to win shows that her sportsmanship is bad.

110 Peach's Abusive Treatment to Almost ALL Crossover Characters

Peach would've angrily slapped Bomberman if she knew him.

Peach is just going to cry when she sees them.
Daisy is eager to see them.

She argues with being the lead female in video games.
Peach could've broke Bowser's bones once & needs to get kidnapped by Knuckles the Exhidna in his Sonic Boom design, please.


111 Peach's freak-outs & short temper in the anime movie

Wikipedia said she was nice anyways. Peach is classless.

Don't tell me Peach has a kind temperament! She lets people Roy in cages & sneaks out in the night to break big men.

I know what you mean by "Roy in cages". You mean "rot in cages". Peach was so cranky in everything. She only wanted things to herself.

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112 Peach angrily waits rather than take chances on anything

How can Peach be confident with a high, girlish voice?

She prefers to accuse anyone for nothing.

She gives Mario info and items while kidnapped and has saved Mario and went on a quest to save the world with Mario a couple times stop lieing

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113 Daisy's masculinity

It is cliche. I wish she had a different voice in the actual Mario franchise.

Cool! I'd expect an Archie Comics spin-off series called "Pac-Man: Endless Digest.

Peach should die in Erwin's Fortress aka Erwin's Stronghold in some other regions from Pac-Man World 3!
When will there ever be Archie Pac-Man Comics & Pac-Man World 4?

She has no masculinity shes a poser shes feminine

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114 Daisy Wasn't Featured In the SNES

We all agree with you on this reason. It should be high on this list.

Daisy shouldn't have been such a minor video game character in both the 80s & the 90s.

She should appear in every game

She should've made a cameo in Super Mario All-Stars.

Stupid reason to hate characters

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115 Daisy Didn't Appear On the GBA

I know. It wasn't enough GBA appearances.

Why was Princess Daisy a not-so-major character? :(

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116 Princess Daisy Didn't Appear in Comics

I know, but Daisy makes a perfect Archie Comics character, & so does Rosalina, not Princess Peach.

If you look closer, she briefly appeared in Nintendo Adventure Comics with a hulking Tatanga.

117 Daisy's Butt & Hips Look Small

How big are Princess Peach & Princess Daisy's breasts & nipples? They're slightly huge, right? It's best to ask Nintendo. I'll even ask about Rosalina's true bust size, but I'm sure Luigi has a little penis.

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118 Princess Peach's Attitude in Yakuman DS

Why was Peach less adept at everything than Daisy?

Here's an example: In the title screen of NES Open Tournament Golf: Peach had a stern & startled look on her face while Daisy, on the other hand had a nicer, happier & calmer look on her face.

You see that? While Mario, Luigi & Toad knew what to do on everything, Princess Peach was stuck which gave her a bad temper.

Princess Peach is a boy's stalker.

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119 When We Play As Peach, She Doesn't Care for Winning

If Peach is expected to win, she'd furiously hurt people. :(

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120 Peach Thinks She Is Short But She Is Actually Tall

How come Peach has a negative attitude?

She even let herself get kidnapped because she harms herself.

I know. She is a coward who purposely loses on everything.

Peach is so cowardly & should go back to Koopatraz Prison alongside Chris Thorndyke.

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