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161 Peach Isn't Independent

Is being the most major female video game character actually Peach's obligation? Because I prefer Rosalina to be more major.

She ate a lot of vegetables. She should be capable of herself then.
But in Super Princes Peach, Peach gets mad that she has to go to the Real World every time.

Princess Peach has a bad baseball advantage,

Why is Princess Peach so infantile?!

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162 Peach Lets a Herself Die

Peach has the lowest capabilities in SMB2.

She even gets pissed at other characters for dying.

That's why she's still alive right lol

Princess Peach shall thus be in jail for being a pathetic sport.

163 Peach's Designs With Round Faces

I agree. I don't care if she is the top 2 most major character, but I don't think she had any reason to be the most major female video game character. Things happen.

Princess Peach will always have a meltdown.

Peach should nonetheless make less appearances than Princess Daisy & Rosalina (which were less focused on).

164 Peach Started the Olympics Much Later Than Daisy

I think Princess Daisy started her Olympic career at the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympic Games at Alberta, Canada, North America & Princess Peach started off at the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics at Italy, Europe.

Peach is always late & has no talent & accuracy at ANYTHING. She couldn't do any gymnastics, yet she keeps telling people she's up for it!

Peach starts off almost everything later than Daisy.
Why is Princess Peach always a playable Mario Kart, Mario Golf, Mario Party & Mario Tennis character? We need to know.

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165 Princess Peach Went to British Columbia

Why would you do that, Peach? Why are you more major than Daisy?!
Imagine if she were in Mario Archie comics as a self-proclaimed girlfriend who exposes sharp teeth when pissed as hell.

Princess Peach: Mario!

Mario: I don't want to be together forever with her!

Princess Peach: I'LL KILL YOU NOW!

I think Princess Peach gets too much revenge on everyone & threatens to force Mario to marry her!

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166 Daisy Doesn't Swear

This reason needs to be at least top 50. Everything that comes out of Daisy's mouth is to appropriate in the true video game franchises.

To be more tomboyish, Daisy should use ruder words that actually count more as swear words.

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167 Peach Couldn't Do Well Compared to Every Other Mario Character

This should be top 1! Peach lacks skill & grace! We know she does! She has terrible performance scores compared to all other gaming characters including the epic Lara Croft!

Lara Croft is so badass & sure can rival Pac-Man.

Also, Princess Peach is too pathetic & would just aggressively kick people.

168 They Don't Drink

I think they do drink. So who needs this reason on the list? Peach drank champagne alongside Luigi & Bowser in the Japanese version of Super Mario Kart.

Daisy seemed kinda drunk in Mario Strikers Charged. Did she go to a pub in Greater Vancouver or something?

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169 They're Obsessed With Female Crossover Characters

So true! This reason needs to be at least top 10. Peach doesn't have a good time at all with even her female friends. Peach is selfish & spoiled. Imagine if there were Archie comics & she were in "Princess Peach in Teen Queen Peach".

The whole Princess Peach with famale crossover characters/Princess Daisy with female crossover characters business is so overrated. Also, Princess Peach & Princess Daisy should hang with Miles "Tails" Prower & Kirby (from Nintendo's franchise called "Kirby of the Stars" in Japan).

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170 Peach is Gay

Peach 7 Mario hate each other & even though she promises to be best friends with Princess Daisy, she breaks the promise & thus Peach & Daisy aren't good friends. Daisy even betrayed Peach in Fortune Street. Daisy's true best friend is Toad, w/ Princess Peach being best friends with Rosalina, her mother & even her brother Luma.

Princess Peach has too much road rage!

If she is who cares? That would be her choice grow up

She prefers video game females over video game males.

171 They Appear with Taller, Thicker Bodies than Most Sonic Characters

How gross. It looks like they can't stop smelling bad to the male Sonic characters, especially in ALL Canadian cities, including Victoria, the top 3 nicest city in the world nowadays which the Your Favorite Martian band & the White Tomboy Wasted band could go to often.

172 They're Young

When they age, they still have the same physique they used to have.

Why does Princess Peach appear in more games than Pauline anyways? Pauline came first!

Well, that's very cool! They look so cute that way.

F you young people you r bad people! 11!

Are you guys really this stupid?

173 Daisy Insults People When They Lose

2nd millenium Daisy - Nice, sweet, poor, (slightly) tomboyish, happy, energetic, infrequent, positive

3rd millenium Daisy - Stubborn, underrated, perverted, rude, average, annoying, bossy, competitive, more mysterious, chance-losing, criticized.

She even insulted HERSELF in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour after she got a bogey. Princess Daisy: the idiot tomboy.

Peach insulted people for not winning in Mario Strikers & showed her bossy nature for sure. Also, Peach gave us the evil eye!

174 Peach Prefers (mostly) Childish Stuff Better than More Mature Stuff

She was just so cranky & cowardly when she had to start school on her first day in kindergarten, I'm sure.

Peach doesn't build any character.

Princess Peach is so negative & short-tempered.

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175 Peach has Too many Heart figures

First of all, she has too many kisses too many hearts and stuff like that. She's not even married to anyone yet. She is way too girly and she rewards Mario pies and kisses.

176 Peach Appears In More Stuff Than Daisy & Rosalina

I'm so mad at her for doing that! Is Peach mad? She has an angrily mad crush on Mario.

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177 Peach Is Always a Reluctant Coward

This reason needs to surpass top 50. Peach is so cruel I can barely stand her. Re: Her temper, her retardation, her anxiety, her prissy nature, her commands, her threats, her aggression, her power, etc...

Peach also takes steroids in almost every Mario spin-off!

178 Peach Always Wears a Dress in Tennis

This should be at least top 1! She is better in a 2-piece.

179 Daisy Hung With Amy Rose

How could Princess Daisy spend time with so many female characters? She should mostly (in British Columbia) spend eternal time with male crossover characters, especially Miles "Tails" Prower & etc...

Death Battle: Princess Daisy vs. Kirby (actually by ScrewAttack) would rock!

She hangs w/ male crossover characters, too!

180 Peach & Daisy Barely Have Brothers

Princess Daisy would have awkward brothers.

Come on! Princess Peach is daughter of Princess Rosalina & Lumas are all the sons of Princess Rosalina proving that Princess Peach has little brothers (that are Lumas).

Also, Mario x Daisy is pretty similar to brother & sister & needs to re-happen.

What happened to Mario x Daisy? Why do people like Peach so much?! Shouldn't they hate her? We're so surprised that Daisy was cut out of SSB3DS. All 7 gaming companies did this. This didn't use to happen for a long time. & why is Peach in every Mario Party game? WHY?! She doesn't do well in Mario Party! Maybe there were rules for Princess Peach not to die.

Daisy is over 100% prettier than the beautiful Princess Peach.

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