Top 10 Reasons to Hate Princesses Peach, Daisy & Rosalina

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1 They Wear Dresses to Sports

As if scaring people, as useless as peach or toad weren't enough. Awful dresses anyway. They not cute except Rosalina.

Laugh out loud they might trip over there dress and fall and cry

It's not like they wear ball gowns to sports. The only time I've seen Rosalina without a skirt is in her biking outfit

What about mario super sluggers, and plus this isn't a very good reason, I don't see how its number 1 or even top 10 - YOSHIA2121

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2 Peach's Bossy Attitude

She is so rude & is Mario's stalker!
She has the same personality as the ugly Minnie Mouse!

Notice of pretty much all of these reasons specifically point out Peach...

She isn't bossy, she is the opposite, she lets others control her life and this should be replaced with that - YOSHIA2121

Peach left Mario to die on the moon in super Mario odyssey!

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3 They Hang With Girls

Whats wrong with that they can't have friends that are girls? And they all hang out with Mario and gang in MK and sports games

This reason makes no sense, what is wrong with girls hanging with girls - YOSHIA2121

What's wrong with that?! Sexist!

Okay, this is sexist. - AmtrakHan6993

4 Peach's Girlish Nature

So what? I have no problem with tmboys but since when is it bad to be girly?!? - HeavyDonkeyKong

She is a girl so... - YOSHIA2121

Sexism. - AmtrakHan6993

5 Peach is much More Major than Daisy & Rosalina

Peach sucks! Pauline deserves Peach's role in the Mario franchise!

Welll, people are more familiar with her! - HeavyDonkeyKong


Pauline? - AmtrakHan6993

6 Peach Wasn't 't Replaced by Rosalina

Rosalina is awesome. But why would you want her to get kidnapped by Bowser all the time

I agre. Rosalina is to strong to get kidnapped by stupid bowser all the time!

7 Rosalina Is Super Overrated

Being overrated does not make you a bad character! If anything, Peach is overrated!

You mean overhated? Yeah that's the perfect word here - ParkerFang

This I can agree with, ever since mario galaxy a huge amount of the community has wanted her to replace peach as the "main princess" - YOSHIA2121

Very true she is a horrible character with an even worse fanbase. - WendyIsQueen

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8 Peach & Daisy Wear their Hair Badly

What does HAIR have to do with ANYTHING?

Rosalina has good hair and blonde suits her unlike a baby pink princess. Rosalina has a neat style that is layered. It's mostly shoulder length but has a long lock that stretches to the middle of her back. Daisy has dark red ( or Aubern) hair, not brown. Pauline has brown.

I liked their hair, mostly Rosalina's - ParkerFang

Peach has yellow hair

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9 Princess Peach Has Rapunzel Syndrome

What the dell even is Rapunzel syndrome, anyway?!

Peach is just as useful as Rosalina and Daisy

Uh no. She tries to escape as seen in 3D land, and gets 1ups, items, or information to Mario must the time. She doesn't just sit there and didn't help out Mario at all like a certain poser brunette princess.

Rupunzel syndrome is when you grow your hair freakishly long, duh!
I hate peach's horrible barbie hair anyway!

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10 Peach Is In Love With an Ugly Plumber

Hey Mario is sweet and loves helping people I think that teaches good lesson that looks shouldn't matter cause they shouldn't =/ stop being shallow people

She can't help who she falls in love with, the heart wants who the heart wants, this doesn't make her a bad person - YOSHIA2121

Mario's not loyal to her anyway as well as the goombas. She's useless. Big the cat more useful and good than her.

Why does this list exist if you call Mario ugly? - AmtrakHan6993

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? Peach is Mean to Mario

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11 Peach Is Very Overrated Compared to Princess Daisy

Princess Peach is the most inappropriate Mario character who deserves to be replaced by Princess Daisy in Mario Party 10.

Peach is overrated, Daisy is underrated, and Rosalina is perfectly rated.

Daisy isn't underrated cause she SHOULD be hated. Seriously she's just a childish poser whats to like about that? Nothing. And she's the biggest sore loser out there just as much as Bowser jr. is at least.

Peach at least gives you 1ups while kidnapped most the time and has saved Mario and helped Mario saved people. Even with Daisy's so called 'tomboy' trait she never did that.

Peach should be hated! She is so rude and innapropriate!

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12 Princess Peach Gets Kidnapped Often & Is Not Independent

Hard to be independent and not get kidnapped when you have stupid mushroom-headed people around at all times who can't do there job and have to get one person to do this.

Wow the first good reason is rated number 12, this list needs some major updates - YOSHIA2121

Peach is a lazy loser

13 Peach & Rosalina Rely On Mario

So, Rosalina knows that Mario needs to save Peach because she watched over him. So she asked him for help. In order for her place to be energized, Mario has to get all the stars in order for her to help him rescue Peach. Peach gave him some 1 ups which are important. So really they do rely on him but it's for a good reason - ParkerFang

Rosalina does not rely on mario! She was busy and had to stay to protect luma just incase bowser came back!

Peach has to constantly be saved by him in almost every main game.

Rosalina is a mother of loads of lumas. She would obviously want to help them after their ship got trashed, right? Well, no. Instead she, after knowing him for about an hour, she makes him do all the work! She doesn't even support the lumas. She reads them a story. The rest of the time she just stands there.

Peach totally relys on mario! Rosa doesn't need a man though

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14 They Force People to Remember Their Date & Then Hold Grudges if Their Dates are Forgotten

That's amy rose. You got the games mixed up! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Well that's only peach

15 Princess Peach Has No Reason to Be In the Olympics

What ? Yes peach does. She's a main character like Mario, luigi, yoshi, and Bowser are! I hate amy, but I don't go around saying she shouldn't be in the games! Just don't play as her if you don't like her!

Peach can't do anything! Love to jump into the screen and boot her out!

Peach does NOT deserve to be in the olyimics! She cannot do anything she just sits there! PLEASE NINTENDO! BRING BACK PAULINE! Pauline would be a much better friend for Daisy and Rosalina anyway!

She's important - ParkerFang

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16 Rosalina and Daisy are Peach Clones

Different personalities, different looks, different voice actresses, different hairstyle and color and you guys still would think they're Peach clones? Am I the only one with good eye sight around here? - ParkerFang

17 Scratchpad Says "Female Main Characters of Franchises as Princess Peach" Constantly
18 Peach & Daisy are Disgraceful

Uh no she stayed focus on saving tippi no matter what, befriended Mimi despite how mean she was to her, and served tea to stop a fight how is that disgraceful?

Okay? - ParkerFang

Rosalina uses her luma CHILDREN as a weapon in SSB4. That's more discraceful than anything Peach or Daisy have ever done. At least Daisy doesn't use others as a weapon and Peach can actually fight her own fights in SSB

Rosalina uses her lumas as weapons in SSB. That's more dicraceful than anything a Peach or Daisy has done

19 They're Cowards

If they were cowards, peach wouldn't have rescued the sprixie's wouldn't have fought Bowser when he had the vibe scepter, and wouldn't have fought tabuu! Rosalina is not a coward either! And Daisy? She steals your items in Mario kart Double Dash! NOT COWARDLY! - HeavyDonkeyKong

If you think Daisy is cowardly, then tell me when (don't say Mario Land because she seemed pretty calm and there is no proof she gets scared in that game)

Peach saved Mario, Daisy slapped Bowser, and Rosalina helped Mario to stop Bowser. Do they sound cowardly to you now? - ParkerFang


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20 They're Teenagers

They're all adults! Just because Rosalina is the female Waluigi (in height) does not mean she's older geniuses. She has the same build and similar facial features as Peach. I'm not hating on Rosalina. I'm not hating on teenagers. I'm telling you that they're a similar age.

How is that even a bad thing everyone is a teenager at one point and how do we know this?

Only Peach and Daisy are stupid teenagers. Rosalina is an adult!

They are in their 20s, so yet another inaccurate reason - YOSHIA2121

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21 They Don't Save Themselves

At least Daisy and Rosalina can defend themselves - ParkerFang

Rosalina had to stay there with luma! Anyway nintendo sucks at designing their games anyway! If rosa is supposed to be powerful, well then don't just sit there, make her powerful! jeez!

Rosalina just askes Mario to retrieve the power stars, now I call that lazy.

We all know about Peach. Let me explain Rosalina:

SMG- Begs Mario to retrieve her power stars and does nothing

SMG2- Appears briefly at the end

SM3DW- Is playable after the Sprixies are rescued

22 They're Crazily Overrated

You mean overhated? - ParkerFang

Daisy may be a little, but peach (really tell me one place where she is not hated she's hated here, YouTube, tumblr, deventart, etc...) is nowadays is hated everywhere and Rosa is fine she should be liked. One of the few with a personality, only one with a complex backstory, sacrificed a lot for luma, is really knowligable, helpful.

Rosalina should be liked though. Peach is overrated and should be hated! (hey that rymes! ;))

23 Peach Rip Offs Princess Aurora

At leat aurora looks better!

=/ I don't see it

24 21 Rosalina Is Way Too Overrated

So how many times is this stupid reason going to be on the list?

Overhated - ParkerFang


25 Rosalina Is Way Too Overrated

Overhated - ParkerFang


26 Rosalina is a Show Off

She isn't

27 Rosalina is Now in More Games Than Daisy.

Daisy is in more games than Rosalina actually.

What do you mean in more games? Be specific - ParkerFang

28 Everyone Thinks that Rosalina is a Princess

Rosalina isn't a princess. If she was, they would call her PRINCESS Rosalina not just Rosalina!

No way! Rosalina just adopts Lumas, that's all!

29 Rosalina is Not Pretty

Because it's their opinion and Rosalina haters want the fans to respect their opinion when they can't respect ours

Because she IS pretty!

Why does everyone think that she's pretty?

Okay? - ParkerFang

30 Rosalina is the biggest Mary Sue
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