Top 10 Reasons to Hate Princesses Peach, Daisy & Rosalina

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21 They're Crazily Overrated

You mean overhated? - ParkerFang

Daisy may be a little, but peach (really tell me one place where she is not hated she's hated here, YouTube, tumblr, deventart, etc...) is nowadays is hated everywhere and Rosa is fine she should be liked. One of the few with a personality, only one with a complex backstory, sacrificed a lot for luma, is really knowligable, helpful.

Rosalina should be liked though. Peach is overrated and should be hated! (hey that rymes! ;))

22 Peach Rip Offs Princess Aurora

At leat aurora looks better!

=/ I don't see it

23 21 Rosalina Is Way Too Overrated

So how many times is this stupid reason going to be on the list?

Overhated - ParkerFang


24 Rosalina Is Way Too Overrated

Overhated - ParkerFang


25 Rosalina is a Show Off

She isn't

26 Rosalina is Now in More Games Than Daisy.

Daisy is in more games than Rosalina actually.

What do you mean in more games? Be specific - ParkerFang

27 Everyone Thinks that Rosalina is a Princess

Rosalina isn't a princess. If she was, they would call her PRINCESS Rosalina not just Rosalina!

No way! Rosalina just adopts Lumas, that's all!

28 Rosalina is Not Pretty

Because it's their opinion and Rosalina haters want the fans to respect their opinion when they can't respect ours

Because she IS pretty!

Why does everyone think that she's pretty?

Okay? - ParkerFang

29 Rosalina is the biggest Mary Sue
30 Rosalina and Daisy are Peach Clones
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