Top 10 Reasons to Hate Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I HATE THIS SHOW!!!!! Since the other list wasn't enough, here's its SEQUEL!!!!!!!!

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1 No Sex Scenes
2 It Causes a Lot of Destruction
3 It's Highly Overrated

Overrated =/= automatically terrible. How many times we have to go over this? - Rue

You are highly hypersensitive just because you can't handle criticism from your previous list that you mentioned.

Some people just never learn, do they? Or in this case, they just can't take criticism. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's not overrated it got 2 movies and rebellion it even won an award.

4 It Has Unlikable Characters

The only good one was that blond chick and her death was too confusing and sudden for me to grief for her at all. All Madoka did was cry every god damn episode and did nothing to help her friends, then suddenly out of nowhere we're supposed to believe that she is the most powerful being ever or something and practically a "god" and we're supposed to like the once boring and lacklustre Homura. Every other character (including blue hair and red hair girls) were not noticeable at all and their deaths were supposed to feel emotional and depressing but I felt nothing for them.

A fidget spinner is more useful than all the characters combined - Discord1

That all depends on the person but the only likable characters are Madoka Homura (Not really because she did everything wrong! ) but she is very strong and Kyoko!

5 It Tries Too Hard to Be Emotional

If you're 15, you might relate to that. Otherwise it is indeed try too be so emo, it becomes a parody of itself.

It doesn't try hard to be emotional. The writers know how to write something emotional without it being forced. Which is basically Madoka Magica. If you want an example of a magical girl anime that tries to hard to be emotional, it's Daybreak Illusion. (Which is actual trash. Not Madoka Magica)

6 It's Boring

I know it gets much better later on but even with that inspiration I wasnt able to get through the first couplet of episodes when I had gotten through other anime shows that were boring at first

NO its not

Yes it is, and you little ass kids that can't take an opinion are what make it true - Discord1

7 Obnoxious Fans

Says the obnoxious hater that is the creator of this list. I'm probably sounding like a prick right now in this comment, but you have to admit that most of the creator's comparison lists (especially the Ojamajo Doremi and Puella Magi Madoka Magica one) are completely asinine and filled with invalid and illogical reasoning. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 Lazy Animation
9 It's a Sailor Moon Rip-Off

Also if anyone really believes PMMM rips off Sailor Moon then with that logic every Magical Girl anime who sticks with the typical magical girl formula also rips off Sailor Moon. - Rue

How? It's literally nothing like Sailor Moon. - Rue

But I think it a rip off of sailor moon


10 It's Meanspirited

Define how Madoka Magica is meanspirited - Rue

It's actually supposed to be. But I'm actually alright with the anime now, and that's coming from someone who used to hate Madoka Magica. - SelfDestruct

How then? - Neonco31

The Newcomers

? Extremely childish and annoying characters
? The Characters Look Like Young Prostitutes

The Contenders

11 It Has No Black People

Ehem, it's in Japan...

Like every single other anime
Plus its in

12 Lousy Writing

Gen Urobuchi is a great writer and If you call Madoka's writing suck, It means you're also saying that Fate/Zero's writing suck, and Psycho Pass's writing suck and so on. - MLPFan

13 It's Forgettable

Forgettable? It's one of the most iconic Magical Girl animes in the modern age. Try again.

Maybe the episodes that are like generic magical girl series, but the second half in my opinion is unforgettable. I'll never forget the episode about Homura's backstory. - Elric-san

Only 2 episodes were like the typical magical girl anime. It started to take it's darker route when Mami dies. - Rue

14 It Tricks Kids Into Liking It

I like PMMM, but I must admit I'm not too fond of the whole cutesy facade thing. I've heard stories of parents who showed the series to their young children, only to by utterly shocked and disturbed when Episode 3 rolled around. The posters, opening, etc. are all extremely deceptive. I understand that it's supposed to make the dark twists more shocking, but the creators should have thought of the risk that kids would wind up watching it due to the cute appearance.

I don't watch nor play those so I don't know.

In the first place its not even for kids its rated pg 13 for a reason. Kids are way too young to understand the story, I found out about this when I was 9 and I had absolute no idea about what was going on but now I do since I am at the right age.

Say that to the kids that watch South Park and Play Grand Theft Auto - Discord1

15 It Takes Forever for the Characters to Blink

I don't understand why anyone would have a problem with that.

16 Only Madoka and Homura Shines

Well, Sayaka has more episodes dedicated to her development than Madoka and Homura, so - MLPFan

Untrue. Like I said before, they all shine and Homura and Sayaka shine the most. - Rue

17 It's a Ripoff of Wakfu

@Discord1, besides that point, how is Wakfu remotely similar to Puella Magi Madoka Magica? They're two absolutely different shows from different shows and premises.

Are people idiots? Wakfu was released about a year after the debut of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This item doesn't make any sense. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Okay... But how are they even similar to each other in terms of premise? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

And how are they alike? - MLPFan

When me an my friend watched wakfu me and my friend ripped our eyea out

18 No Male Protagonist

What kind of reason is this? Especially for a magical girl anime which the genre mainly focuses AROUND GIRLS except for a few like Cardcaptor Sakura. - Rue

Uh...magical girl anime are always centered around girls. And a character isn't defined by gender, they're defined by their traits and qualities. - Elric-san

Not trying to be an SJW here, but this item is totally sexist. Not every show has to have a male protagonist, you know. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Seriously if anyone is upset that Madoka Magica has no male protagonists, the Magical Girl genre is not for you. Like the title of the genre, IT'S ABOUT YOUNG GIRLS and their lives involving magic.

Also people should be more focus on the characters themselves, and not their gender. - Rue

19 It's an Anime

So? You must hate all anime then because you hate PMMM? - Neonco31

What! anime is life! I agree on some reason but not this is just no no no.!

20 Too Many Death Scenes
21 Too Many Characters Die

That's the point. What do you think this show is? Barney? - MLPFan

To the person who added this item,

Wait until you see Akame Ga Kill. In Madoka, all the magical girls (five of them) died but most of the deaths were off screen. Whereas in AGK, we have a more characters in it and they all will die (except Akame and probably Najenda or however you spell that). And the deaths all happen on screen.

People say that Mami's death was super gruesome, but It's only at the level of Sheele's death (they were both eaten by a monster), It'll never reach the level of Chelsea's death or that girl who Tatsumi sliced half from the first episode.

Both shows are quite good in my opinion, by the way. And I'm not like those raging fankid stereotypes, I'm just stating my opinion with facts onto them - MLPFan

22 It's Homophobic
23 Lack of Character Development

Well Madoka in Rebellion didn't cry as much Kyoko wasn't such a rebel and Homura is the most developed in the anime Sayaka went to being so stupid and thinking that being a magical girl is about being fame but in the end she realized why heroes exist Mami is the least interesting and undeveloped in the anime.

I can’t stand Madoka. “I know I’m useless and just a burden, but let me come on this dangerous fight and just watch while you risk your life. Ok? That’s cool right, Sayaka? ” EYE ROLL.

24 It Overshadows Fidget Spinners

Tru tru

25 It Single-Handedly Overshadowed Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha in the West.
26 Annoying Characters
27 It Has Bad Messages

Okay, let's take a look at the messages Puella Magi Madoka Magica offers.
-Your friends are always there for you.
-If you love someone, let them go.
-Life is short.
Try again. - Absolite

28 It Rips Off Many Shows
29 It's Too Violent


30 It Only Exists to Sell Toys

Dude, this isn't PreCure. Madoka never had toys and was never even targeted for people who still play toys (or are kids) - MLPFan

31 It Ended Too Early

Voting to comment.
This isn't really a reason to hate it. I mean, there's 3 movies, so... - Absolite

32 It Makes Kids Angry


Say that to face to of kids who's parents let them play Grand Theft Auto and watch South Park - Discord1

33 Madoka Has Pink Hair
34 Too Many Lolis

Most of the cast are teenagers.

35 Kyubey Has Red Eyes

Well the creator decided to give him red eyes for a more sinister feel and I don't see why that is a problem unless you have a phobia for red and eyes.

36 The Main Characters are Girls

Well that depends on the story the writers can make the characters a boy or a girl if you have a problem with that then get out of here!

37 People Make Hentai Out of It

Two words: Rule. 34. - PerfectImpulseX

Basically, no animated series or even games are safe from online perverts making rule 34 fanart or doujins out of them - MLPFan

38 The English Dub Is Horrible

No, the English dub is pretty good because it doesn't sound like the actors are trying to hard.

39 Lazy Character Designs

I've saw worse (*cough* in generic kids' animes *cough*) - MLPFan

They are not lazy Sayaka's design was meant for her to be a knight Sayaka has swords like a knight does and since Homura doesn't show much emotions her clothes are plain they are designed to fit the characters and are very well thought out.

40 All the Characters are Stereotypes and Cliches
41 It's Tiring

The only thing tiring is having to deal with people like you other than the fact that its only tiring if you watch the show over and over again or watching all 12 episodes plus the movie in one day.

42 It's Unoriginal

It disguised itself as a lighthearted slice of life when it was really a dark show! How is that unoriginal? People never saw that coming

43 Plot Holes

Plot holes? What plot holes?

44 It's Extremely Boring
45 Fans Get Triggered If You Say Anything Bad About It

It's cause the things you say are very lame and unreasonable.

Well, at least I do not waste my time crapping all over this list instead of playing with fidget spinners - Discord1

46 It is a Middle Finger to the Magical Girl Genre
47 It's a Ripoff of Other Shows
48 It's Offensive

How though? - Rue

49 Bad Voice Acting

Nope. It had good voice acting and had many great VAs in it.
Eri Kitamura who voiced Ami Kawashima from Toradora, Yui from Angel Beats, Kamiki Izumo from Blue Exorcist and so on
Aoi Yuuki who voiced Krul Tepes from Seraph of the End, Tatsumaki from One Punch man and etc
And many more great VAs - MLPFan

50 Horrendous Story
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