Top 10 Reasons to Hate Queen Elsa

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1 She almost killed her kingdom.

Elsa is wonderful! She will never kill her sister you Frozen hating jerks!

How is he/she lying elsa set her kingdom into an eterrnal winter was completely absent minded of what she had done and didn't even seem to care about it.

You are just lying

They are wrong this not her folt

2 She is ugly.

Actually she looks kinda pretty... - StayAlive

This is no reason to hate her.

She is most beautiful

No you are ugly

3 She almost killed her sister.

Elsa almost killed Anna and she doesn't apologize what kind of attitude is that? Even Anna apologizes for triggering Elsa

Dude, Sub-Zero would have killed Anna by freezing and "finish her" by removing her heart from her body entirely. Elsa would only just freeze Anna's heart.

She was randomly singing and dancing for no reason when she did it and after she realised what she had done instead of helping her sister she builds a giant snowman to throw anna, olaf and kristoff out of her ice palace.

4 She has a terrible voice.

She screams and its really nasally and gross

Don't like her voice at all

Well, would you rather want to hear Elsa's british accent/voice instead? Huh?

No she has a beautiful and lovely voice

5 She wasted her ice powers to build an evil snowman.

No Olaf is a friendly snow man if you know

True olaf is so annoying he's evil

I agree with you Elsa was never bad or evil she was always nice she just had a traumatic experience with Anna when they were younger that affected her deeply so she ran away and it's not because she didn't care about Anna until the very end it was because she didn't want to hurt Anna anymore with her powers and because she cared about Anna and Anna's safety. So Elsa cared about Anna throughout the whole movie. People who hate Elsa and think she is evil really need to get their heads out of the clouds or wherever their heads are.basically clearly half the people on here are not thinking clearly. Please pay attention to the movie before writing a wrong explanation.
I have watched this movie several times. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about.
1) Creating a winter is not a murder attempt, and there is no justification whatsoever for those assassins to have been aiming to kill her.
2) Elsa didn’t selfishly abandon her kingdom. She ran out of fear ...more


6 She's a baby

Elsa is not even a crybaby. Just because Elsa is only sensitive, scared, fearful and frightened that doesn't mean she's a crybaby. What do you expect Elsa to act and to do? Her brave and bold little sister is the reason why Elsa became less frightened of her ice powers so quit insulting Queen Elsa like that. You got a lot nerve to call Elsa a baby. That's the meanest thing you've ever said about her. What an insult. What makes you think Elsa is such a baby? What makes you mean Elsa haters think Elsa's a crybaby? I want answers now.

Oh, we are so mean yet you called us Stupid, Ugly, and Blind. Who are you to judge people's opinions? You act like you've never been mean in your life! - FrozenisOverrated

Ok really caps girl again. Why don't her parents take away her Internet privileges? She's way to young to be on the Internet. And what's worse is that she doesn't respect our opinions. It's like she comes on lists like these to hate on it and to defend a fictional character. It's just stupid.

Now listen Elsa lovers, SHE'S AN ANNIMATION NOT A PERSON! This insults, but why do Elsa lovers write on a Elsa HATERS list? It's like putting chocolate sauce on broccoli. THE WRONG PLACE FOR IT.

Any one who wrote this will be crazy

7 She doesn't like to express her emotions in front of people

I hate elsa


Why do you Queen Elsa hating meanie-heads have to be so mean to Elsa? She just had to learn to control her powers. She's just sensitive towards other people and their well being. She's just scared. That's all. You didn't have to be so mean to Elsa about it, did you?

8 Her ice powers are useless.

What the hell are they supposed to do -.-

You are jealous

Who would win if Elsa battles...?
Sub Zero?

9 Her dress makes her look like a THOT

What kind of outfit is that to wear on a Norwegian mountain? Anna's dress is much more practical.

At least Anna's outfit is PRACTICAL (unlike Elsa's)...

What about yours

Dudes, What is a THOT? I keep hearing my pals saying What a thot but I never understood what that is.

10 She's everywhere

It gets annoying! She was the deuteragonist, Anna's the protagonist. Anna, at the very least should get the same amount of attention. But no, since Elsa is afraid of her own shadow, everyone feels sympathetic for her. What about Anna? The braver of the two sisters? The one who tried to solve the problem, while her sister was too much of a whiny brat to even step out of her ice palace. I just can't stand Elsa, she really needs to learn how to face her problems, instead of waiting for someone to fix it for her. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Elsa is not a whiny brat. You didn't have to be so mean to poor Elsa, did you? What do you expect Elsa to do and act? You don't have to be so mean to Elsa, do you? Elsa is just sensitive, scared and frightened. That's all. Are you Queen Elsa haters blind? You Queen Elsa haters are way too blind to understand Elsa, aren't you?

Why don't you stupid Queen Elsa haters take it up with Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck? Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck are ones who decided to make Anna the protagonist and Elsa the deuteragonist instead of letting Elsa being the protagonist of Frozen. It's Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck's all entirely own fault that Elsa gets less screen time than her little sister Princess Anna. Blame Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck for the choice they've already made. Elsa is just sensitive, fearful, frightened and scared of going near other people including her little sister Anna after the accident. Elsa is not even a brat.

Elsa already deserves to remain popular and so does her little sister Anna. You Elsa haters are really jealous and downright mean to Elsa, aren't you?

In my opinion about how she is everywhere, her Let It Go song is everywhere and Frozen Fans starts this too much

I went to Vegas in 2015 and I saw her in front of the Forum Shops at Caesars. I went to Disneyland a few days later and I saw her AGAIN in the nighttime parade.


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11 Her voice is too high and annoying

I like Idina Menzel voicing Queen Elsa. I don't even find Elsa's voice too high and annoying. You Elsa haters are always bitterly complaining about Elsa herself. I really like Elsa's speaking voice and singing voice a lot more than ever. What makes you say and think Elsa's voice is too high and too annoying? Do us a favor and quit insulting Queen Elsa like that. Elsa's voice is never ever too high and too annoying. I usually find Elsa's voice totally beautiful. Don't you Queen Elsa haters find Elsa's voice totally beautiful? There ain't nothing annoying about Queen Elsa's voice. I like to hear Queen Elsa's voice a lot more than ever.

If you want us to stop complaining then you should realize this IS a list for haters. So you can do us a flavor ( I put flavor on porpoise ) and make your own little fan list and get out of ours! - Ihateelsa

I like Elsa's voice. Elsa's voice is not too high and not annoying either. You Elsa haters are such ingrates and ungrateful.

Well, would you rather want to hear Elsa's british, English voice actress instead of her American voice actress? Huh?

Her votive is so annoying! I want to rip my ears off and chop them into little pieces with a butter knife! I do the same with Ross lynch! - Ihateelsa

Without your ears, then you won't be able to hear anybody and anything at all and you'll be permanently deaf so ripping your ears off and chop them into little pieces will end up making yourself bleed, right?

12 She nearly got Anna killed because she couldn't handle her powers

Ok that's it! I could be Anna's fault, it could be Elsa's fault, it could be the parents fault, but it you watched the movie you'll see that when Elsa didn't know how to use her powers she almost killed Anna. WE aren't blaming any one so stop going on with irrevavent things that no one cares about. And why I like elsa girl? CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT UP?! - Thatgirl

Well, why don't you just blame stupid Jennifer Lee for deciding to create a stupid accident to shatter Anna and Elsa's close sisterly friendship and relationship bond? Huh?

Everyone has to HATE ELSA

Why are you being so mean to Elsa?

You don't have to be so mean to Elsa about it, do you? What makes you think Elsa couldn't handle her powers? Did you watch Frozen?

13 Lame powers

So she gets to only shoot crystals out of her hands? Big whoop, I made a knock-off character who is better than Elsa, she's way colder than elsa and at least her dress covers her legs. I call her Iris if you want a pic of her reply to me on this list.

Queen Elsa's powers are never ever lame, you Queen Elsa hating meanies. I like Queen Elsa's powers. How are Queen Elsa's powers lame? Don't you dare insult Queen Elsa like that. Queen Elsa was born with ice powers.

What makes you say and think Elsa has lame powers?

Elsa has dumb lame stupid power

Elsa has awesome powers

14 She's a brat
15 She looks anorexic

What makes you ungrateful Queen Elsa haters think Elsa looks anorexic?

Tell me what makes you think Queen Elsa looks anorexic. Answer me now.

She is fairly skinny but I don't think she in anorexic

I'm skinny but DUMB ELSA is ugly!

16 She is gullible.

She's not gullible and neither is Anna. You Elsa haters are wrong.

How's Elsa's gullible? Huh?

Elsa is a dumb brat and so are Elsa lovers!

Elsa lovers are wrong dummies! 👿👿

17 She throws Anna out of her stupid ice tower

That's what happens when Anna remains persistent of refusing to do what she's told to do so the only choice that Elsa made was to create a giant snowman as a bodyguard named Marshmallow to protect Elsa, send Anna out of the ice palace and never return and represent Elsa's powerful desire to be left alone. I like Elsa's ice palace a lot. I like Elsa's personal bodyguard Marshmallow a lot as well because Marshmallow does whatever it takes to protect Elsa from the intruders and unwanted guests. Quit hating on Queen Elsa, you whiny Elsa haters.

Can you cork it. Anna was trying to get Elsa because she stupidly froze her kingdom. So you "people" CAN SHUT UP - Thatgirl

Elsa created a giant snowman named Marshmallow and ordered her giant snow bodyguard Marshmallow to throw and kick her little sister Anna out of her ice palace or ice tower so Elsa can be alone in her ice palace. Marshmallow can do anything to protect Elsa from the intruders.

Even her Ice Tower rips off Crystal Empire from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Why isn’t this higher? Anna is literally dying at this point, and Elsa sees that, so OBVIOUSLY the only logical thing to do is to send a giant snow monster after her! Seriously, if Elsa really meant to stay away from Anna for her own good, she wouldn’t have done that. I think Elsa is a terrible sister. It has nothing to do with when they were kids, but it has everything to do with this part

18 Elsa is a coward

STOP USING ALL CAPS PLEASE - we understand you have a love for Elsa. If these upset you don't read them. Don't click on them just ignore them and go start a positive list. And caps doesn't get your point across any better. Use a calm and logical explanation. We get it you believe she is scared and afraid. But isn't of facing her fears she did run and that is what people are picking up on. We don't know what everyone would do in that situation but Elsa ran and kept pushing people away. Even after she said to let it go. She took time but she also hurt people.

You Frozen lovers are being WAY too defensive of a cartoon character. You shouldn't be on this list. Frozen haters, I don't blame you at ALL, but we gotta make this fair. PLEASE don't hate, because I sometimes hate on her too, but you're making a massive fuss over something you DON'T have to watch. How's about we just sit and watch it nicely without out when Let it Go is on (fans) or just go do something else, maybe? (Haters)

Caps girl if you don't like the list then go away we know you have an obsession with frozen.


You don't have to be so mean to Elsa about it, do you? Calling Queen Elsa a coward is the meanest insult you've ever said about her so don't insult her like that. You're being downright mean to Elsa, aren't you? Don't you ever dare insult Elsa like that. Elsa never ever deserve to be insulted like that. Especially never ever deserved to be called a coward. What are you blaming Elsa for?

19 Her fans on lists like this

How are we going to make the Frozen Fans get out of TheTopTens? Maybe we should forget about Frozen or prevent Frozen Fans. But how are the Frozen Lists going to be deleted?

I wish they'd shut up - Imyourstalker

Anna fans and Elsa fans or Anna and Elsa fans will say anything to defend Anna and Elsa themselves from Anna and Elsa haters' insults they're throwing at those two sisters.

LoL true! Especially that one guest... - AnnaOfArendelle332

Why I don't like Frozen Fans: They are hypocritical and have no common sense whatsoever
Why I don't like Frozen: Because it's extremely overrated, and you Frozen Fantards keep praising it. - FrozenisOverrated

20 She would've been better off being raised in the whole entire icy Norwegian magical wizarding world
21 The song Let It Go

I don't like the MTV top 40s, but HOW DID LET IT GO GET ON THERE?!?!

Thi song always bugs me


Why should be be grateful for a movie when you can be grateful for God? He is the one who allowed you to live on this earth, you act as if you love frozen more than God, and Elsa is not a god, she's just some lame girl with the power to shoot ice crystals out of her hand. - FrozenisOverrated

22 She wears too much make up

Stop, you are right else looks really bad to much make up

Purple lipstick is for Goths and party's.

23 Anna deserves a better big sister than her anyway
24 She overshadows other past Disney princesses

She's gey

25 She's too popular and famous

Caps girl never made it here :DD - Phantompyroblaze

26 She's unadventurous
27 She's unimaginative
28 Overshadows Anna

If only Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee let Anna born with powers the way Elsa was born with ice powers, then Anna would never be overshadowed by her big sister Elsa and then both Anna and Elsa deserve attention equally. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee chose to make Anna born without powers which means born to be nothing more than normal instead which is so unfair and disappointing.

Too bad Princess Anna was born without any elemental, magical powers. No wonder people think Queen Elsa overshadow Princess Anna. Queen Elsa haters should take it up with Jennifer Lee. Jennifer Lee was the one who made those choices.

Why do you Elsa haters think Elsa overshadows Anna? Is it because Elsa has powers and Anna is instead born to be normal which means without any powers? Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee made that choice.

Anna and Elsa both deserve to have all the attention equally at the same time.

Do I like her? Hell yes! She and Anna are my favorite characters in the film. But my problem with Elsa's fans is that half of them don't even remember Anna even EXISTS. Because how much fanart/stamps of either Anna or Kristoff ALONE do you see compared to ELSA? (It especially disappoints me that I have only ever seen THREE stamps dedicated to Kristoff on this entire site). I get that most people like Elsa better than Anna, but at the same time some people treat Frozen like the film is ONLY about Elsa. I also don't understand people who hate Anna and Kristoff because they think the movie "tries to be more about them than Elsa". How in the heck does the movie try to be any more about THEM than Elsa? I think all the characters have their fair share of screentime and development. After all, for a movie called "Frozen", I'm sure Disney would still consider the character with the ICE powers.

29 Wants to murder everyone

Princess Anna of Arendelle: You're wrong! My sister Elsa never ever even want to or tried to hurt anybody on purpose especially me her own little sister and she never ever even want and tried to murder anybody. Elsa does not hurt anyone on purpose. Elsa didn't mean to freeze her kingdom. Elsa was only scared. You guys are so mean to my sister Elsa!

30 She is whiny
31 She is a loser
32 She's an irresponsible queen

Anna haters: Squabble is not going to help nor solve anything. That brat has no patience for anything nor anything else so far just because she's easily excitable and eager.

Oh yes, Elsa and Anna just had a bit of a squabble and the 'Queen' runs off while the whole world freezes over.
Very responsible.

33 She's such a sissy
34 Elsa is boring and dull
35 She's an idiot
36 She's a jerk
37 She's a stupid snow queen
38 She's the center of attention because of her powers

It's just not fair that Elsa is be the only one in Frozen was born with magical elemental powers so far. It'll be a lot fairer if anybody or anybody else in the movie Frozen was born with any or any other unique variety of magical or supernatural powers too besides Elsa so far.

39 She is a ripoff
40 She's too monotone

So what? Huh? She's calm and has self control as long as she keeps her gloves on.

So what else is so out! And like she's calm. You guys are pathetic.

41 She's more like a little sister than Anna like Luna and Periwinkle
42 Anna's more like a big sister than Elsa like Celestia and Tinkerbell
43 She is rude

In my opinion I think she tried to kill Anna on purpose because she was a lot more prettier than her and then she pretended it was an accident and fake- cried

44 She rips off Rosalina

Rosalina fangirl detected founded

45 She is weak
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