Top 10 Reasons to Hate Queen Elsa

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21 She wears too much make up

Stop, you are right else looks really bad to much make up

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22 She's unimaginative
23 Overshadows Anna

If only Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee let Anna born with powers the way Elsa was born with ice powers, then Anna would never be overshadowed by her big sister Elsa and then both Anna and Elsa deserve attention equally. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee chose to make Anna born without powers which means born to be nothing more than normal instead which is so unfair and disappointing.

Too bad Princess Anna was born without any elemental, magical powers. No wonder people think Queen Elsa overshadow Princess Anna. Queen Elsa haters should take it up with Jennifer Lee. Jennifer Lee was the one who made those choices.

Why do you Elsa haters think Elsa overshadows Anna? Is it because Elsa has powers and Anna is instead born to be normal which means without any powers? Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee made that choice.

Anna and Elsa both deserve to have all the attention equally at the same time.

Do I like her? Hell yes! She and Anna are my favorite characters in the film. But my problem with Elsa's fans is that half of them don't even remember Anna even EXISTS. Because how much fanart/stamps of either Anna or Kristoff ALONE do you see compared to ELSA? (It especially disappoints me that I have only ever seen THREE stamps dedicated to Kristoff on this entire site). I get that most people like Elsa better than Anna, but at the same time some people treat Frozen like the film is ONLY about Elsa. I also don't understand people who hate Anna and Kristoff because they think the movie "tries to be more about them than Elsa". How in the heck does the movie try to be any more about THEM than Elsa? I think all the characters have their fair share of screentime and development. After all, for a movie called "Frozen", I'm sure Disney would still consider the character with the ICE powers.

24 Wants to murder everyone

Princess Anna of Arendelle: You're wrong! My sister Elsa never ever even want to or tried to hurt anybody on purpose especially me her own little sister and she never ever even want and tried to murder anybody. Elsa does not hurt anyone on purpose. Elsa didn't mean to freeze her kingdom. Elsa was only scared. You guys are so mean to my sister Elsa!

25 She is whiny
26 She is a loser
27 She's an irresponsible queen

Anna haters: Squabble is not going to help nor solve anything. That brat has no patience for anything nor anything else so far just because she's easily excitable and eager.

Oh yes, Elsa and Anna just had a bit of a squabble and the 'Queen' runs off while the whole world freezes over.
Very responsible.

28 She's such a sissy
29 Elsa is boring and dull
30 She's an idiot
31 She's a jerk
32 She's a stupid snow queen
33 She's the center of attention because of her powers

It's just not fair that Elsa is be the only one in Frozen was born with magical elemental powers so far. It'll be a lot fairer if anybody or anybody else in the movie Frozen was born with any or any other unique variety of magical or supernatural powers too besides Elsa so far.

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34 She's a brat
35 She is a ripoff
36 She's too monotone

So what? Huh? She's calm and has self control as long as she keeps her gloves on.

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37 She's more like a little sister than Anna like Luna and Periwinkle
38 Anna's more like a big sister than Elsa like Celestia and Tinkerbell
39 She is rude

In my opinion I think she tried to kill Anna on purpose because she was a lot more prettier than her and then she pretended it was an accident and fake- cried

40 She rips off Rosalina V 1 Comment
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1. She almost killed her kingdom.
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