Reasons to Hate Racist Mario

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1 It's Unrealistic

I know! It doesn't make any sense. Why would Kratos be riding in a go-kart anyway & trying to kill Mario? How does he even know him? And No, knowing what characters are owned by Nintendo & Sony don't count. It needs to be in their universes.

Kratos killing Mario characters? Seems realistic to me. - Therandom

You were inspired by my review, weren't you? - Martinglez

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2 Princess Peach and Daisy's Boobs are Censored

Perverts and I thought Rosalina has the disgusting fanboys - yunafreya648

To me even showing them naked was disgusting - adventurer

And I thought Rosalina fanboys are the pervy ones - yunafreya648

That's disgusting. I thought you'd hate this because of the actual showing. ~Gunsn'ShadowHedgehogz

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3 It's Not Funny

I only found the yoshi part funny - adventurer

I Laughed. - BeatlesFan1964

yes it was

4 Luigi and Sonic Got Murdered
5 It Offensive to See Characters You Love Getting Murdered

I know right its like robot chicken with bad animation - adventurer

6 It's Too Violent

Are you too scared to watch it? Then, a little piece of advice, DON'T.

Too much Mortal Kombat rip off! Mortal Kombat X is a good game and I'll rate it 8.8/10 but rip offs are evil! - Linnea

It's not a rip off. Lot's of things are violent. You really know nothing about the world... - Therandom

7 It's Fake

So are my sisters boobs but I love them.

Hillbilly trash get off the site and go watch NASCAR you drunk inbred - SirSkeletorThe3rd

What the hell?

8 Mario Would Never Kill Someone


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