Reasons to Hate Racist Mario

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1 It's Unrealistic

I know! It doesn't make any sense. Why would Kratos be riding in a go-kart anyway & trying to kill Mario? How does he even know him? And No, knowing what characters are owned by Nintendo & Sony don't count. It needs to be in their universes.

Kratos killing Mario characters? Seems realistic to me. - Therandom

You were inspired by my review, weren't you? - Martinglez

Actually Mario was the one killing everyone,Kratos only killed Mario - Nateawesomeness

2 Princess Peach and Daisy's Boobs are Censored

Perverts and I thought Rosalina has the disgusting fanboys - yunafreya648

To me even showing them naked was disgusting - adventurer

And I thought Rosalina fanboys are the pervy ones - yunafreya648

It's YouTube not RedTube.

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3 It's Not Funny

I only found the yoshi part funny - adventurer

I Laughed. - BeatlesFan1964

yes it was

4 Luigi and Sonic Got Murdered

Princess Daisy and Mario would be very sad about that! Plus Sonic is a little bit alright.

5 It Offensive to See Characters You Love Getting Murdered

I know right its like robot chicken with bad animation - adventurer

6 It's Too Violent

Are you too scared to watch it? Then, a little piece of advice, DON'T.

7 It's Fake

So are my sisters boobs but I love them.

Hillbilly trash get off the site and go watch NASCAR you drunk inbred - SirSkeletorThe3rd

What the hell?

8 Mario Would Never Kill Someone


9 It's mean-spirited

Racist Mario deserves to be taken down or age-restricted. Mario only did one thing racist in the video. The worst parts in the video were Knuckles and Sonic getting killed. The creator(s) of this video should get terminated from youtube forever because they made Racist Mario. - Hummingbirdf

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