Reasons to Hate Racists

Racism sucks! It needs to end now! People are trying to end racism! They are protesting till racism ends! They're so angry right now! This list should solve it.

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1 They Hate People for the Color of Their Skin

Sometimes nationality or religious beliefs as well. - gemcloben

It's despicable to hate someone because of where they were born relative to the equator. (I'm mixed) - WonkeyDude98

Yoshi loves cookies!

All races experience racism. - Turkeyasylum

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2 They're Against Blacks

Surprisingly enough, some black people hate white people, thus, making them racist as well; it's not just whites. Though, yes, Racism does suck.

Racism isn't exclusive to blacks. I admit that black people definitely face the most prejudice, but not all racist people are against them. - keycha1n

Not necessarily. Sometimes it is black towards white. - gemcloben

Like this list, but unfortunately, this list won't stop it. - EpicJake

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3 They're Cruel

Yeah! I'm proud of being Chinese! Whoever wrote that comment sucks! You should die and burn in hell with the devil!

Aww keycha 1n
I'm a Chinese, whoever said that is a jerk!
*sings This is Me*

Most Hated Countries is full of xenophobics and racists and I can't believe that list din't get deleted

"All Chinese people or even people with Chinese blood within them should die." -Most Hated Countries list

There's nothing that hurts more than something like that being said about your ethnicity. I cannot believe some of the people on this planet... - keycha1n

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4 Some Racist Polices Arrested or Killed Some Blacks for No Reason

Ok this getting on my nerves I hate people that say you don't belong here. Well just so you know you were not here either if your African American or white African Africa white France and England Mexicans Mexico so anyone who says this think about.
I mean more cops kill and arrest more Mexicans and black for no reason than blacks and Mexicans do a crime. And I believe that Mexicans and blacks work harder than whites we work for real. PLEASE STOP RACISM IT IS NOT FUNNY OR FAIR SO PLEASE STOP

Yoshi is cute!

I know, right? His cute and cuddly body, along with his kind nature makes him so adorable! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

What about the OTHER RACES THOUGH? It isn't just offense, but really...anyway yes it isn't fair and everyone who does that should be imprisoned for life - Co0lk1d25

5 They Hate Others Races

Going on the Most Hated Countries list and seeing people say that "Chinese people are the scum of the earth" was not exactly pleasant for me. - keycha1n

This is the definition of racism. - gemcloben

6 They're Idiots

It is stupid to be racist half the time you don't even know what you are talking about

7 They Cause People to Suffer

I hate racists. I come from roreign parents. I was born in the UK and people make me feel that I'm not worthy. I was picked on at school for being dark skinned. Did I deserve that.No. Can't believe its 2017 we might as well go back to the dark ages.

8 They Want Slavery Back

We don't need another Apartheid

Slavery is bad but much worser in other countries

No they don't they just want to get rid of them

Wow, hard to believe Danteem made this list. - cosmo

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9 They Use Racial Slurs

I've been called "Curryn*****" countless times for being Indian. I would love to visit Europe but when I see things like "THE FILTHY ORCS SHOULD BE KICKED OUT OF OUR CLEAN ELVEN LANDS! 1" I change my mind.

10 They Are Evil

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11 They Commit Crimes
12 They Are Bullies
13 They Prefer to Discriminate Against Others Rather Than Get to Know Them
14 They Think They Are So Perfect and They Don't Realize Their Flaws
15 They Caused Segregation
16 They Vote for Republicans

Spoken like a good little lib-bot.

My dad votes for Republican (usually) and he's not a racist, what's next on this list, Luigi is awesome?

Yoshi ate a sandwich yesterday.

17 They Are Uneducated
18 They Don't Appreciate That Those People That They are Being Racist to Built Their Country

Slaves built many countries. Be thankful. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

19 They Make Jokes Out Of Races And Countries

Not everyone takes a joke.

20 They Hate Countries For Useless Reasons
21 They Hate Their Own Race
22 They Are Self Hating
23 They are Ignorant
24 They Want to Exterminate White People

Not all white people are racist, especially nower days.

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1. They Are Evil
2. They Commit Crimes
3. They Prefer to Discriminate Against Others Rather Than Get to Know Them
1. They Hate People for the Color of Their Skin
2. They're Idiots
3. They're Against Blacks
1. Some Racist Polices Arrested or Killed Some Blacks for No Reason
2. They Hate People for the Color of Their Skin
3. They Think They Are So Perfect and They Don't Realize Their Flaws

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