Top Ten Reasons to Hate Radical Feminism

Don't you just hate it when a woman tells you you are sexist just because you are a man? Why not make a list about them?

The Top Ten Reasons to Hate Radical Feminism

1 They blame men for everything

Sounds like it to me. And that makes it suck to be a radical feminist. Hell, it's downright sexist of them. Therefore, radical feminism deserves to be done away with forever.

I can only imagine if Hilary Clinton became president and screwed us all that they'd still blame Trump.

I don't think men today had anything to do with the suppression of women centuries ago. Even we know that it's stupid.

They did, but women can't use that as an excuse for gender supremacy.

I am a feminist and I hate feminazis

2 They want equality if it only benefits women

That's just hypocritical of them. If they want equality, then they have to treat men equally too.

Well if its female entertainment that's talked like its some disease. Obviously some female entertainment is liked by males. (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for example) It has to be entertainment either for just for male or male & female. You just hates most female entertainment.

Equality is like saying, 'Everything a man can do, I can do, too.' Radical feminists tend to say things along the lines of, 'Anything a man can do, I can do better.'

This is the biggest problem with feminism nowadays. All their other problems come from this.

3 They defend false rape accusers

Those types of feminists ought to be thrown in jail with those other culprits.

I swear, at least 50% of accusations this year are false. They are ruining lives and my annoying older sister stops respecting anybody who was just accused.

Thus list is rape!

And make rape jokes! D8<

4 They shame stay-at-home mothers, housewives, maids, sex workers, pornstars and strippers

Yes, the stay at home mom and housewives they totally hate. They make remarks such as " I wouldn't bring a child in this world today." "You have to pay for yourself. You're nothing but a parasite if you have to rely on a husband to support you." In my opinion, You make your choices and I'll make mine. You don't want children and you want to be a captain of industry. Go for it. That however, is not my choice and you should respect me and everyone else that have different views than you do. That is what equality is about.

Radical feminists should be ashamed for shaming gals who willingly choose to be stay-at-home moms, housewives, and maids. But I understand if they're offended by sex workers, porn stars, and strippers as long as they're not hypocritical about it.

Why don't you leave me the hell alone, Boris?! I hate radical feminists too. But you have to understand that not everyone loves porn because I learned that it can ruin people's lives.

Most prostitutes don’t want to be prostitutes.

5 They're sexist

Oh you bet that they are. And that makes my blood boil, especially since I'm male. Just because there are male sexists, it doesn't give gals the right to be sexist to all males. Being sexist in return makes radical feminists no better than male chauvinists.

Sometimes my mom (who is one of these people) says the most sexist things when she talks about feminism. I don't know if this is just her but it's pretty bad. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I'm a male feminist, and the second you think women have any right to be better than men, you automatically become sexist, not a feminist.

I'm actually quite curious. What happened to them that caused them to develop this mindset? And what are they trying to accomplish? - alphadan12

6 They support male castration and male genital mutilation

This should likely be Number One on this list because how violent and gruesome it is. Because those damn feminazis want to do extreme damage to my gender, they ought to have the same things done to them and see how they like it.

Guess what? A fair number of them also support the death of all males. That wasn't an exaggeration. Some of them have actually said this.

Why exactly? What logic is there to this?

Clementine Ford once said "kill all men".

7 They're hypocrites

Those they are. And they make sick about it.

8 They think all men are rapists

Well, that's really closed-minded of them. Just because there are male sexists, it doesn't give gals the right to be chauvinistic to all guys in return.

So much as look at one they'll call you a rapist. Saying "waiting for a woman waitress to bring you your food is sexual harassment" well the waitress is doing her job. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

They've stretched the definition of rape so far it can be cut apart with a knife.

9 They think men get paid more when this fact has been debunked

It actually has been debunked. Many times. If this was true than why do you think that there are actually men workers out there? If this was true, all companies would hire more women than men to save money. See my point?

Equal pay for equal work. It should be true but corporations do have other reasons that have nothing to do with the fact that woman are doing the same job. Men often do things differently.

10 They think they deserve extra rights because they're women

No don’t say sorry they deserve to here what you said

How small-minded of them. That makes them sound like they're entitled to everything due to their genders. Well, that makes them spoiled brats.

Yep, I'm not gonna disagree with this one. Sorry females. - Therandom

I would vote to every reason if I could

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11 They think all men are sexist

How narrow-minded of them to do that. Just because there are male sexists, it doesn't mean that female ones don't exist. And being sexist in return to another or other sexists is just as bad as being sexist in the first place.

Not true. I am a man and I am somewhat pro feminism. I don't feel as strongly about it as the people this list is about describes. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I am a male. I think both genders should be fairly respected. What more is there?

12 They lie about being for equality

Yeah gender equality. So saying that all men are rapists and should die is "gender equality" yeah, hypocrite much? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Why aren't they going for the third world countries? Sexism is a lot more prevalent there. - alphadan12

Third world countries don't need Feminism. They need egalitarianism. And feminists attack any country EXCEPT places that need gender equality. Like there are feminists in America. We don't need Feminism. We have women's equality. - LordDovahkiin

Those bitches! How would they like it if that happened to them? If they want to be for equality, they have to treat others fairly.

13 They think that because you're a woman, you're a victim

What a narrow-minded thing for them to think.

Little do they know that MEN are getting oppressed more than women. Check your privilege!

I know many girls at my school that live healthy, happy lives, don't complain about them being "victims," and don't try and heckle with people because they want power.

More like most men are THEIR victims, and that is coming from a female! - IcetailofWishClan

14 They label everything as sexual harassment

Oh come on, Therandom! Not all feminists are bad. Sure, there are those who claim that everything is sexual harassment. But not all of them do!

What a closed-minded thing for them to do.

I hate any feminism. It's bull. Most Feminists want to ruin everything for men, and besides, there's no need. Women have their rights. Feminists are trying to get more privileges. Guess what? I will disband feminism for good. - Therandom

@Cosmo, Places that don't have gender equality don't need Feminism. They need egalitarianism. - LordDovahkiin

Again, false sexual harassment accusations should get you thrown in jail.

15 They hate the women who aren't feminists

That makes them just as bad as male sexists.

People think I'm against women's rights just because I don't like feminism. Women already HAVE right, at least here in the US. In third-world countries, that may be a different story, depending on where you live, but in America, women have rights. - RiverClanRocks

16 They label even the smallest things as Microaggression

Actually, I was right all along about putting the word "petty" and not "pretty" on this list, even though it's not a good word to use in that sense. But it's what radical feminists deserve to be called for being so fanatical and bigoted about feminism.

I meant "pretty" and not "petty." Anyway, those kinds of feminists make me want to bear the hell out of them.

How petty of those stupid feminists to do that.

Oops. I meant "beat" and not "bear." But honestly, radical feminists ought to shut the hell up unless they want their asses kicked.

17 They hate logic and reason

Sounds like it to me. And that's what makes feminism radical because it's fanatical.

18 They rape men and say the men raped them

How hypocritical of those sluts! Just because there are men who rape, it doesn't give them (the feminists) any right to be rapists in return.

19 They call false bomb threats on anti-Feminist/SJW meetings

Well, that's pretty short-sighted of them.

20 It's a hate movement

2 wrongs do not make a right. Simple.

It sure is. And it makes me wish that it NEVER EVER existed.

I must point out that some radical feminism seems like they want superiority, but a majority of movements that can be mistaken for men-hate are actually movements intended to make men feel how women have felt for years; objectified, sexualized, weak, and inferior. I don't agree with giving men a "taste of their own medicine", but it is important to point out that if these movements seem so wrong from a male perspective; females have had to endure this stuff for almost all of human history. Its simply to make you guys feel as disgusted as we do regarding how women are treated by society. Sure, its counter-intuitive, but there is a point in showing it. - keycha1n

Blood only draws more blood. History will repeat itself. If you do this, that is. - coolguy101

@keycha1n, the feminists shouldn't be doing that to us. You basically saying what they do is right sometimes. Men shouldn't have done that to females but they shouldn't try to do the same to males. - Therandom

21 They claim to want equality but want superiority

The hell with radical feminists! Who do they think that they are, the queens of Earth?! Since when are all women superior to all men?! No sex or gender is superior to the other in every way.

By trying to make themselves too superior to guys, radical feminists a.k.a. feminazis should get the crap beaten out of them.

This should be #1. As a girl I'm all for equality, but some "feminists" seem to want more rights and privileges than men, which is just as wrong as back when women had less rights. - sofiav

If u want to be equal, u get TREATED EQUAL. No loopholes allowed.

22 Double standards

How hypocritical of radical feminists to have those characteristics.

23 They act as if sexual abuse happens to women only

Such a narrow and hypocritical thing for them to do.

It's been mentioned by some particular people that men (especially male children) are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse than women.

They are crying about all men raping females when there are also females who rape males. Some even saying that a man who gets raped is pathetic because he couldn't defend himself against a women
(Not mentioning the facts that a) They would blame him for defending himself, probably calling him a brutal bully and b) They say that men are superior themselves) - ShulkXIII

24 They shun dresses and damsel in distress roles, but put a guy in either and it's the greatest thing
25 They are the "Thought Police"

How would they like it if other folks behave that way to them?

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