Worst Types of People on the Internet EP-11 Feminazis

Okay, before you confuse the two here are 2 different things:

Feminists: Fight for women's rights and believes sexual slavery is wrong and brings freedom to women in places such as Saudi Arabia. Likes men because they know not all men are bad

Feminazis: Thinks all men are rapists and wanna kill women. Landwhales that only go on Tumblr. You cannot talk to one without them getting mad.

Feminazis are horrible landwhales. They think that they can go around and call all men rapists. They get triggered easily too. This post is gonna trigger their "ptsd" when the only ptsd they got was when the Drive Through speaker person was a guy and gave them what they ordered but it had mayonnaise on one of their 5 Big Macs. There are some Feminazis on this site to be honest. They say that "all women are tough" and that " men are rapists and should be extinct" well, Feminazis, you can't make a gender extinct without making the species extinct. They say they're other genders too and tie in with Otherkins. They are one of the most radical of the Keyboard Warriors type.

No one likes these people. Not even Weaboos like them. But some Weaboos are Feminazis which is the most autistic and destructive combination in Internet History.

The other day some woman said that men are bad and I said "Gee, don't be a Feminist about it." Then she walked up and slapped me and said "You shouldn't make fun of women and never say that again you misogynist." I'm like " What's your problem? I'm not making fun of you. And I meant to say Feminazi." Then she slapped me. See, my mouth is the reason why I never had a girlfriend. But it was also hers since 1. I wasn't making fun of women and 2. She's a Feminazi, you gotta feel sorry for her. It was mostly my fault though.

Yeah, Feminazis are horrible. Don't get triggered now. Oh and Feminazis are a class of Internet Nazis too. Anyways stay tuned for Episode 12


Tumblr should read this. - SamuiNeko

Oh just imagine the amount of butthurt - SirSkeletorThe3rd

1 butthurt,2 butthurts,3 butthurts...109 butthurts...(falls asleep) - SamuiNeko

Two things to comment. 1. I hate feminazis. 2. I would've said "B*tch, you f*ckijg touch me, I will f*cking beat the living sh*t out of you. - Therandom

TTP: Men are rapists and conservatives should die!
Me: I bet you make a mean sandwich - bobbythebrony

Did someone say sandwich? - Danguy10

I hate feminazis! (otherwise known as radical feminists) And I'm a woman! - RiverClanRocks

I hate feminazis as well! - cosmo

After reading this post: …………… - BlueTopazIceVanilla

No one cares. - Therandom

Cough cough reasons to hate boys and reasons to hate girls lists - Nateawesomeness