Top Ten Reasons to Hate Rainbow Dash

If you're a Rainbow Dash fan? Then you better not look at this list…

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1 She treats her friends like crap

This! It totally infuriated me when she mocked Twilight! And that's not because Twilight is my favorite pony either. TRUE friends do not mock and talk bad about their friends behind their backs. Also, when it comes to teasing, there is a fine line between friendly banter and hurtful words that may effect people negatively. I believe Rainbow crosses that line way too often. Being confident DOES NOT mean you go around belittling others and thinking you are better than everyone. Twilight is the good role model for kids! Why do you think she is the main character? She has a lot of confidence but her other defining trait is humility. And to the person who said the maker of this list should be kicked out of the fandom for having an opinion different than yours, YOU are the one who is making an ass of yourself. If someone doesn't like a character, that is their opinion. Just agree to disagree. Yeesh!

Look who's calling who a whiny cry baby. LOL! You can't seem to accept the fact that some of us don't care for a stupid cartoon pony. Also, I'm poking fun at you right now. But you don't like it, do you? See what I mean? It's always so pathetic when fans feel the need to call people who don't like the same things they like derogatory names. A very WEAK way to argue. Oh and one more thing, have you ever run on a championship cross country team? Have you ever fallen off a horse only to get right back on? Have you, at only 12 years old, found a loved one dead in your own house? Have you had surgery while you were wide awake on the operating table? Have you ever been hunting before? It's so hilarious you call me a pansy. Couldn't be further from the truth.

She's flawed. So what? They all have flaws. Doesn't make her a bad pony. It's what makes her more three-dimensional.

Yes and why are people crying over some stupid rainbow pony

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2 The soarindash shipping is terrible

They hardly even know each other. And they have nothing in common. What makes you think that they would be good for each other?

The fans never shut up about this pairing being "canon".

I'm a Rainbow Dash fan and I absolutely DESPISE this ship. I generally don't approve of ships in general, unless they are very good with logical explanations as to why'd they'd be a good pairing.

I hate this ship, but I don't hate Rainbow Dash! She's actually my favorite. But I just hate this ship because:
-They don't know each other very well
-They have nothing in common except for being in the Wonderbolts and being pegasi.
-Soarin basically ignores her. A lot.
- Most importantly, I don't think of RD as someone who would like anyone.
But I love RD, so don't think she isn't my favorite.

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3 Even though she learns her lesson she still acts like a brat

Then why has she saw so much growth over season six. You people obviously don't pay much attention, because if you noticed, you'd find that it's completely unfair. I'm an RD fan, and even though I don't mean to jump on the pity train, it seems like her and Pinkie Pie have the worst problems in the book. Pinkie is practically bipolar, and Rainbow has bullying trauma, along with anger issues and pride issues. So yes, she learns her lesson and acts like a brat. But that's not all there is to it, because she has changed. Now you can agree with me or you can not agree with me, but whatever you do, don't be a bully.

She doesn't need to learn. She's perfect the way she is. You losers are just jealous of her. She'd kick you ass in 10 seconds flat.

True True! She'll learn some great lesson, then go right back to being a snotty brat in the next episode.

I hate Rainbow Dash so much.

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4 She has too many fans

One of her fans once said that he wanted rainbow dash to kill us haters and that we are trash who are not meant to live. Haters, this is true, go to the top ten things that should happen to rainbow dash list and you'll find it. To me it's just cruel. I know you rainbow dash fans don't like us because we don't like rainbow dash, but please one of you fans please be on my side because what that fan said was cruel. I won't disrespect your opinion I just want you to believe me. I won't hate on you for liking rainbow dash I just want one of you rainbow dash fans fighting against that because that is cyber bullying, we only said hate stuff about rainbow dash but never told you to die or something. Please one rainbow dash fan joins us to fight against that cyber bullying. We will still not like RD though we won't say cruel stuff about you.

Hey that is offensives! I am a fan of Rainbow Dash and I love my God very much! How dare you criticize my faith! YOU DO NOT KNOW ME! Yet you still make assumptions. I am actually a rather caring loving sensitive person, yet I'm still a Raimbow Dash fan. And guess why? Because she is loyal. She would give up anything to be with her friends and I respect that. Now you can say anything you want, and I will respect that as well. But if you think for one second I'm okay with even one of you guys telling me that I disrespect my God, that is not your place! Now stick to your own opinions, but do not make them offensive or superficial! Or JUST PLAIN HURTFUL!

If you ask somebody who's their favorite pony is, their most likely to say "Rainbow Dash,"

TwilightKitsune stop popping up in lists. All you do is bitch about your comments. Its me again. So please stop sounding like a whiny brat in your comments. I don't care about Mlp. 😑😕😒

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5 Her personality is terrible

The other characters are made up of wonderful characteristics but Dash is made up of selfishness and pretty much a show off. I hate seeing art of her beating Applejack (in a race or whatever) SHE'S SUCH A CHEAT AND THEY'RE THE SAME STRENGTH ANYWAY Kill Rainbow Dash.

She doesn't deserve loyalty! In one of the episodes, she keeps pranking everyone, and goes SO FAR Pinkie Pie gets sick and Rainbow Dash isn't sorry! She's meaner than MacKenzie Hollister from Dork Diaries sometimes!

The writers have taken one of her character traits and made it her only character trait. That is, her self-obsession.

She's a lying bully who treat people like crap.

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6 She's egotistical

I totally agree. There is a BIG difference between having confidence in yourself and being an arrogant, self-important brat. Just look at any of the other Mane 6 and you'll see the difference. Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie all have a good self-esteem without being condescending towards others. Twilight in particular is confident yet very humble at the same time. SHE is a good role model for kids, not Rainbow.

She's always complaining about how she's the best pony. Bout guess what? She's the worst pony!

To many Butt hurt fans on this list. Their all stupid! Rainbow Dash is the worst pony!

That’s the point though. She’s supposed to be egotistical, that’s what makes her character entertaining. That’s what makes Rainbow Dash.

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7 Scootaloo looks up to her

Who the heck is hating on the hate comments, yet the love comments get more likes? It should be the opposite. Screw you rainbow dash fans ( not all of them, only the ones on this list). I am hating on your comments defending a worthless pony, and liking all the hate comments. RD fans need to get a life, she is the worst cartoon character ever, I even rather watch dora than her. Not trying to bully rainbow dash fans, but you guys need to understand that this is for RD haters not lovers. How is that terrible pony more important than us people?

She's a terrible role model. Being confident does not mean you go around bragging about how awesome you are and then belittle others to make yourself feel better.

Seriously scootaloo? What do you see in her?

During parental glidance, even scootaloo has the balls to walk away from her (yep. the time when RD showed disrespect and hurtful annoyance). - wariolady

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8 She is the most unoriginal character

Lauren Faust literally took Firefly, and just gave her a rainbow tail, just to make her Rainbow Dash, instead of Random Blue Pinky Dash.

She was based off a character from the original my little pony called "Fire fly," she is so unoriginal.

Rainbow dash is a loser! She's weak! She can't fight!

Rainbow dash is the sonic of MLP.

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9 She's lazy

Best pony ever. Deal with it.

Yeah, reminds me of the girls on my cross country team who slack all day in practice but are awesome when it's time to race. Meanwhile, I'm busting my butt, giving my all each day in practice.

On a cloud she is lazy

It doesn't make sense on how she's lazy but "apparently" the fastest pony in Equestria. She's so dumb.

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10 Her fans are stupid

I do not think all Rainbow Dash fans are bad, some of them are very nice like RiverClanRocks. I don't mind innocent people who just enjoy liking her. But some of her fans are really rude and wish death to anyone who dislikes her and would be glad if that happens. But like I said, not all Rainbow Dash fans are mean. Every fandom has nice and rude people, that's the truth.

Her fans are a bunch of idiots that clip to porn photos of her. Why do they even like her? I know people have opinions, but in my opinion, Rainbow dash is rude, nasty, and very overrated.

Yeah, just read all the stupid comments on this page and you'll see how blind and anal they are.

I cringe, every time I see a Rainbow Dash fan.

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11 Lack of loyalty

She is joking around. And yes she knows that her friends can take it. If they couldn't she would stop because she would stick with them through thick and thin! She deserves her element. She is as loyal as they come and she deserves a place in the Elements! She never jokes with Fluttershy because she knows better! If that's not being nice and sparing a good laugh for some pony else's feelings I don't know what is! And yes she has her moments. But most of the other characters never have those moments. Therefore they don't have to grow a shell, or be tough. Or defend little ponies named Fluttershy. They can sail through life without being bullied. Or called names. Or traumatized. So cut her a break! I know you don't want Rainbow enthusiast commenting, but for God's sake give her a break! I believe she has had to go through a lot! SO CUT IT OUT!

Her element is loyalty but she brags about being cool how shes the best pony, she shouts at her friends and bullys them nearly all the time and shes a cheater when her and Applejack were competing to see which pony was the most athletic Dash used her wings to cheat in nearly every task even Applejack said Dash cheated I mean call that loyalty! To me shes a weaking dying to get noticed all the time. Silly Rainbow dash!

Hello! Wake up people! Mocking and badmouthing someone behind their back IS NOT being loyal! Oh, but she doesn't just stop there. Rainbow insults her friends right in front of them! God these writers are idiots!

She is not that loyal

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12 She's rude to Fluttershy in Rainbow Rocks

She laughs at Fluttershy, and even TRIPS her in the stupid and vain song called "Awesome As I Wanna Be" in fact, if it weren't for Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Rocks would be the best movie ever!

I know right? "As Awesome As I Wanna Be" is the worst song ever, the lyrics are basically just bragging and Rainbow Dash can't sing. I agree with the comment below.

She is rude to all of her friends!

Well I am a fan of rainbowdash its just she takes over the stage and wont let fluttershy,rarity,applejack,pinkiepie,or twilight piay or sing because she,s to besy playing her guitar but I'm still a fan of rainbowdash and my friend is applejacks fan and my mom is a fan of pinkie pinkie pie and applejack and my sister is a fan of rarity but why do people like rarity why don't people like rainbowdash

13 She always wins and gets things her way

I wish she can loose in some competition so she can realize that she can't always win.

I like her when she actually gets some Humility. But then BAM its gone, and she never gets in trouble its just (From the running of the leaves) " We were bad sports..." Applejack said this... NO you knew she cheated in the first game and she also kept cheating. RD tossed off her fault onto Applejack! I do like her but most of the time, but uhg... She needs to keep that humility! Directors, Writers, and animators. Give. Her. HUMILITY! I want her to NOT cheat. Be ACTUALLY Loyal. Just... Let her not be a jerk most of the time

She should not always win, no matter how God she is. I am a fan but I realize how much she's missing out on learning.

I am a Rainbow fan, and agree that this is totally unfair.

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14 She doesn't listen

Even to twilight sparkle and pinkie pie also fluttershy and applejack rarity too

She listens to the Egghead a lot. Jk. Twilgiht's a decent pony.

15 She complains about how she is the best if she doesn't win

She needs this for pride. Her ego is actually very delicate, and she is actually very insecure, but that does not mean that you hate. Just try to understand.

Agreed! She will complain that the opponent cheated when really she did!

Yeah, she REALLY needs to learn how to lose gracefully. And not just for one episode.

I agree with the writer on this one, she always has to argue about something or stir things up. She is NOT loyal a true pony would say " I didn't win but congratulations on winning " if she was loyal. Well not with RD she'll just say " Hey I wasn't ready so I'm still the the best pony by 20% hey nice try but I'm unbeatable " LOL WHOEVER THINKS THIS IS LOYAL GO TO THE SPECIALIST OR SOMETHING because U HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BRAGGING AND LOYALTY IS!

16 She's overrated

I asked some kids who their favorite pony was, and they all replied, "Rainbow Dash! ". I asked them why they liked her, and they replied "Because she's awesome! " And "'Cause she's a tomboy! And tomboys are awesome! " Kids, you guys are crazy! Rainbow Dash bullies people, makes fun of them, and cares about winning more than friendship. Not to mention her brashness and her humongous ego. People think that just because she's a blue pony with super speed and rainbow colored hair that she's best pony! YOUU RD LOVERS ARE SO CLUELESS!

Wow. You guys are bundles of joy. She does not bully. She just calls them like she sees them. As if producers would make o e of the main characters Abdullah. Even implying that is kind of insulting the producers. That's completely offensive. She makes fun of them jokingly. And all the episodes where she was mean we're made by Merriweater girl person, and she doesn't really get Rainbow's character at all! Without the Mare-do-Well episode and Tanks for the memories, would you hate her nearly as much? She values friends above all else her element is flipping loyalty! Go make this argument elsewhere because it's a hay bale full of lies. Just so you know, AJ would be ashamed of you.

Oh my gosh yes

Yeah, just like Danny Phantom. The annoying things is the fans say he is underrated. Chat Noir and Buttercup should beat up RD and Danny Phantom - ChatNoirFan18

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17 She thinks it's all about her

She's just so annoying.

So she's egocentric.

I quote from the episode, Boast Busters, "Especially when there's me being better than the rest of us! "-Rainbow Dash

If she thinks about herself, then why does she always save her friends when they need help? Sure she can be very snobby but at least she cares about her friends more than the wonderbolts.

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18 Her weird annoying voice

Every1 loves her voice I hate it

It's so raspy and annoying.

19 She is extremely annoying

Yes I agree. When I first watched the show, she wasn't that bad to me, but by the time we got to the episode Tanks For The Memories, I couldn't stand her any longer. She turned from a sort of interesting character to a annoying as heck crybaby in that episode. Thank you episode, for making me hate Dash.

20 She can't fight.

Rainbow dash isn't even much of a fighter. Most of the time when she does fight, she uses her speed and agility. And changelings aren't even good as fighting.

Since she can't fight, Buttercup could've just throw her to the sun and Sayaka could just slice her wings in half with her sword - MLPFan

She can't. She's a weakling and a loser.

Sometimes, I wish I’ve just have cut her wings off!

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21 She's fake

In the episode with the Wonderbolts or whatever. If she's so confident in herself then why does she think IMITATING her friends is going to win favors? Her personality is contradicting and not in a way that makes sense. The way she's written is horrible and her personality is 2d and overall character falls flat.

22 She's weak

Rainbow dash actually isn't as tough as people say. I mean, look she's afraid of singing flowers. Plus in "dragon Shy" even though she kicked a dragon, she was still scared like a little girl. Also, she does she even fight that much? The others can fight to. I'm pretty sure Twilight could beat Rd in a battle.

Yes, she is weak. All that arrogance she has is the definition of weakness. If you're not strong enough to face the facts and see that you're really not that special and have flaws, you're a weakling.

Rainbow dash isn't even badass she is just weak and pitful well at least buttercup is badass

I kinda like rainbow,(not that much) but I hate her enough to say that Fluttershy could beat her in a battle

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23 She's selfish

Totally true. She can't give up anything.

Don't blame the pony. Blame the person who wrote the storyline. Cough* Merriweather *cough * think of all the episodes where Rainbow Dash was a dick they were all written by the same person. Surprise surprise. It's not the pony you should be hating, it's what certain writers make her. She is not selfish. It's just what Merriweather makes her to be in all the episodes! Merriweather is the one you should be hating on!

Yes, yes, yes. The height of her selfishness is shown in the episode where her turtle needs to hibernate. But of course RD drags him around with her the entire episode and doesn't let him sleep because she's selfish and puts off doing what is best for him. really it's the only episode of MLP that I hate, thanks to Rainbow Dash!

She doesn't care about Tank when he needs to hibernate -Tanks for the Memories

She doesn't care about A. K. Yearling when she doesn't want to write books anymore - Daring Done?

She doesn't care about Fluttershy when she scared her - 28 Pranks Later

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24 She's a Sonic the Hedgehog ripoff

Wrong. Sonic can fly when he goes super.

In sonic forces sonic can air boost so I count on rainbow being a sonic ripoff.And she will never he like sonic even if they cross world's

Sonic douse not fly dash douse


25 Abandoned Rarity and Pinkie Pie in the desert

Dude, she just cared about Apples.

Bet Rarity was gonna kill RD after that

26 She doesn't realize that pranking has its limits

In the newest episode She pranks Fluttershy which is a terrible idea and a lot of ponies find it not amusing

27 She's not pretty

I think she's hot, especially in that gala dress. She was even voted prettiest pony in that episode.

Whoever said that tomboys weren't pretty, go get somebody to teach you how to say nice words. And adding she's not pretty to the list was a mega petty thing, whoever the hay wrote this!

She is pretty. In fact, I love her because she is pretty back then when I was young. It is just her personality.

LOL! To say, she is ugliest pony in the show! And because she is tomboy! I hate tomboys!

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28 She is a rip off Buttercup

Buttercup should teach rainbow dash that what she so calls awesome(a lame exploding rainbow) is not cool, and that being a tough fighter and being super powerful is much better than exploding rainbows that lead you to nowhere yet fighting to protect people is cooler and better and saves lives.

She sure is, but buttercup is better, I love her. I hate rainbow dash with burning passion I wish buttercup and her had a battle and buttercup wins and rainbow dash loses so she won't have nothing to brag about. Buttercup for life, screw rainbow dash.

All Dash can do is make rainbows. What can Buttercup do? Oh let me think... Save peoples lives, Be super awesome... I think that's all I need to say.

I mean RD is rip-off of Ladybug, not Buttercup. Buttercup is way better than RD - ChatNoirFan18

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29 She's arrogant

I have no idea what the eff your comment has to do with her arrogance. You just want people to hate her. Hater.

She would kill you at the rainbow factory


Yo, Miraculous haters! You guys think is Ladybug are arrogant and never give a chance to Chat Noir? You guys are wrong! RD is more arrogant than Ladybug. Ladybug is actually nicer than RD. Ladybug doesn't care about fame and win. You mad RD fans? Oh ow! You guys are mad! *runs away with troll face* - ChatNoirFan18

30 She makes other tomboy characters like Spinelli and Buttercup unpopular

Those characters above are better than Rainbow Dash. Especially Buttercup, she deserves to be more popular, at times she could be a bully, which people hate her for that, but at the same time did really epic things. Dash sometimes does mean stuff, but people don't hate her for that, but at the same time did good things. The reason I hate Dash is because she brags about how awesome she is and that's how people like her, when dash did bad things too, nobody is perfect. Buttercup is better because she doesn't think she is better than anyone else in the whole entire world when she did bad things too, yet people dislike her for that but not dash.

Buttercup is so much better than Dash.

That's just because she's awesome! And contrary to the rumors, I'm a rainbow dash fan and don't wish sudden death to twilight fans. Or to Rarity fans. Everybody has their own opinion. And so does every pony. But please, Rainbow makes other characters unpopular because of her popularity. And I'm sorry but I fully believe it should stay this way. All due respect to your choices, but Rainbow rocks!

Buttercup is far better than Rainbow Dash ever will be. Other better tomboy characters than her are Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter and Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus.

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31 She's a cheater

She cheated in the iron pony competition by using her wings.

She cheated it with her wings, so she won in Iron Pony. - David39

32 She has a greedy personality
33 She's the meanest pony in the show

"She's not mean intentionally. She's just blunt and to the point."

In other words, she is abrasive and that is NOT a good thing. Some synonyms of blunt: snippy, brusque, crusty, UNFRIENDLY. There is a difference between being sincere and just running your mouth all the time, saying every negative thing that comes to mind. In real life you won't make many friends by being blunt with people. Also, even if she isn't intentional, it's still wrong to be 'mean.'

Who comes up with this crap? She is not mean! She is blunt and to the point! And excuse her if she has problems, because we all do. You can't judge her, just like you can't judge the man across the street, or somebody that you just don't know!

"Being overly-sensitive is a form of courage"

Yeah she hates unicorns and earth ponies alicorns a little she likes pegisi esept for fluttershy

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34 She's friends with a very mean griffon

That's Gilda! She is such an idiot who deserves to die. I don't mean RD, but instead I mean that horribly meanie Gilda.

They both fly that is what she thinks it's all about

Damn... The griffon and the worst pony are best friends? Talk about a coincide... Cut them both from the show.


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35 She brags

AGREED! No one likes a person who brags. Get lost Rainbow Dash. No one likes you.

If you were to search biggest bragger in Equestria, Rainbows face would be there!

True. But she has her reasons. your just jelly! 😜

36 She is female version of Danny Phantom

Because both them have mean fans, overrated, selfish, bully other people, rude to smart person instead being grateful, bragging they self how cool they are, etc... - ChatNoirFan18

I like Rainbow Dash and Danny Phantom. ❤❤

37 Rips off Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls

That is already on the list.

38 She wants to kill the Powerpuff Girls

Wait? When did Rainbow Dash wanted to kill The Powerpuff Girls? I think she would want to kill Buttercup the most. But is this even true? I hope not.

What the

39 She is a bad influence

True! Kids don't listen to her! She's just trying to influence you to end up as a checkout girl behind the counter at your grocery store!

Checkout girl? Gees whoever made that come t is clearly a judge mick judge pants! 😜

40 She called Twilight an egghead

She does it affectionately, morons.

When she says it she says it. Stop calling people eggheads when your a loser yourself RAINBOWDASH

She's just joking, the Egghead can totally handle it, Eggjead. 😜

41 She only cares about winning

She can't handle losing she's never lost before. So she hasnt had time to prepare. She won't be prepared for the feeling. I'm a Rainbow Dash fan. But she has never lost, so she probably won't be prepared just saying. She's grown out of just caring for winning though. Every pony knows she would choose her friends over everything's!

She does. She only cares about winning and can't handle losing.

Not anymore. She's grown out of that. She's had character development.

42 She can't sing

Her singing is so annoying she sings worse than Justin Bieber.

Untrue. I'll respect your opinion but pleas try to be respectful!

It's so raspy. It sounds like a blackboard with people running their nails down it.

43 She's mean

Yes I do still think she's best pony! "There's is nothing you can do, to beat me! I'm so good that you can't defeat me! ", is just cockiness. And all the other quotes were from what, season one, two, and three? She has matured. She is no longer mean, she just calls them like she sees them. And she want even mean in the first place, but whatever...

She's pure mean. She can't handle loss and always thinks she is the best. Stupid.

Quotes from RD, "Still think it's a good idea to bring Fluttershy? " "Pfff! Reading is for EGGHEADS like you, Twilight! " "There is nothing you can do to beat me! I'm so good that you can't defeat me! " Still think she's best pony?

44 She's a drama queen
45 She treats Pinkie horribly even when Pinkie goes out of her way to brighten Rainbow

Don't get me wrong I love Rainbow Dash, she's my second favorite pony. But she does not treat Pinkie well. ESPECIALLY in Pinkie Pride. While I would also point out Griffin the Brush Off, Dash makes up for it by giving Gilda what she deserved. Thankfully, Pinkie and Dashie's relationship has gotten far better. (I even ship them now.)

46 She tries to be a tomboy when she is a complete mary-sue

The RD fans are omegas and the hater are alphas who know how to hit

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