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21 She doesn't listen

Even to twilight sparkle and pinkie pie also fluttershy and applejack rarity too

She listens to the Egghead a lot. Jk. Twilgiht's a decent pony.

22 She's fake

In the episode with the Wonderbolts or whatever. If she's so confident in herself then why does she think IMITATING her friends is going to win favors? Her personality is contradicting and not in a way that makes sense. The way she's written is horrible and her personality is 2d and overall character falls flat.

23 She's not pretty

I think she's hot, especially in that gala dress. She was even voted prettiest pony in that episode.

Whoever said that tomboys weren't pretty, go get somebody to teach you how to say nice words. And adding she's not pretty to the list was a mega petty thing, whoever the hay wrote this!

She is pretty. In fact, I love her because she is pretty back then when I was young. It is just her personality.

LOL! To say, she is ugliest pony in the show! And because she is tomboy! I hate tomboys!

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24 She is a rip off Buttercup

Buttercup should teach rainbow dash that what she so calls awesome(a lame exploding rainbow) is not cool, and that being a tough fighter and being super powerful is much better than exploding rainbows that lead you to nowhere yet fighting to protect people is cooler and better and saves lives.

She sure is, but buttercup is better, I love her. I hate rainbow dash with burning passion I wish buttercup and her had a battle and buttercup wins and rainbow dash loses so she won't have nothing to brag about. Buttercup for life, screw rainbow dash.

All Dash can do is make rainbows. What can Buttercup do? Oh let me think... Save peoples lives, Be super awesome... I think that's all I need to say.

I mean RD is rip-off of Ladybug, not Buttercup. Buttercup is way better than RD - ChatNoirFan18

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25 She's selfish

Totally true. She can't give up anything.

Yes, yes, yes. The height of her selfishness is shown in the episode where her turtle needs to hibernate. But of course RD drags him around with her the entire episode and doesn't let him sleep because she's selfish and puts off doing what is best for him. really it's the only episode of MLP that I hate, thanks to Rainbow Dash!

Don't blame the pony. Blame the person who wrote the storyline. Cough* Merriweather *cough * think of all the episodes where Rainbow Dash was a dick they were all written by the same person. Surprise surprise. It's not the pony you should be hating, it's what certain writers make her. She is not selfish. It's just what Merriweather makes her to be in all the episodes! Merriweather is the one you should be hating on!

She doesn't care about Tank when he needs to hibernate -Tanks for the Memories

She doesn't care about A. K. Yearling when she doesn't want to write books anymore - Daring Done?

She doesn't care about Fluttershy when she scared her - 28 Pranks Later

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26 She thinks it's all about her

She's just so annoying.

So she's egocentric.

I quote from the episode, Boast Busters, "Especially when there's me being better than the rest of us! "-Rainbow Dash


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27 She makes other tomboy characters like Spinelli and Buttercup unpopular

Those characters above are better than Rainbow Dash. Especially Buttercup, she deserves to be more popular, at times she could be a bully, which people hate her for that, but at the same time did really epic things. Dash sometimes does mean stuff, but people don't hate her for that, but at the same time did good things. The reason I hate Dash is because she brags about how awesome she is and that's how people like her, when dash did bad things too, nobody is perfect. Buttercup is better because she doesn't think she is better than anyone else in the whole entire world when she did bad things too, yet people dislike her for that but not dash.

Buttercup is so much better than Dash.

That's just because she's awesome! And contrary to the rumors, I'm a rainbow dash fan and don't wish sudden death to twilight fans. Or to Rarity fans. Everybody has their own opinion. And so does every pony. But please, Rainbow makes other characters unpopular because of her popularity. And I'm sorry but I fully believe it should stay this way. All due respect to your choices, but Rainbow rocks!

Buttercup is far better than Rainbow Dash ever will be. Other better tomboy characters than her are Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter and Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus.

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28 She doesn't realize that pranking has its limits

In the newest episode She pranks Fluttershy which is a terrible idea and a lot of ponies find it not amusing

29 She has a greedy personality
30 She's friends with a very mean griffon

That's Gilda! She is such an idiot who deserves to die. I don't mean RD, but instead I mean that horribly meanie Gilda.

Damn... The griffon and the worst pony are best friends? Talk about a coincide... Cut them both from the show.

They both fly that is what she thinks it's all about


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31 She brags

AGREED! No one likes a person who brags. Get lost Rainbow Dash. No one likes you.

If you were to search biggest bragger in Equestria, Rainbows face would be there!

True. But she has her reasons. your just jelly! 😜

32 She's arrogant

I have no idea what the eff your comment has to do with her arrogance. You just want people to hate her. Hater.

She would kill you at the rainbow factory


Yo, Miraculous haters! You guys think is Ladybug are arrogant and never give a chance to Chat Noir? You guys are wrong! RD is more arrogant than Ladybug. Ladybug is actually nicer than RD. Ladybug doesn't care about fame and win. You mad RD fans? Oh ow! You guys are mad! *runs away with troll face* - ChatNoirFan18

33 Abandoned Rarity and Pinkie Pie in the desert

Dude, she just cared about Apples.

Bet Rarity was gonna kill RD after that

34 Rips off Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls V 1 Comment
35 She wants to kill the Powerpuff Girls

Wait? When did Rainbow Dash wanted to kill The Powerpuff Girls? I think she would want to kill Buttercup the most. But is this even true? I hope not. - AnimeDrawer

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36 She's the meanest pony in the show

"She's not mean intentionally. She's just blunt and to the point."

In other words, she is abrasive and that is NOT a good thing. Some synonyms of blunt: snippy, brusque, crusty, UNFRIENDLY. There is a difference between being sincere and just running your mouth all the time, saying every negative thing that comes to mind. In real life you won't make many friends by being blunt with people. Also, even if she isn't intentional, it's still wrong to be 'mean.'

Who comes up with this crap? She is not mean! She is blunt and to the point! And excuse her if she has problems, because we all do. You can't judge her, just like you can't judge the man across the street, or somebody that you just don't know!

"Being overly-sensitive is a form of courage"

Yeah she hates unicorns and earth ponies alicorns a little she likes pegisi esept for fluttershy

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37 She is a bad influence

True! Kids don't listen to her! She's just trying to influence you to end up as a checkout girl behind the counter at your grocery store!

Checkout girl? Gees whoever made that come t is clearly a judge mick judge pants! 😜

38 She called Twilight an egghead

She does it affectionately, morons.

When she says it she says it. Stop calling people eggheads when your a loser yourself RAINBOWDASH

She's just joking, the Egghead can totally handle it, Eggjead. 😜

39 She only cares about winning

She can't handle losing she's never lost before. So she hasnt had time to prepare. She won't be prepared for the feeling. I'm a Rainbow Dash fan. But she has never lost, so she probably won't be prepared just saying. She's grown out of just caring for winning though. Every pony knows she would choose her friends over everything's!

She does. She only cares about winning and can't handle losing.

Not anymore. She's grown out of that. She's had character development.

40 She can't sing

Her singing is so annoying she sings worse than Justin Bieber.

Untrue. I'll respect your opinion but pleas try to be respectful!

It's so raspy. It sounds like a blackboard with people running their nails down it.

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