Top Ten Reasons to Hate Rainbow Dash

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41 She's selfish

Totally true. She can't give up anything.

Yes, yes, yes. The height of her selfishness is shown in the episode where her turtle needs to hibernate. But of course RD drags him around with her the entire episode and doesn't let him sleep because she's selfish and puts off doing what is best for him. really it's the only episode of MLP that I hate, thanks to Rainbow Dash!

Don't blame the pony. Blame the person who wrote the storyline. Cough* Merriweather *cough * think of all the episodes where Rainbow Dash was a dick they were all written by the same person. Surprise surprise. It's not the pony you should be hating, it's what certain writers make her. She is not selfish. It's just what Merriweather makes her to be in all the episodes! Merriweather is the one you should be hating on!

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42 She's a cheater

She cheated in the iron pony competition by using her wings.

43 She is female version of Danny Phantom

Because both them have mean fans, overrated, selfish, bully other people, rude to smart person instead being grateful, bragging they self how cool they are, etc... - ChatNoirFan18

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1. She's rude to Fluttershy in Rainbow Rocks
2. She doesn't realize that pranking has its limits
3. She doesn't listen
1. She treats her friends like crap
2. Even though she learns her lesson she still acts like a brat
3. Lack of loyalty
1. She treats her friends like crap
2. Her personality is terrible
3. She has too many fans

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