Top Ten Reasons to Hate Rayman

The Top Ten
1 Globox

Globox is the best. Char. Of Rayman

He is frog that is annoying that is Rayman's Sidekick!? That doesn't make sence! - bashfulfox

2 He Is Not Powerful

I Quited Rayman Orgins Because He is not powerful - bashfulfox

3 He Is a Rayperson

That doesn't make sence - bashfulfox

4 He Has the Worst Voices

It hurts my ears - bashfulfox

5 His Designs

If Rayman is added, why can't characters like Spyro and Crash be added. Rayman Legends just hit shelves, Spyro has been on many Nintendo Systems in many Games, plus they just released Skylanders for Spyro.
One character I wish to see is Goku, he has been on lots of games from Nintendo.

I hate his deisigns - bashfulfox

6 He Acts Stupid
7 He Is Popular

I don't think that's a reason.

He is the most underrated video game character in the earth

I got angry about it - bashfulfox

8 He Had the Worst TV Series of the Late 90s
9 He Looks Stupid
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