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1 Her Voice

She just doesn't have a good voice... Simple as that, but it is no reason to hate her! Shes just a KID! By the way I don't know why here face is on this list, she pretty

Some people are sending death threats to her just because of FRIDAY she does actually have talent people you people should not be saying oh she will never be good at anything but annoying people it mean wicked and stupid OPEN YOUR EYES SHE'S JUST KID

I respect her and her songs. I know no one girl in the whole world is as beautiful and preety as Rebecca. She is very gentle. Her voice is so good. She sings like a cuckoo. Her eyes appears to be a deer 's eyes I mean she has beautiful eyes. There is no any fault of her in the singing because as the song writer writes she sings as. I only hate such type of haters who understand to her worst singer. And she gives social message in my moment. First time I saw her ;she had migrated in my eyes. She was always came in my dreams and comes still.

Why are you hating on her voice? (in MY opinion) she's lovely and her voice is nice:) so if you say that Rebecca Black has a bad voice, than that's your opinion then if I say Rebecca Black has a nice voice, that's ONLY my opinion on her voice

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2 She Loves Justin Bieber

Isn't Rebecca Black supposed to be Justin Bieber's rival?

But then birds of a feather DO flock together, don't they?

So, how is it bad that she likes Justin Bieber? She has her own tastes, that is fine. - AnimeDrawer

Are you sure about that? 😕

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3 Friday

She gets hated mainly for this song, this song is not even that bad, I have plenty of songs worse than this one. Plus, she doesn't deserve hate just because she made an unlikable song. This is no reason to dislike her. - AnimeDrawer

Yep... very bad for ears

She's like 18 so she's not a funking kid

Yeah bad song
But that no reason to hate her
I go on a lot of lists and rebecca gets a lot of hate
For all the jesus and gods sake she is ONLY A KID

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4 She Doesn't Know Which Seat to Take

Really? This item makes no sense, how is this even a reason to hate her? - AnimeDrawer

They're talking about the lyric where she's thinking about the front seat and the back seat and which one to take - DCfnaf

That's no funking reason to hate her! - RB-Number1-fan


Made my d... Seat

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5 Her Music

Her music has actually improved, I am not a fan of her music, but what I can say is that she actually has improved, and her music is not the worst music ever. Plus, that is not a reason to hate her as a person. - AnimeDrawer

6 She Has No Talent

It is true that she has almost no talent, but she does have the same amount of talent as most of the so-called popstars who are currently popular, but who can't actually sing a note without autotune.

Actually, she is getting more talented and her voice is becoming better. She is still more talented than Dahvie Vanity or Kim Kardasian. - AnimeDrawer

7 Her Lyrics

They just make no sense. They are stupid lyrics, even my 5 - year - old sister can make up that sorta lyrics.

Songs can say so much more rather than be limited to what's considered right. - RB-Number1-fan

8 Her Face

Really? I don't like it when people hate on other people for their looks. Rebecca Black looks good the way she is(I am not lesbian or in love with her, I am just saying she is good the way she is). She is better than those fake, plastic models. Plus, this is no reason to hate her. - AnimeDrawer

She is cute and cunning

She having a good face cut

Her face looks of a deflated dorrito dipped in cat urien.. she is not cute nor is she attractive

9 Her Autotune

I am a musician myself. I never appreciated any singer who use this kind of device. I mean where is the talent if you have a machine tinkering your voice all the time? I miss the generation when singers rely mainly on their talent to make good music.

10 She's Helping Kill the Music Industry

No she isn't! - RB-Number1-fan


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11 "Fun, Fun, Fun..." and it goes on

So what? She only says it like 5 consectuive times, and then the song changes lyrics again! Besides, fun is a Great thing of life and a very short word! So... it could've been more annoying! - RB-Number1-fan

She repeats it too much.

12 My Moment

I like that song very much

I like that song but she is not that much pretty

Better then Friday but still a bad song - Sparkjolt


13 Bad Influence / Role Model

Actually, she is a great role model for kids, way better role model than Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian and all those fake, plastic people. She teaches you how to deal with bullying and she does not have any bad words in her songs, plus, she is always fully dressed and real and does not go naked. - AnimeDrawer

14 She is Just Horrible

Quite the opposite of this. She is AMAZING! Way to go Rebecca :D - RB-Number1-fan

15 Her Song Is About The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

What the heck? Is this even true? I doubt this is true. - AnimeDrawer

You're not wrong

16 She Trusted the Wrong People to Make Her Video

People who say she can't sing. Friday was AUTOTUNED so much. You can't even hear her voice. But guess what. She chose the wrong producers/.

Everyone keeps saying mean things about her and that's just so easy just sitting behind a computer posting nasty comments when she's actually out there chasing her dream.
"Friday" was a bad song. But that's not Rebecca's fault. Other people wrote this song for her and she just sang it. She was only 13 when this song came out and she just wanted a fun, teenage like song. She said that at first they sent her a song about a boy and stuff, but she thought it would be very inappropriate because she was only 13 - that shows how "Bad Role Model" she is? - Whatever. She is just a girl chasing her dream and she is the most bullied singer ever, she has more haters than fans, and here she is, she never stops. Because she wants to make her dreams come true. That's an inspiration.
Anyway, her first song was bad. So what? She is making way better songs now. I blame the people that made her video for the quality of the song "Friday". But Rebecca gets TOO MUCH ...more

17 Her Random Rapper Who Shows Up In the Middle of the Song. Who Is He!?

His name is Patrice Wilson AKA Fat Usher. You're welcome. - BellaThornesuxx

I did not like the rapper, he was horrible at rapping, but how is this a reason to hate Rebecca Black? - AnimeDrawer

18 She's Friends with ThatsSoJack

So, how is this bad that she is friends with someone? - AnimeDrawer

19 She is a Woman

That is no reason to hate her, are you racists or what? You should take that off the list or I will make you hear one of her songs, how about that?

This is Dora is a Girl all over again... - Cartoonfan202

Really? You hate her because she is a girl? Did a troll put this? That is just sexist. - AnimeDrawer

20 She is on TheFineBros
21 She was in Last Friday Night
22 Her Songs are Boring
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