Ectoplasmic & Ghostly Confessions: Regal Academy

I'm just can't stand this show. It looks like a mashup between Miraculous Ladybug and Ever After High (also is a rip-off of Equestria Girls). The conflict moments are cheesy (like in the one of the episode when Rose accidentaly drop her principal's pin). Plus, the characters in this show are unoriginal and a rip-off of Miraculous characters (Rose:Marinette, Hawk:Adrien, Travis:Nino, Joy: Rose Lavillant, Astoria:Alya, and Vicky:Chloe. And Rose & Hawk are looks like genderbent Marinette & Adrien! Unoriginal! Hawk also rip-offing Kaito from Vocaloid). And....the Magical Pets! Ugh, i hate them! They are pointless version of Kwamis. In the one episode, when the big pumpkin exploded, all they do are play with pumpkin's goo instead planning to clean it. I much like "What The Juice!?!?". Kwamis, actually solve problems, not staying here. Why the hell does many people like the theme song? The singer's voice makes my ears bleed (especially when the singer said "vivi una favola". While in Miraculous Ladybug, the singers' voices looks matched with the show's genre, especially, the German one looks great when the singer said "Ich bin Ladybug, bringe dir gluck!" even though the Romanian version are too sweet )
Is this show are "The crappy version of Equestria Girls" or "The awful yet girly version of Miraculous Ladybug"? This show tries too hard to be like Miraculous Ladybug, but, it fails! Rose's element is lame! Really? PUMPKINS is her element?! That was the most LAMEST power! The moral of this show also terrible! In Miraculous Ladybug, the moral is "The heroes must using their powers wisely", "Think before fighting the villains", "The power of love can destroys the hates" (watch "Dark Cupid" episode when Ladybug kiss controlled Cat Noir to destroys Dark Cupid's curse) and "Love is not an important thing, Saving your town is an important thing" (in my opinion). Meanwhile, in Regal Academy, it much like "Uses your powers whatever you want". That was actually selfish! Superpowers are actually for saving people, not for yourself! And the moment when Rose opens her pumpkin charm it's looks incredibly cheap! It has lazy animation and unflexible! In Miraculous Ladybug, the transformation was awesome because it looks like the magical girl transformation (it starts with their charms, mask, atribute, and weapons. But, it's NOT cheap! The animation is flexible! Magical girl transformations must flexible!) The Regal Academy toys also terrible! It looks like Barbies and too girly! All they sells it's only the DOLLS! Meanwhile, Miraculous Ladybug toys are detailed and high-quality. Plus, it's not only Ladybug and Cat Noir fashion dolls. It's also selled Ladybug's yo-yo, Marinette & Ladybug cosplay items, Villains dolls, Tikki & Plagg plushie, and more! Now, i'm better watch Miraculous Ladybug on Youtube than saw Regal Academy on my T.V.!

That's my confession about Regal Academy. I'm just hate the show with burning passions!"


Ever heard of Ever After High? Regal Academy rips off that show badly. - Discord1

I never seen EAH - visitor

Then your lucky - Discord1

Wow luckily I haven't seen this show yet. - Anonymousxcxc

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Haven't saw this, but I saw a trailer and a few promos of It and they were AWFUL! - MLPFan

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