Top 10 Reasons to Hate Rihanna

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1 She's Overrated

She was so rude to me on social network she told her manager Derrick Gi lies saying I'm a crack smoker and he became aggressive and abusive over Facebook typing hate on my pages, I don't think she's genuine and she's very jealous

No real talent. Only knows how to wear fashionable clothes that also with the help of ton of stylists.


2 She Can't Take Criticism
3 She Dissed Alexis Carter for her Pop Star-Inspired Prom Dress

I personally don't know who Alexis Carter is, but I feel very sorry for her. Celebrity or not, it is NEVER a good thing to pick on anyone. Ever!

4 She's Rude

Well yes. She is one the of the most arrogant celebs. This is why I don't think she deserve this fame

5 She Is a Bad Influence and a Bad Role Model for Children

In Work she was twerking and wearing a see through shirt.

Totally agree. Dances around fully nude in videos

6 She's Ugly

No. I don't find her attractive. (I also don't find Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj both attractive and I don't care what anyone thinks).

7 She Collaborated with Eminem

Whats wrong with Eminem? the only good thing she did was collaborating with Eminem

"the only good thing she did was collaborating with Eminem" oh another of those Hyper annoying Eminem fans, shut up. - DaisyandRosalina

She ruined Eminem for me! Back then when I heard her song Love The Way You Lie, I didn't know who Eminem was. I then looked him up and I checked out his old songs and they were really good. Rihanna spoiled Eminem for me. Now I can't listen to him without thinking of Rihanna. Oh, she is so rude! Dissing TLC and one of her fans. This chick's an ignorant bitch! I hope everyone reads this comment so that you know to be careful of what your kids are listening to.

8 Her Facial Expressions are Pointless
9 Her Music Videos are Disturbing
10 She Tortured Slow Loris

Exactly...That slow loris is living bad life.

She tortured a slow loris-Took it from the wild had his teeth cut and its now in a cage. I hate this lady

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11 She Dissed TLC for Being Accused of Selling Sex
12 Half of Her Videos are Restricted on YouTube
13 She's Had or Was Featured On Over 10 Number Singles, While Led Zeppelin, R.E.M., and Depeche Mode Have Had None

Really? Who would wanna listen to a skank who's rude, can't take criticism, And disses TLC and her own fans? I'm being dead serious.

She has attitude because this is what the media shows, she takes criticism but doesn't care, she disses AND love her own fans. Get your fact straight before say something dumb. - DaisyandRosalina

This reason doesn't matter at all.

14 She Rejects Drake All the Time Even Though He Comes Off as Genuine...
15 She Doesn't Care About Anyone but Herself

We didn't hear Rihanna talking about her fans or see her giving help to the ones of them who really need to, I think that the only thing she cares obout it is money. She must care about her fans because without them she will be nothing. (Unless she had fans! )

16 She is an Idiot

To stupid to apriciate what she has in america

17 She Reinforces Negative Stereotypes

And that's a real crying shame.

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