Top 10 Reasons to Hate Robin from Teen Titans Go!

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1 He's way too talkative

I agree with this statement. Robin wont keep his big fat mouth shut for two seconds! I really hate this jerk!

I agree with this - EpicJake

A true leader does not talk a lot or he will be voted the be kick out from the titans

Yeah Robin is two talkative.

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2 He's annoying

They RUINED Robin's original character from Teen Titans. Robin was NOT so annoying before.

Such A Pathetic And Lame Character. Even I Could Come Up With 10 Reasons Why Robin Is The Worst Teen Titans Go! Character Ever!

Actually in an alternate version the teen titans The flash is the leader

ROBIN needs a snicker bar to keep his mouth shut all time

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3 He thinks he has authority to his friends

Just because he is supposedly team leader, doesn't mean that he has the authority to punish or control the other Titans' actions and behaviour. He is constantly portrayed as a person who values himself above all others. This is the exact opposite of the original Robin from the original Teen Titans.. Robin from Teen Titans was caring and polite and did not think he was superior to his team. He may have been the leader of the team, but that did not mean that he would put himself above them. He would do anything he could to ensure others' safety but the Teen Titans Go Robin would not do that. TTG Robin is a control maniac and a somewhat psychopath. He constantly talks to himself, calls unnecessary meetings solely because he believes he can as a "leader" and is and awful leader.

He acts more like a tyrant than a real leader. He makes insane and stupid demands on his teammates, pressures them relentlessly to carry out his orders and then insults and puts them down if they don't fulfill his commands to his exact specifications! He's not a leader, he's just a bully!

He acts like a dictator! The Robin from the real teen titans at least respected his teammates, and was a good leader. In Go! He treats them like slaves

Someone else should be leader

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4 He is conceited

He is in fact conceited. Remember that one episode where he broke Kid Flash's legs just to win a race? What an egotistical prick... - LaughySapphySapphire

He's the most vain and arrogant character on the show. He constantly yells and takes credit for the entire team's actions. Everything has to center around him, which is why this show has to go.

I agree in the original his staff always broke and did he care? No. He just kept fighting. But in this one he treats it like it was part of his family. - Milkshake

I agree he has a bad ego and he is self seeded at least in the old one he put his friends before himself

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5 He is a coward

All teen titans turned into cowards in Go! "Heroes" my ass. None of them are like the heroes they were in the REAL teen titans

They are little kids that snuck into the old titans tower, took there clothes, gained their powers, and you get the idea...

Robin, you can't even face the consequences of YOUR own actions #totalcoward

Proverbs 28:1 says...

“The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.”

Bravery comes within your Heart, Robin.

Remember that!

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6 He lost his wit

Yah I agree he really is so cool and smart I wish he got more attention

He was never any of those things

He used to be like " GET REKT VILLAINS" but now its like that to his friends.

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7 Mean to his team mates

Only fans of this stupid show would think that it's hilarious when Robin treats his teammates like crap! There is nothing funny about mistreating anybody and Robin comes out looking like a villain instead of a hero when he engages in this type of sadistic behaviour! To those who like the show and ignore the rotten things that Robin does on it then you are no better than he is!

Yes I believe this is true on the episode when they all went to school robin just crane kicked everyone of his teammates and got them all expelled if I was the principal I would of send robin to jail the team leader should be cyborg Raven or starfire

He always insults his OWN DAMN FRIENDS! - EpicJake

I wish Robin NEVER EXISTED in this show! LITERALLY!

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8 Not funny

Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire nailed it when they hated his Uncle Jokes. - EpicJake

Your all right I should poop in his face.

Robins just a piece of garbage plus his uncle jokes make me want to vomit "barfs".

Even Stupid Staff Beat up Your Team

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9 He's way too competitive

He becomes a raving psychopath in the episode "Yearbook Madness" trying to outdo everyone else by attempting to get as many signatures and photos as possible. This guy needs to have his head examined! No one cares about his raving outbursts and could care even less about his needs...Robin needs to grow up and get over himself!

And he will never be as awesome as Mario. - AaronCoolness

Mario, Sonic all those characters are much better than Robin will ever be. - EpicJake

No offense isn't even a excuse. People can be better than Robin cause he is a fake cartoon character.

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10 The writers insult him too much

I have read Detective Comics #38, Robin's first appearance, and Teen Titans Go Robin is NOT Robin. I swear, he just made himself a costume, and ripoff Robin because why the hell would Batman train him?

They made robin such a jerk

He is NOT the true Robin.

Your wrong he needs to be insulted more

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11 He's a villain more than a hero

Judging by all the malevolent, hypocritical behaviour that Robin has displayed in the TTG series, it's obvious that this Robin is actually a villain. I wouldn't want to have this thug for my leader..I would definitely join any other group including the HIVE rather than stay with the Teen Titans and have to put up with this creep!

Believe it or not, the other titans do have some positive qualities. Robin? He's a total control freak to his teammates, constantly thinks he's the best, and is the most likely to cause a problem.

I disagreed with the reasons though. The show itself is the real villain. The show manipulated Robin and The Titans and how mocking it's counterpart.

Instead of robin being a hero in this series, he is mostly acting like a villain than a hero.

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12 He throws tantrums

No he just doesn't have baby hands he has baby actions

He's got the mind of a 4-year-old

He takes anger o

Robin in Caillou parody
Robin: No! No I don't want to!
Robin:(Swings staff and staff breaks)
Robin:Silly old staff! Silly! Silly! Silly!
Robin:(Throws tantrum) Waaah!

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13 Ruined original character

The Robin from the original Teen Titans was true to his beliefs and morals. He never cheated or lied and he never abused his teammates and he always put the safety and needs of others first before himself... A TRUE superhero. But the Robin in Teen Titans Go! Is the complete opposite--vicious, arrogant, insane, selfish, violent, contradicting himself in terms of morals, sadistic and a dirty cheater! A SUPREME retard!

Robin was a Normal, Calm, Mature leader of The Teen Titans (If you remember the original show.)

This new Robin is Weird/Retarded, Crazy, Immature and does not take the consequences for his Actions. This New Nasty Robin does not even deserve to be the leader.

His character is destroyed so badly that he is barely unrecognisable.


I've been a lifelong fan of the Robin legacy and Dick Grayson is one of my favorite characters of all time. The original Teen Titans treated the character well for the setting; fantastic leader, compassionate, properly determined. He's treated similarly well in Young Justice. In the comics, he's the empathetic older brother of his family.

With Teen Titans Go! it looks like they made him an awful stick in the mud to be a foil to the antics created by the rest of the cast, as their traits all got exagerated for the sake of comedy. With time, the writers balanced out the rest of the cast while maintaining the nonsensical tone of the show... except for Robin, who they made even worse. When the writers toned down some of the ridiculous irresponsibility of the other Titans, they increased Robin's arrogance and competative demand to be in charge or in the spotlight. I'm finding myself more able to watch the show, but hating Robin more and more. If a child isn't exposed to any ...more

14 He's sexist

What a jerk! Girls don't have cooties! Anybody who thinks that they do is a stupid jerk who needs to be kicked in the ass!

Lol sorry I wrote this when I was younger. That's why it sounds so immature. - Popsicles

Okay, I thought this was called TEEN Titans! Teenagers don't waste their time believing in Cooties!

If Robin wants Starfire to be his girlfriend, maybe he should start treating her like she's his girlfriend.

This is why I ship Cyborg x Starfire

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15 He's violent

All these retarded bullies are violent especially the most villainous ones, Robin and Starfire. I saw Cyborg's machine guns and chainsaws, Beast Boy being a gorilla and him constantly bullying Robin and Raven's bad temper. But Robin goes into psychopathic rage when his teammates do a single superficial thing and the most violent is the bloody retarded alien princess. She is more like a 5 year old on anabolic steroids and having malformed pituriaty glands. She throws temper tantrums and mutilate her teammates over a bug that can take better care of itself that she can take care of it. Leni Loud may be stupid but she is a legendary genius compared to her. Speaking of which, Robin is insane, depraved, sociopathic, arrogant, egotistical and selfish. He abuses his teammates and gives them cruel and unusual punishments. He tortures villains and makes them look more like heroes. It is a surprise that he is not on Villains Wiki when he should be. Captain Hero from Drawn Together is very ...more

Robin and the rest of the titans are killed by the overpowering stench of Beast Boy's garbage filled room in the "Hot Garbage" episode for a few seconds when Robin, being the pompous jerk that he is, "revives" himself and the others by using violent methods including hitting & kicking and in particular, slamming Raven on the floor in order to revive her. All the while running his big mouth about how he refuses to be killed by an odor. He needs to be placed in a straitjacket and locked up for life cause he is a dangerous menace to everyone!

Heh, Raven is the name of my character in Omega Ruby. No relation. - RiverClanRocks

In one episode, Robin punches Mammoth in the face and beats him to get him to sign his yearbook. Mammoth may be a villain, but I felt bad for the poor guy and I think you should, too.

Um they are all violent.have I seen cyborgs weapons

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16 He shot himself with a gun

That would be funny if he shot himself. :D

This is horrible. I'm not a fan of it but that's too far. what.

17 He's a cheater

He doesn't have the decency nor the ability to accept losing with grace and dignity.. He resorts to dirty tactics like whacking Kid Flash in the knee with his staff during the final race in "Multitrick Pony". His behaviour is made worse when the other titans cheer him for what he did. He is a first class jerk and I'm done with him!

Sounds like something Damian Wayne or Jason Todd (Damian is the fifth Robin, Jason is the second Robin) would do to me! - LostDream258

He cheated at volleyball in "Artful Dodgers" episode and even said that in order for the titans to win they have to this Robin sees nothing wrong with cheating. He is such a creep and should be removed as leader of the titans. He's a disgrace!

In arms race with legs he put wights in Ravens costume

Proverbs 10:9 says, “He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known.”

Y'see Robin, Cheaters don't Prosper!

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18 He's a bad sport

I honestly think this author of this article has less common sense than the new updated version of Robin from Teen Titans go. Trumps better than you fat hippy, your just mad he is a millionaire and your a poor sorry sack with no money. You lie so much you ought to be related to Hillary. Oh and by the way your jokes are lame uncle face!

Robin thinks he's better than everyone but he's not

The TTG version of Robin clearly is a poor sport he can't be graceful about it. No he has to throw his little temper tantrums instead. What a jerk.


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19 He's a bully

He bullied everyone even his teammates

He even acts like a bully to everyone

In the episode where they go to school he proved he is mean because he believes in labels and cran kicks everyone

Oh no, where's the principal?

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20 He hates Asians

This is not Justin Bieber! This is Robin from TTG! But they are both worst to me! - BorisRule


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